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Updated November 26, 2009 - 11:29 PM EST
White House Eyes Afghanistan Exit by 2017
  Taliban Leader Rules Out Talks With Karzai
  US Afghan Buildup May Involve Brigade Per Quarter
  President vs. Party on Troop Increase
  Approval of Obama on Afghan War Dives
IAEA Chief: Iran Investigation at 'Dead End'
  China's Backing on Iran Followed Dire Predictions by US Officials
'Tentative' Deal Reported on Iraq Election Law
  Iraq Inquiry: Britain 'Knew Saddam Hussein Had Destroyed WMD'
  US Discussed Iraq Regime Change a Month After Bush Took Office
  Wednesday: 20 Iraqis Killed, 52 Wounded
Settlements 'Moratorium' Still Short of Freeze
  Report: Israel Will Release Barghouti in Shalit Deal
  Likud MPs and Settler Leaders Blast Netanyahu
On Eve of Mumbai Anniversary, Pakistan Charges Suspects
Groups Denounce Obama Rejection of Landmine Treaty
Britain's Ignorance of Iraq Is Already Apparent  by Patrick Cockburn
Obama Sells Out to the Neocons  by Patrick Krey
Unforced Error  by Jeff Huber
Cuba's Embargo Must Go  by John Keenan

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Death Toll at 57 in Philippine Massacre
At Least 12 People Killed in North Yemen Fighting
Families of Military Suicides Seek White House Condolences
Potential Conflicts of Interest Are Issue for Clintons
US Trial for London al-Qaeda Case Delayed
UK Jails Schizophrenic for Refusal to Decrypt Files
UK Iraq Probe
Secret Report: Blair Misled Public Throughout 2002
Iraq Report: Secret Papers Reveal Blunders and Concealment
UK Officials Knew WMD Evidence Was Tainted
Officials Say Iraq Not UK's Main Worry Before War
Today in Iraq
Two Attacks Raise Fears of Sectarianism
6 Family Members Killed in Iraq
Bombs in Iraqi Shi'ite Holy City Injure 25
Wednesday: 20 Iraqis Killed, 52 Wounded
Tehran Not Opposed to Sending Uranium Abroad
Iran Clerics Start Taking Control of Schools
Iran's DM Predict More Wars in Region
Israel Readying New Arms to Meet Iran Challenge
Iranian-American Faces New Spying Charge
Mothers of Americans Held in Iran Send Video
Iran's Leader Makes Inroads in Latin America
US Welcomes Israeli Settlement Moratorium
Release of Marwan Barghouti Is Price of Freedom for Gilad Schalit
Palestinians Cool to Expected Israeli Offer
Rights Group: 69 Cases of Palestinian Olive Trees Destroyed, but No Prosecutions
US Says Plot Foiled to Buy Weapons for Hezbollah
Hezbollah Official Indicted on Weapons Charge
Investment Scandal Damages Hezbollah
Serb Nationalist's War Crimes Trial to Resume
Obama Will Unveil Afghan Troops Move Tuesday Night at West Point
US Is Seeking 10,000 Troops From Its Allies for Afghan War
UK: NATO to Offer 5,000 Troops for Afghanistan
Ex-Head of MI6 Attacks Govt Over Afghan Conflict
Contractor Helicopter Missing in Afghanistan
Kandahar Is Key City in Afghan War
Afghanistan Hikes Police Salaries
Afghanistan Steps Up Effort to Keep Tabs on Police
Bomb Injures 3 People in Northwestern Pakistan
TV Accused of Fanning Pakistan Political Instability
CIA Slur Has Chilling Parallel With Daniel Pearl
India Is 'Indispensable': Obama
Indian PM Warns Pakistan on Terrorism
East Asia
State-Run Magazine Reports on Black Jails in China
Aiding North Korea Defectors: A High-Stakes Spy Mission
Khmer Rouge Prison Chief Could Get 40 Years
Somali Rebels Order UN to Halt Food Aid
AU: Donors Slow in Paying Up for Somalia Security
2 Journalists Are Freed in Somalia After 15 Months as Captives
Canadian Reporter in Somalia Says She Was Tortured
DR Congo
UN Report: Congo Rebel Network Spans 25 Countries
Honduras Vote to Sideline President, Enshrine Coup
Mexican Data Contradict US Figures on Military's Human Rights Abuses

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