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Updated November 27, 2009 - 11:23 PM EST
Taliban Reopen Northern Front in Afghanistan
  German Army Head Quits Over Massacre of Afghan Civilians
IAEA Adopts Anti-Iran Resolution
  World Powers Demand Iran Mothball Nuclear Site
Israel Starts 'Freeze' With New Construction
  Abbas: Netanyahu Chose 'Settlement, Not Peace'
  Barak to Israeli Military: Issue Order to Freeze Settlement Construction
Maliki Warns Election Dispute a Security Threat
  'Tentative' Deal Reported on Iraq Election Law
  Blame Game Threatens Iraq's Ties With Syria
  Ex-UK Envoy: US Focused on Iraq Hours After 9/11
Pakistan Taliban Regrouping Outside Waziristan
  Pakistan Military Moving to Undercut Zardari Over His Close US Ties
Governor’s Son Charged With Leading Philippines Massacre
South Korea Confirms 5,000 Wartime Executions of Civilians
Obama Wants Computer Privacy Ruling Overturned
Netanyahu's Stubbornness on Settlements Produces American Call for 1967 Borders  by Daniel Levy
Why Is the State Department Speaking for JSOC?  by Jeremy Scahill
Afghanistan: Time to Go  by Caroline Lucas
Ditch Tribunals Entirely  by Anthony D. Romero

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State Dept Backpedals on Landmine Treaty
War Crimes Envoy Has Personal Touch
Defense Lawyers Allege Government Misconduct in Blackwater Case
Military: Pakistan Pays $120,000 for Taliban Henchman
Russian Interior Minister Calls for Scrapping Laws Barring Self-Defense Against Police
Kansas National Guard to Close 18 Armories
Iraq Attacks Hit Christian Sites
Bombs Shake Iraq Before Muslim Holiday
Iraq War Build-Up 'Left US Scrabbling for Smoking Gun' Says Ex-UK Ambassador
Blair 'Signed in Blood' Support for War at Bush's Ranch, Ex-Envoy Says
Blair Presses Iraq Over Press Freedom
US Troops in Iraq Reflect Amid Thanksgiving Celebrations
Thursday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 54 Wounded
Iran Seizes Rights Lawyer's Nobel Peace Medal
Iranian Militiamen Try to Cow Opposition Figure
'Unconcerned' Israel Snubs Palestinians' Moratorium Rejection
Half-Truths Dim Chances for Renewing Mideast Talks
Palestinians Say Israel Pardoned 92 Wanted Fatah Men
Israel's FM Says Peace Depends on Palestinians
Palestinians Urge US to Raise Pressure on Israel
Israeli Police 'Arrest Mossad Spy on Training Exercise'
Mossad's Fake Bomb Causes Panic at Tel Aviv Port
For Gaza's Homeless, Holiday Is Time for Despair
Jordan Rejects Israeli Offer of Partial Settlement Freeze
Large Bomb Seized Near Egyptian Border
US Intelligence Chief in Afghanistan Wages Battle for Resources
Merkel Under Fire as General Resigns Over Kunduz Massacre
Soldiers in Afghanistan Enjoy Turkeys They Raised
Indian Newspaper: US Supect Eyed in Chabad House Attack, Might Be a CIA Double Agent
Mumbai Commemorates Anniversary of Attacks
A Rare Look at Chinese Secret Detentions
China's Internet Buzzing Over Woman in Black
Georgian FM Urges Western Security Guarantees
Russian Troops Shoot Dead Ukrainian Crossing Border
Swiss Go to the Polls on Sunday to Decide on Muslim Minaret Ban
Turkish Armenians Hope for New Era
Poverty Could Imperil the Amnesty in Niger Delta
Ill Nigerian Leader Treated by Saudis
Freed Foreign Journalists in Kenyan Hospital
Cuba Military Exercise Guards Against US Invasion
Honduran Court: Zelaya Shouldn't Be Restored

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An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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