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Updated November 28, 2009 - 11:21 PM EST
Dozens Die in Russia Train Bombings/Derailment
IAEA Adopts Anti-Iran Resolution
  UN Censure of Iran May Start More Confrontational Phase
  US: Iran to Face Consequences for Defiance
  Russia and China Take Hard Line With Iran Over Uranium Enrichment
  Envoy: Russia Has Assured Iran on Missile Delivery
Obama Afghan Escalation Speech Aims at NATO
  Top German Minister Ousted as Fallout From Air Strike Continues
  US Military Unveils New Prison in Afghanistan
PM: US Troop Surge Will Destabilize Balochistan
  Pakistan: Militants Kill 3 Anti-Taliban Figures
  Musharraf Seeks Re-Entry Into Politics
  Legal Turmoil as Legal Amnesty for Ruling Party Officials Lapses
Iraq VP: Too Early to Resolve Election Standoff
  UK Diplomat: US Was 'Hell Bent' on Iraq Invasion
Israel Starts 'Freeze' With New Construction
Israel's Illegal Settlements in America  by Grant Smith
Voting for Failure in Afghanistan  by Stephen Kinzer
Judge Orders Release of Algerian From Guantánamo (but He's Not Going Anywhere)  by Andy Worthington
Let Them Eat Patty Cake  by Jeff Huber
We'll Win This Time, if Only...  by Jerry Lembcke
A Key British Official Reminds US of the Forgotten Anthrax Attack  by Glenn Greenwald

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9 Saudi Soldiers Missing Along Saudi-Yemen Border
Military Divorces Edge Up Again in 9th Year of War
Russia, US Likely to Miss Deadline on Arms Pact
2 Afghans Allege Abuse at US Site
Baghdad Garden Becomes Graveyard, Full of Grieving
Region Finds US Lacking on Honduras
Philippines Candidate Runs for Governor Despite Massacre of His Family
Medvedev Warns Against Attacking Iran
Israel Commends IAEA Resolution on Iran
Iran Tells Norway to Stay Out of Nobel Medal Row
Ahmadinejad Boosts Latin America Ties
Hundreds Mark Saddam Death Anniversary With Tribute
'Multi-National' to Drop From US Unit Names in Iraq
Suicide Attacks Down, Extortion Up in Iraq's Mosul
Iraqi Soldier Shot Down by Gunmen in Mosul
Katyusha Rocket Lands in US Camp in Diwaniya
Friday: 1 US Soldier Killed in Iraq
Abbas Says Israeli Settlement Freeze Not Enough
Israeli Military Says Air Force Thwarted a Gaza Rocket Attack
Syrian Islamic Revival Has Woman's Touch
Trial of Opposition Leader Suspended
The War at Home
CIA Goes Hiring in Heart of Arab America
FBI: Ex-Doctor in Ohio Admitted Making Pipe Bombs
Karzai Renews Call for Taliban to Lay Down Weapons
Afghanistan Using Persuasion and Jobs to Disarm Taliban
Afghan Governor Survives Assassination Attempt
NATO Allies May Commit 6,000 Troops for Afghan War
Obama to Ask Australian Leader for More Troops in Afghanistan
Canada: Fog of War Clouded Afghan Torture Fears
Did the German Government Misinform the Country?
3 Ukrainians Die in Afghan Helicopter Crash
Rep. Barbara Lee Wants on an Exit Strategy Out of Afghanistan
Sen. Cardin on Afghanistan and 'The War on Terror'
Pakistan Army Claims 34 Militants Killed in Northwestern Region
First Phase of South Waziristan Operation Completed
Key Anti-Taliban Figure Assassinated in Pakistan
China, Japan Plan First Joint Military Exercise
Cost-Cutting Panel Puts Squeeze on Japan Defense Forces
Brown Vows to Block Sri Lankan Bid to Host Commonwealth Confab
Cambodian Ex-Prison Chief Pleads for Release

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An Evening With Cindy Sheehan

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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