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Updated December 9, 2009 - 10:21 PM EST

Gates Eyes 'Several Years' of War in Afghanistan

  Mullen: US Losing in Afghanistan
  Karzai Says Afghan Army Will Need Help Until at Least 2024
  Afghans Protest as NATO Raid Kills at Least Six Civilians
  McChrystal: Getting bin Laden Key to Defeating al-Qaeda
Baghdad Reeling After Latest Blasts

Tuesday: 133 Iraqis Killed, 460 Wounded

Mullen: No Plan to Put US Troops into Pakistan

  Police: Attack on Pakistan Intel Office Kills 12
Honduras' Zelaya Asks Safe Conduct to Mexico
War Bonds Proposal Introduced in Senate
North Korea Seeks US Peace Treaty
Here's an Idea: Cut War Spending by Cutting Wars  by Benjamin H. Friedman
Cleared for Release and Still in Limbo  by Andy Worthington
A New Report Questions 'Suicides' at Guantanamo  by Glenn Greenwald
The Right and War  by Daniel Larison
Spinning Out of Control  by Kelley Vlahos
The Great Wall of Israel
by Ellen Cantarow and Tom Engelhardt

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Gossiping Taxi Driver Source of Iraq 45-Minute WMD Claim

Massive TSA Security Breach as Agency Gives Away Its Secrets
Emails Show bin Laden Was Bush Talking Point, Not Target

Lawyers for Guantánamo Prisoner to Get Documents

Senate Report Urges Warmer Ties With Sri Lanka

Europe Steps In to Pressure Israel


Election Date Set in Iraq as Bombs Kill Scores

Captain Pleads Guilty to Pilfering $700k While Serving in Iraq

Maliki Blames Ba'athists, Al-Qaeda for Blasts

Iraq to Auction Vast Oilfields This Week

Some of the Deadliest Attacks in Iraq

Tuesday: 133 Iraqis Killed, 460 Wounded

Britain's Wars
Brown 'Did Not Understand' Afghan War, Says Ex-Army Chief
UK Spy Chief: We Knew Iraq Dismantled Missiles Before War
The War at Home

Ex-FBI Director to Examine Fort Hood

Judge Sets 2011 Trial Date for Iraq Rape Case

Loophole Let Army Hire Retired Generals as Defense Contractors

Army Mentoring Deals Bypass Ethics Law

Obama Admin. Takes a New Approach to Biological Weapons

Naval Academy to Add Lesson on Cyberwarfare

Two Top Aides Show Unity on Afghan Strategy
'War on Terror'

Accused Terrorist Bridged Two Different Worlds

Tipsters in Moussaoui Case Still Quarreling Over FBI Reward

Students, Militia Clash in 2nd Day of Iran Protest

Iran Says Will Show No Mercy to Opposition Protesters

Iran Accuses US of Abducting Nuclear Scientist


Philippine Muslims Restart Peace Talks in Malaysia

Japan Suspends Talks on Where to Move a US Air Base

US Envoy in Sri Lanka, Washington Mulls Change in Ties


Amnesty Accuses Mexican Military of Torture in Drug War

In Chile, Case Resurrects Ghosts of Bloody Pinochet Dictatorship

Cuban Spy's Prison Term Cut From Life to 30 Years


Brazil: No Recognition for New Honduras Government

Honduran President-Elect Lobo Wants Coup Amnesty


McChrystal Promises to Turn Afghanistan Tide Within Year

Gen. McCaffrey: Afghan Commitment Up to 10 Years

Troops Fear Corruption Outweighs Progress of Afghan Forces

Karzai Delays Naming Cabinet

South Korea to Send Up to 350 Troops to Afghanistan

US to Drop Contractor in Kabul Embassy Scandal


FBI Takes US Terror Probe to India and Pakistan

Pakistan Police Nab Blackwater Men, US Embassy Arranges Release

Battered Pakistan Turns to Clerics

Israeli Officials to Sweden: Middle East Peace Is Not Ikea Furniture

EU: Jerusalem Should Be Capital of Two States

Hamas: Shalit Deal Hindered by Israel's 'Obstinacy'

Israeli Opinion Split on Trade for Captive Soldier

The US Cash Behind Extremist Settlers

Israeli Justice Minister: Religious Law Must Become Binding
Israel Border Guards Kill Israeli Civilian Trying to Enter Gaza

Palestinians Boycott Israeli Settlement Goods

Israel Treating Gazans Infected With Swine Flu

'Sleeper Cells' in Lebanon Palestinian Camps: Experts


Obama Envoy Seeks North Korea's Return to Nuke Talks

North Korea 'Seeks US Peace Treaty'

Russia and Her Neighbors

US, Russia Face Off at World Court Over Kosovo

Belarusian Opposition Activists Abducted

Russian Official: Arms Deal With US This Month

Shelling Kills Eight, Injures More Than 20 Others in Mogadishu

Turkey Is Considering Ban on Kurdish Party


Justin Raimondo
The Antiwar Right: Our Time Is Near

Ivan Eland
More 'Corruption' Is Needed in Afghanistan

Kelley B. Vlahos
Best Performance in a Farce

Nebojsa Malic
Trial and Error

Philip Giraldi
Fool Me Twice

David R. Henderson
A Coalition's Progress: Monterey's Anti-Afghan War Demonstration

Charles V. Peņa
More Sanctions, More Insanity

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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