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Updated December 18, 2009 - 11:16 PM EST
Obama Ordered US Strike on Yemen
Kremlin Says No US-Russia Arms Deal This Year
Iraq Claims Iran Incursion Into Disputed Oil Area
Fresh US Drone Strikes Kill 12 in N. Waziristan
  Warrants Issued for Pakistan’s Interior Minister
  Pakistan, US at Odds on Enemies in Terror War
  Suicide Bomber Near NW Pakistan Mosque Kills 10
  Zardari Vows to Fight as Pressure to Resign Mounts
  Pakistan’s DM Prohibited From Leaving Country After Loss of Amnesty
  US Civilian Surge Expected in New Pakistan Aid Plans
NATO Air Strike Kills Three Afghan Civilians
  Envoy to Afghans: US Will Stay Long Past 2011
  NATO Fails to Get Russian Commitment for Afghan War
  Pentagon Auditors Challenge $1 Billion in Afghanistan Costs
CIA 'Supervising' West Bank Torturers
  Israeli FM: 'In 10 Months We'll Be Back Building Full Steam'
GOP Senators to Block Defense Bill to Delay Health-Care Vote
  UK Drops Fight Over Guantánamo Information
  Bush Intentionally Let Osama bin Laden Escape, Asserts Rep. Hinchey
  Insurgents Hack US Drones With $26 Software
The Fallacy of Good vs. Evil in Afghanistan  by William Pfaff
Terrorists in the Heartland?  by Steve Chapman
What Does It Take to Get Out of Obama's Guantánamo?  by Andy Worthington
Bring Back the Bad Guys  by Jeff Huber
$57,077.60 Per Minute
by Jo Comerford and Tom Engelhardt
Opportunity Lost: Obama in Oslo  by Daniel C. Maguire

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Mrs. Zawahiri Urges Women to Join Jihad
Veterans Group Calls for Refusal to Deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq
McCain Rejects Quetta Attack
House Delays PATRIOT Act Spy Vote
Yemen Claims to Kill 34 al-Qaeda Militants in Fresh Raids
Muslims Say FBI Tactics Sow Anger and Fear
The War at Home
Pentagon Nominee Promises Reporters Won't Be Rated Before Embeds
Military Study Shows Increase in Suicide Attempts, PTSD Symptoms
Guilty Plea in Leak Case From Ex-Linguist for FBI
'War on Terror'
Even in Cases the US Wins, Guantánamo Evidence Is Suspect
Judge: Gangs More Deadly Than Some Gitmo Detainees
Ex-Gitmo Detainee Struggles to Build Life in Chad
UN Will Try to Tackle Problems With Terror Sanctions
Defector Says He Helped Rig Iran's Election
Gates Concerned Over Iran Missile Test
Moms of US Hikers in Iran Left in Dark About Case
Iran Slams US at Climate Talks, Lays Claim to Nuclear Energy
Iraqi Candidates Urged Not to Make Security a Campaign Issue
Iraq: Dozens of Suspects Held in Baghdad Blasts
Civilian Killed Inside Own Store in Mosul
Babel Province's Last Alcohol Seller Arrested, Not Seen Since
Thursday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 14 Wounded
UN Envoy: Settlement Freeze Falls Short of Israel's Commitments
Education in Israel Dependent on Race, Religion, Class
Newspaper: Olmert Proposed Expanding Gaza
New EU Foreign Policy Chief Lambastes 'Israeli Occupation'
Israeli Police Prevents Palestinian Cultural Activity in Jerusalem
Gazans Fire at Egyptian Workers in Rafah
United Arab Emirates
UAE/US Nuclear Deal Becomes Official
Human Rights Watch: Guinea Massacre Premeditated
Karzai Will Reappoint Most of His Cabinet
Austria Rejects US Pressure to Send Afghan Troops
Pelosi Says Kucinich Resolution Will Satisfy Need for Afghanistan Vote
Spain to Send 511 More Troops to Afghanistan
Reliance on Contractors Sparks Oversight Concerns
US Spent $23 Billion on Afghan Contracts So Far
French, US Troops in Major Operation East of Kabul
Mullen Visits Front Line of Afghanistan War
'The Public Wants to Know Who Lied' About Kunduz Bombing
Fired Afghan Envoy Starts Legal Action Against UN
Question Time for Afghan District Governor
One US Battalion's Trials in Afghanistan
Mullen: Pakistan Will Crackdown on North Waziristan Group Next
US Says Pakistan Delaying Hundreds of Visas
South Korea Restarts Humanitarian Aid to North
Japan Servers Tied to Huge Cyberattack
FBI Still Probing Cleveland Suspect's Okinawa Activities
China Holds US Engineer on Trade Secrets Charge
Attacks in Russia Kill 2 People, Wound 23
Sources: Obama, Medvedev to Meet on Arms Treaty
Stop Seeing West as Threat, NATO Chief Tells Russia
NATO to Cut Troop Levels in Kosovo
Georgian Equivalent of Simpsons Features Insidious Russian Spies
Venezuela's Chavez Sees US Threat in Dutch Islands
Gunmen Fire on Honduran Journalist's Car, 1 Killed

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