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Updated December 21, 2009 - 11:23 PM EST
Yemeni Rebels: Saudis 'Massacred' 54 Civilians
  Yemenis Protest Killing of Civilians
  Mullen Applauds Yemen Air Strikes
Mullen Warns Iran Becoming Non-Responsive
  Iran on High Alert After Grand Ayatollah’s Death
As US Drawdown Nears, Iraq-Iran Tensions Grow
  Iraq Says Iranian Troops Left Disputed Oil Well
  Iraqi Qaeda Group Shifts to Remain a Threat
Pakistan’s Turmoil Threatens Obama’s Strategy
  Zardari Vows to Fight Pakistan 'Witch-Hunt'
Karzai Defends New Afghan Cabinet
  US-Led Operation in Helmand to Fizzle Out, Claim Taliban
  Let's Talk to the Taliban, Says German DM
Israel Threatens to Set Military on Settlers
  Abbas: Olmert Offered PA Land Equaling 100% of West Bank
Mortar Shell Attacks Kill at Least 14 in Somalia
Afghanistan: The Never Ending Challenge  by H.D.S. Greenway
Elliott Abrams and 'Neocon-ing' Obama  by Robert Parry
Christmas Wish '09: Repelling the Martian Invasion  by Jeff Taylor
US Turbulence Buffets Pakistan  by Eric Margolis
One Cheer for Tony Blair  by Brendan O’Neill
The Travails of the Young War Criminal  by Gwynne Dyer

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Did Headley Target Nuclear Plant?
Chavez: US Spy Plane Violated Airspace, Orders Others Shot Down
Tensions Escalate Between Colombia and Venezuela
3rd Guantanamo Detainee Heading to Italy
Christmas 'Heartbreaking' for British Troops' Families
Karzai Says New Afghan Cabinet Will Be Accountable
Look East for Lessons in US Afghan Surge
Taliban Attack California Guard Soldiers
Charlie Wilson Pessimistic About Future of Afghanistan
American Civilians Train in 'Afghan City' in the Midwest
Despite Aid, Hunger Still Stalks Afghan Children
Pakistan Religious Opposition Party Lauds Supreme Court Decisions
Did 'Jihadi Cool' Lure 5 Americans to Pakistan?
The Life of 65-Year-Old Professor Dubbed a Terrorist
Maoist-Called Strike Cripples Life in Nepal
Maoist Protesters Clash With Police in Nepal: 60 Arrested
Chinese Man's Subversion Trial to Start This Week
US Decries Cambodia's Deportation of Uighurs
Myanmar Pledges Stability on China Border
Thousands of Taiwanese Protest China Envoy's Visit
Report: Koreas Far Apart Over Summit Conditions
Suspected Maoist Rebels in India Kill Two Ruling Party Workers
Sri Lanka Still Waiting for Its Peace Dividend
US Military in Europe
US Forces to Train Poles on Air and Missile Defense
US Traumatic Brain Injury Clinics in Germany to Open in Early 2010
The War at Home
Obama Plan Could Limit Records Hidden From Public
Texas Antiwar Activists Losing Patience With Obama
Plight of Contractor Raped in Iraq Spurs Push in Congress
Inside Washington: An Anti-Whistleblower Culture
Muslim Leaders in US Grapple With How to Protect Their Youth
Spiritual Father of Iran's Reform Movement Dies
Death of Iranian Cleric Could Set Off New Protests
Iran Detains Filmmaker
Egypt's Mubarak Meets Iranian Parliament Speaker

Iran Says No Decision Made to Limit UK Ties

Lieberman: Iran Poses Greater Threat to Egypt Than Israel
Iraq's Stalemate Over the MEK/PMOI
Iraq Initials Deal on Prized Oil Field
Abu Ghraib, Restive Again
Pipeline Sabotage Halts Iraq Oil Exports to Turkey
Iraq PM in Cairo to Improve Ties With Egypt
Maliki Praises Japan's Support for Construction, Political Process
Sunday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 5 Wounded
Settler Activist: 'We Are Preparing a Series of Surprises' for the Army
Israel Harvested Organs in '90s Without Permission
Israeli Inner Cabinet Meets to Discuss Prisoner Swap Deal
Parents of Captured Israeli Soldier Plead for His Release
Israeli Ex-Atom Chief Says Vanunu Not Security Risk
Likud MP: Annex West Bank, Demand Palestinians Take Loyalty Tests
Hamas Aids Foreign Lawyers Trying to Prosecute Israelis
Israel to Seek Another Billion Euros in Reparations From Germany
Middle East
Turkish Coup Suspect Commits Suicide
Lebanon Drama Adds Act With Leader's Trip to Syria
140 Million Arabs Live in Poverty: UN
Radical Islam Meets a Buffer in North Africa
Somali Islamists Order Men to Shave Mustaches and Release the Beards
Italy Uses All Channels to Free Mauritania Hostages

Justin Raimondo
The Rising Tide

David R. Henderson
The Case Against Iran Sanctions

Charles V. Peña
Motivation for Jihad

Philip Giraldi
No-Fault Espionage

Ivan Eland
Obama's Peace Prize Continues Tradition of Dubious Choices

Kelley B. Vlahos
One War Obama May Curtail

Nebojsa Malic
Trial and Error

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

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Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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