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Updated January 1, 2010 - 11:29 PM EST
NATO Kills Still More Afghan Civilians
  Afghan Government: Hand Over 'Killers of Civilians'
US Deaths in Afghanistan Soared in 2009
  Report: CIA Invited Bomber to Afghan Base
  CIA Base Attacked in Afghanistan Was Hub for Airstrikes
Pakistan Suicide Bomb Kills 95 at Volleyball Site
  Two US Drone Strikes Kill Seven in North Waziristan
  Five Americans in Pakistan to Face Terror Charges
Yemen Shi'ite Rebels Ready for Talks With Saudis
  US Behind the Scenes of Yemen Terrorism Fight
  Yemen: Al-Qaeda 'Most Dangerous' Arrested
Yemen Points to US-Born Cleric Over Detroit Plot
  Flight 253 Passenger Kurt Haskell: 'I Was Visited by the FBI'
US Backing Off Threat of 'Crippling Sanctions' Against Iran
  Whither Iran?
  Iran Opposition Leaders Could Be Prosecuted for 'Defying God'
Judge Drops Blackwater Iraq Massacre Charges
Our Emperors and Their Empire  by Jack Hunter
Joe Lieberman: How About Another War?  by John Nichols
Why Obama Must Continue Releasing Yemenis From Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington
Fulfilling al-Qaeda's 'Warrior' Wish  by Glenn Greenwald
'Israel Resembles a Failed State'  by Ali Abunimah
The Gaza Scorecard, One Year Later  by Rami G. Khouri

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Secret UK Army Squad 'Abused Iraqis'
TSA Backs Off Demand of Immediate Response on Leak
US Troops Increasingly Unwelcome in Japan
Report to Obama Details Intelligence Slipups
General: Seals' Charges Won't Be Dropped
Survey: 137 Media Workers Killed in 2009
The Lap Bomber
Investigators Scrutinize Yemeni American Cleric's Ties to Plane Suspect
Yemen Links Accused Jet Bomber, Cleric
Airline Hero Says Failed Bombing Mirrors Script
Yemen: Visa of Nigerian Would-Be-Bomber Expired
Nigerian May Have Used Course in Yemen as Cover
'War on Terror'
Obama Summons Intel Chiefs for Security Talks
Obama Aide Gets Waiver to Investigate Airline Plot
Terror Attempt May Hinder Plans to Close Guantánamo
Focus on Internet Imams as Recruiters for al-Qaeda
British Universities Sometimes Seen as Breeding Grounds for Radical Islam
Napolitano Announces International Airport Security Campaign
TSA Nominee Misled Congress About Accessing Confidential Records
Court Freed Somali Suspect With Chemicals, Syringe
US: Mailman to Deliver Medical Aid in Case of Anthrax Attack
Iraq Hostage Release
US Transferred Detainee Before Hostage Release
Foreign Office Plays Down Iranian Role in Iraq Kidnapping
Petraeus Reportedly 'Certain' British Hostage Held in Iran
UK and Iran: 'No Evidence' Hostage Held in Iran
Moore's Debriefing May Leave One Key Question Unresolved
The 'Coalition of the Willing' Officially Becomes an Army of One
Iraqi Politician Dies of Wounds From Ramadi Suicide Bombing
Foreign Office Plays Down Iranian Role in Iraq Kidnapping
Petraeus Reportedly 'Certain' British Hostage Held in Iran
UK and Iran: 'No Evidence' Hostage Held in Iran
Moore's Debriefing May Leave One Key Question Unresolved
Christians in Baghdad Spend New Year's Eve Indoors
Thursday: No Reported Casualties
Israel Backs Obama's Push for Sanctions on Iran
Iranian Opposition Websites Report New Anti-Government Clashes
Video of Attack on Protester Is a Fake, Iranian Police Say
Shah's Son Urges International Protest Over Iran
Iran Soccer Body Sends Israeli Team New Year`s Greeting
CIA Takes on Expanded Role on Front Lines
Afghan Attack Tremendous Setback for CIA
Suicide Attack Inflicts Worst Death Toll on CIA in 25 Years
Afghan Base Hit by Attack Has Pivotal Role in Conflict
CIA Base Chief Killed in Attack
CIA Probes Afghan Base Security After Bombing
Perilous Patrol Through Heart of Taliban Territory
France Televisions Journalists 'Kidnapped in Afghanistan'
Troops Work to Secure High-Profile Afghan Road
UN to Move Some Staff Out of Pakistan for Safety
Pakistan Against Hasty Pullout From Afghanistan
Zardari: I'll Fire 'Political Weapons' if Need Arises
Zardari: Leading Opposition Party 'Not Friendly'
Police Arrest Senior Pakistani Taliban Commander
North Korea Calls for End to Hostile Relations With US
US Embassy: Bali Governor Warns of Possible Attack
Maoists Blamed for Killings of Two Political Workers in Eastern India
Chinese Muslim Region Adopts Law on National Unity
Backlash Over Gaza Onslaught Chastens Israel
In Sharp Contrast With Gaza, Casualties Decline in West Bank
Activists Allowed Into Gaza After Days of Protest
Israel's Netanyahu Proposes Egypt Peace Summit
Gaza Sees More Newborns With Birth Defects
Member of Kahane Family Arrested in Mosque Arson
Kadima No. 2 to Livni: Set a Date for Primaries
Israeli MP: DM Enjoys Classical Music and Killing Gaza Children
Grad-Type Rockets Land in Netivot
Abbas: Israel Sabotages Palestinian Achievements by Killing Us
Moscow Police Detain Prominent Rights Activist
White House Voices 'Dismay' at Russian Dissident's Arrest
Venezuela Says US Violating Airspace From Curacao
Venezuela Still Sore at Dutch Over 'US Aggression'

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