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Updated January 4, 2010 - 11:27 PM EST
Jordanian Double-Agent Killed CIA Officers
  Afghan Roadside Bombing Kills 4 US Troops
  Chaos Looms as Afghan MPs Nix Karzai Cabinet
  Rejection of Karzai Cabinet Picks Signals Power Shift
Yemen: Al-Qaeda Threat 'Exaggerated'
  US, UK Close Yemen Embassies Over al-Qaeda Threats
  Counterterrorism Official: No Troops to Yemen
  'Orchard of Fighters' Grows Out of Poverty and Mistrust in Yemen
  Yemeni Groups Pose New Set of Terrorism Threats
Pakistan Civilians Die in Latest US Drone Strike
  Pakistanis Furious as Lack of Infrastructure Raises Toll in Bombing
Ex-Blackwater Employees Not Wanted in Iraq
  'Sons of Iraq' Targeted for Retribution
Are Planned Airport Scanners Just a Scam?
  Obama Adviser: No Smoking Gun in Airline Bomb Plot
Death Toll in Central Somalia Fighting Rises to 47
US Kicks Hornet's Nest in Yemen  by Eric Margolis
The $30 Billion Pair of Underpants  by Mark LeVine
Walls Never Work, in the Middle East or in Ireland  by Robert Fisk
The Next Quagmire  by Jeff Huber
The Iron Wall  by Uri Avnery
The Criminalization of Protest  by Radley Balko

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TSA: Newark Terminal Locked Down
TSA Tries to Assuage Privacy Concerns About Full-Body Scans
Obama Presses Review of Nuclear Strategy
Jordan Emerges as Key CIA Counterterrorism Ally
Delhi on Alert After Pakistani Militants Escape
Last Call for Alcohol in Iraq?
After Americans Visit, Uganda Weighs Death for Gays

'War on Terror'

Stepped-Up Screening Targets Fliers From 'Terror-Prone' Lands
UK Knew US Airline Suspect Had Extremist Ties
British Spies Didn't Take Bomber Seriously
Abdulmutallab Had Links With London Campaign Group
Full-Body Scanners to Be Put in British Airports
White House: Yemen Cleric May Have Ties to Attacks
Some Dems Want Gitmo-to-Yemen Transfers Stopped
Official: Review of Yemeni Detainees Will Continue
Iran Denies Entry to Sen. Kerry
White House Believes Iran 'Vulnerable to New Sanctions'
Israel: New Iran Sanctions Within a Month
Iranian Journalist Gets Prison Term, Desert Exile
Iraq to Support Blackwater Lawsuit in US Courts
Iraq MP Says Govt Was Derelict in Following Up Blackwater Case
Iraqi Insurgent Group Claims Deadly Anbar Bombing
Prince Charles Tried to Stop Iraq War
Iraq Says Fifth UK Hostage May Be Returned in Days
Sunday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 2 Wounded
Meshaal: Hamas in Final Stage of Fatah Reconciliation
Hamas Inmates Say Fatah Torture Ends in West Bank Jails
Hamas Budget Signals Cash Flowing Past Blockade
Hamas-Affiliated Website Offers Money for Killing Israeli Soldiers
Israel Rejects Bill Allocating Equal Land to Jews and Arabs
Lieberman Scolds Diplomats Over 'Placating the World'
Radical Jewish Sect Spends Sabbath in Gaza
Ex-Israeli PM Still Comatose Four Years After Stroke
Egypt Opens Gaza Border Crossing
German FM Wants Afghans to Take Responsibility for Security
UN Envoy Warns of Power Vacuum After Afghan Parliament Rejects Karzai Cabinet
British Troops 'Will Be Led by Afghans'
Expert: German Soldiers 'Trained to Kill' in Afghanistan
Karzai's Cabinet Nominees: Approved and Rejected
Hazaras Hustle to Head of the Class in Afghanistan
Taliban Deny Abducting French Reporters
Afghans Love to Get Their Goat in National Sport of Buzkashi
Seattle Attorney Battles to Keep Girls' Schools Open in Afghanistan
Americans to Appear in Pakistan Court Monday
Pakistan Ruling Party: Media 'Undermining Democracy'
Roadside Bombs Kill 6 in Pakistan's Northwest
Bomb Kills Ex-Pakistan Minister
Two Elders Killed in Bajaur Blast
Would-Be Suicide Bomber Arrested in Buner
Pakistanis in Bombed Village Say They Will Defy Taliban
NWFP Minister Shrugs Off Volleyball Killings, Declares Taliban 'On the Defensive'
What's Behind North Korea's New 'Peace Offensive'?
Angry Minority Finds a Voice on Chinese Campus
Danish Police Start Inquiry in Cartoonist Attack
Russia-Belarus Oil Dispute Threatens Europe's Supply
Serbia Arrests War Crimes Suspect
US Military
Marine Corps Weighs Merits of Africa Task Force
Pentagon Computer-Network Defense Command Delayed by Congressional Concerns
Fort Lewis Soldier Undeterred After Near-Fatal Blast in Iraq

Justin Raimondo
The Kamm Scam: Fake 'Journalist' Defends a Forgery

Nebojsa Malic
2009 in Review

Philip Giraldi
Obama's New Year's Resolutions

Ivan Eland
Learning the Wrong Lessons From the Attempted Bombing

Kelley B. Vlahos
The Year Iraq Was Lost for Good

Charles V. Peņa
Still Not Home for the Holidays

David R. Henderson
The Case Against Iran Sanctions

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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