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Updated January 8, 2010 - 11:27 PM EST
Al-Qaeda: CIA Attack 'Revenge' for Drone Killings
  Afghan War Kills 3 Children a Day: Report
  Anger Over Civilian Killings Continues to Grow in Afghanistan
  Triple Agent Fiasco Spotlights 'Clueless' CIA
  Two Blackwater Guards Arrested by FBI for Murder of Afghans
Zardari: Drone Strikes Undermine Terror War
  Pakistani Officials: US Missiles Kill Five
  US Hunt for Haqqani Network 'a Nightmare for Pakistan'
Yemen: US Invasion Could Strengthen al-Qaeda
  Yemen Says There Are Limits to Its Military Cooperation With US
  Analysts: Yemen's Internal Divide Complicates US Efforts Against Qaeda
Iraq Bars 14 Sunni Parties From March Election
  Deadly Blasts Underscore Tenuous Security in Iraq's Anbar Province
  Anti-Terror Chief Among Seven Killed in Iraq Blasts
  British Troops Feared Civilian Casualties in Basra
Obama: First Line of Defense Failed
  US Was More Focused on al-Qaeda's Plans Abroad Than for Homeland
  More Names Going on Terror Watch List
Adm. Mullen: Attacking Iran 'Very Destabilizing'
At Least 140 Killed in South Sudan Fighting
Israel to White House: Stop Anti-Israel Palestinian Incitement
Blackwater and the Khost Bombing: Is the CIA Deceiving Congress?  by Jeremy Scahill
Have Overseas Bases Been a Mistake?  by William Pfaff
Getting Away With Torture
by David Cole
No Exit  by Andrew J. Bacevich
When Do We Go to War in Yemen?  by Christopher Preble
Afghan Nobody Faces Trial by Military Commission  by Andy Worthington

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Past War Offers Afghanistan Lessons – and It's Not Vietnam
Afghanistan Dominated TV Foreign News in 2009
Ivorian Tax-Free Rebel City Flourishes
Murky Trail for 'Loner' in Attack on CIA
US Urges Japan to 'Move Forward' on Base Row, Clarify Alliance
UN Expert: War Is a 'Game' for Child Soldiers
The Underbomber
Report: US Had Intel to Stop Christmas Bomb Plot
Nigeria Says Plane Suspect Was Properly Screened
Bomb Suspect Had Been Flagged for Check at Landing
Yemen Says Nigerian May Have Met Radical Cleric
Yemen: Underbomber Joined al-Qaeda in London
9/11 Commissioner: Congress Shares Blame for 12/25 Intelligence Failures
Air Security
Obama Orders Air Marshal Surge by Feb. 1: 'Race Against Time'
TSA Agent Arrested After Saying: 'I Am God, I'm in Charge'
US to Push Foreign Governments to Use Full-Body Scanners at Airports
EU Nations Divided on Use of Airport Body Scanners
NJ Airport Video Shows Security Guard Leaving Post
US Watchlist Adds to Nigeria's Many Woes
Man on US Plane Threatens to 'Kill All the Jews'
'War on Terror'
Obama Orders Improvements in Security Policies
Fort Hood Intel Lapse Mirrors Detroit Case
White House Defends Counter-Terror Chief
Virginia Company Pleads Guilty to Arms Brokering
US-Russia Nuke Deal 'in Weeks'
Russian Police Kill 2 Rebels After Suicide Blast
Bosnia FM Decries Lieberman Remark 'Bosnia Is al-Qaeda Breeding Ground'
Slovak Police Chief Resigns Over Plane Explosives
Shelling Kills at Least 11 in Somali Capital
Somalia's Army Chief Escapes Assassination Attempt
Aid Groups: Southern Sudan May Return to War
Kenyan Minister: Deported Cleric a Security Threat
Jamaica to Take in Radical Muslim Cleric
Jamaica: Muslim Cleric to Face No Extra Scrutiny
Zelaya: Charges Against Honduras Army Officers 'A Trick'
Cuban Official Accuses American of Spying
US Military
$650k in Damages for Recruiter Sex Assault
Gates Shows No Signs of Leaving Pentagon
Defense Contractor Suspended Over Kickbacks
Seabees Build New Cantina in Djibouti
Afghan Election Plan Triggers New Clash With Western Backers
Report: Al-Qaeda CIA Bomber Was Furious Over Gaza War
Gates Backs Critique of Spy Agencies in Afghanistan
US Military Probes Allegations of Detainee Abuse in Afghanistan
US Appeals Court Wary of Habeas Corpus Challenge by Afghan Detainees
Attack Leaves 10 Dead in Southeast Afghanistan
Six Danish Soldiers Wounded by Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan
Afghan Women Turning to Suicide in Greater Numbers
UK Tories Would Give Military Key Role in Rebuilding Afghanistan
US Says Pakistan Harassing Its Diplomats
TTP Leader Held in Islamabad
Eight Killed in Karachi Violence
Pakistan Navy Has Full Govt Support, Says Naval Chief
4 Dead After 20-Hour Gun Battle in Kashmir
Defiant Yemen Tells US Soldiers to Keep Out
Anti-Terrorism Training Intensifies in Yemen
Iran Posts Banned Websites List in Cyber Crackdown
Iran Lawmaker Says US Hikers Not to Be Freed Soon
Iran Accuses Five Protesters of Warring Against God
NYC Consultant Accused of Violating Iran Embargo
US Army: Attacks Inside Mosul Lower but Escalate in Suburbs
Blackwater Settles Civil Lawsuits Over Iraq Deaths
UN Experts Urge Iraq, US to Pursue Blackwater Case
Maliki Says to Accept Dialogue With Iran if Border Issues Solved
Mottaki: Iraq and Iran to Meet to Draw Border
Despite Work for US, Iraqi Is Denied a Green Card
Khanaqin Blast Wounds 21
Thursday: 1 US Soldier, 12 Iraqis Killed; 31 Iraqis Wounded
Israel Agrees to Pay UN $10.5 Million for Gaza War Damage
Top Israeli Labor MP Resigns, Slams Party
Gaza: Hope Betrayed
Israel Signals Tougher Terms for Prisoner Swap Talks
Hamas: Israel Launches Air Strike in Gaza City
Qassam Fired From Gaza Explodes Near Ashkelon
Hamas Squeezed Between Iron Dome and Steel Wall
Holocaust Survivor Became Palestinian Rights Activist
Mitchell May Shepherd 'Proximity Talks' Between Israel, PA
Middle East
Egyptians Riot After 7 Copts Killed in Church Attack
Israel Accuses Hezbollah of Planting Explosives

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The Case Against Iran Sanctions

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