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Updated January 13, 2010 - 11:27 PM EST
Obama to Seek $33 Billion More for Wars
  World's Most Controversial Prison Enters Ninth Year
Afghans: NATO Forces Kill 13 Protesters

US Drone Strike Fires Into Crowd, Kills Another 13 in Afghanistan


4 US Soldiers, 1 French Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Attacks


General Declares US Victory in Helmand Province


US Official: Most Afghanistan Corruption Involves Westerners


Afghan Govt Plans to Lure Taliban to Switch Sides

25 Arrested in Iraq Bomb Plot Sweep
  CIA Trying to Negotiate Truce With Iraqi Ba'athists
Iran Nuclear Scientist Slain, Sparking Accusations
Saudi Military: Hundreds of Yemeni Rebels Slain
Tenuous Karachi Ceasefire Holds, For Now
The COIN Myth, Part II: The Search for Human Intelligence  by Jeff Huber
Secret Police: Can Personal Privacy Survive the Digital Revolution?  by Brian Doherty
Need for Presidents to 'Look Tough' Isn't Getting US Anywhere  by William Pfaff
Iran, 1979 and 2010
by Dilip Hiro and Tom Engelhardt
Obama's Alternate Universe
by Scott Ritter
American Values v. Abdulmutallab
by James S. Brady and Richard A. Rossman

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A Year of Terror Plots, Through a 2nd Prism

Poll: Most Americans Would Give Up Liberty for Security

The Bogus Flight 253 'One-Way Ticket' Meme: Anatomy of a Myth

Report: Freedom in Decline for 4th Straight Year

Guantánamo Guard Reunited With Ex-Inmates

Russia and US to Resume Arms Control Talks

Makeover to Turn Guam Into Key US Fortress


Saudi: 82 Soldiers Killed Fighting Yemeni Rebels

200,000 Displaced in Northern Yemen Fighting

Yemen's Somali Fighters 'Impossible to Monitor'

Yemen: London Conference Should Not Push Reforms

'War on Terror'

Obama's Guantánamo Policy Puts Yemenis in Limbo

Terror Conspirator Padilla Appeals Conviction

Syria Threatens Retaliatory Screening for US Travelers

Mixed Signals on Airport Scanners

Europe, Mideast Protest Tighter Airline Security

New Evidence of al-Qaeda Tie to Madrid Blast

UK Gov't to Appeal European Ruling on Terror Laws

Extremist Islamist Groups to Be Banned Under New UK Terror Laws

The War at Home

Ft. Hood Inquiry Focuses on Military's Evaluation System

Army to Terminate Robotic Vehicle, Aircraft Programs

Ship Made With WTC Steel Already Broken

UK Iraq Inquiry

Tony Blair Gave Secret Promise to Bush Over Iraq Invasion

Ex-UK Communications Chief: Be Proud of Iraq War

2003 Iraq Invasion Was Illegitimate: Dutch Probe

Iraq Inquiry: Brown 'Was Key Member of Tony Blair's Iraq Inner Circle'

Families of Disappeared Accuse Russia of Dirty War

Bomb Hits Gas Line in Russia's South, Disruption Small


Detainee Was Helping Cuban Jewish Groups Involved in US Democracy Project

Honduras' Top Court to Hear Case Against Military

Chile Opens Museum of Memory to Commemorate Victims of Pinochet Dictatorship

In Other News

Rwandan Panel Says Army Shot Down President's Jet

In Shift in Tone for US, Clinton Plays Down Fight Over Marine Base in Japan


Fighting Shifts in Technology Used by Afghan Insurgents

Military's Use of Drones on the Rise in Afghanistan

Karzai Says US Never Gave Afghans 'Blank Check'

US Tells Afghans to Grow Grapes Not Opium Poppy

Fort Hood Troops Ordered to Afghanistan

Poll Reveals Optimism Among Some Afghans

Tributes to British War Reporter Killed Working With US Troops in Afghanistan

Pakistan FM: Afghan War Should Stay Out of Pakistan

In Karachi, Politics Means Urban Warfare, Literally

Pakistan Ex-Navy Chief Confirms French Kickbacks

Turkey Seethes at Deliberate Diplomatic Slights in Israel
Is Israeli FM Trying to Sabotage Turkey Relations Before DM's Visit to Ankara?

Netanyahu Lauds FM Over Turkish Insult

Israel Building Robot Army

International Donors Pledge to Support a New Palestinian State

Work Begins on First Planned Palestinian City

Abbas: No Talks While Settlements Expanding

Palestinian Anger Could Doom US Mission

Hamas Wants Militant Groups to Halt Rocket Fire


China Says Successfully Tests Missile System

Google May Quit China Over Cyberattacks on Activists


For Sale on Internet - Ukraine's Election Votes

Report: Bin Laden Sought High-Tech Weapons in 1980s Yugoslavia
Sweden Arrests Man on Suspicion of War Crimes in Bosnian War

Justin Raimondo
End the Korean War

Ivan Eland
Politics Gets in the Way of Obama's Perceptiveness

Kelley B. Vlahos
The COINdinistas: Last Year's News

David R. Henderson
In Defense of Avatar

Charles V. Peņa
Once More Unto the Breach

Philip Giraldi
Where's the Beef, Mr. Murdoch?

Nebojsa Malic
2009 in Review

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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