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Updated January 17, 2010 - 11:18 PM EST
Iraq, Afghan Wars Costs Top $1 Trillion
US Drone Strike on Pakistani House Kills 20
  Zardari: Halt Drone Strikes to Win Over Pakistanis
  Pakistani Taliban Leader Denies Death on Tape
  Rugged North Waziristan Harbors US Enemies
  Elite US Troops Ready to Combat Pakistani Nuclear Hijacks
US Goal Unmet: Afghan Civilian Casualties Soar
  Afghan MPs Again Reject Most Cabinet Picks
  Running Out of Time, US and Canadian Troops Rush to Pacify Kandahar
  US Optimistic Over New Taliban Reintegration Plan
Angry Sunnis to Boycott Iraq Elections
  Revealed: Jack Straw's Secret Warning to Tony Blair on Iraq
Terrorist Network in Britain Is a Security Threat
Russian Diplomat: No Agreement on Iran Sanctions
Somalia Clashes Kill 138, Displace 63,000 in Two Weeks
The Bogus Anti-Terrorist Crackdown on Financial Freedom  by James Bovard
Afghanistan's Soft-Spoken Rebel  by Andrew Oxford
Were Afghan Children Executed by US-Led Forces? And Why Aren't the Media Interested?  by David Cromwell
Poking the Bear  by Doug Bandow
Nixon and the 1969 Vietnam Moratorium  by Jon Wiener
Just What We Need: More Pentagon Spending  by Winslow T. Wheeler

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A Hidden Toll: 301 Armed Forces Suicides in 2009
Governor: Many Issues Left to Resolve on Guam
Jack Straw's Iraq War Letter to Tony Blair
3 Blackwater Guards Called Baghdad Shootings Unjustified
For Antiterror Chief, a Rough Week Ahead as Hearings Begin
Cindy Sheehan Leads Protest at CIA, Cheney's House
Appointment of Afghan Counter-Narcotics Chief Dismays British Officials
1 Woman Approved for Afghan Cabinet, 2 Rejected
Status of Afghan President's Cabinet Picks
Roadside Bomb Kills 5 Afghan Family Members
Two British Soldiers Die in Afghanistan Explosion
Canadian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Watchdog Calls Afghan Energy Effort Disappointing
Republican Lawmaker: Afghans Must Match US Commitment
UK's Miliband: Afghan Combat Burden Must Be Shared by NATO Allies
US Unclear on Hakimullah Mehsud's Fate, Say Holbrooke
Local Pakistan Officials Say Hakimullah Mehsud Chief Injured
'Abandoned' in Swat Valley
Militants Blow Up a Health Facility in Pakistan
US: Brutality Erodes Pakistani Militants' Support
Poor Schooling Slows Anti-Terrorism Effort in Pakistan
Two Killed in Quetta 'Target Killing'
Bodies of Seven Militants Found in Darra, Swat
Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran Unite Against Extremism
Pakistan: Inclusion of 'Outsiders' in Afghan Plan Opposed
Pakistan: National Security Report Resents Growing Indian Presence in Afghanistan
Yahoo Pulled Into Google Fracas, Alibaba Slams Comments
A Few Internet Users in China Find Ways Around Filters
A Year Into Presidency, Obama Has Little to Show From China Outreach
Obama Still Seeking Chinese Help on Many Fronts
Did the Chinese Security Forces Kill Gao Zhisheng?
Rights Lawyer Disappears After Months in Chinese Custody
Haiti Aid a Telling Test of China-Taiwan Relations
Taiwan to Allow Chinese Investment in Bourse
In China's Tiananmen Square, Patriotism Snaps in the Wind
Tibet Activist's E-Mail Attacked From China
Malaysia Plays Down Risks After US Advisory on Borneo
Another Church in Malaysia Vandalized
Rum Bottle Thrown at Malaysia Mosque Amid Tension
Japan, South Korea Rebuff North Korea Peace Proposal
Sri Lanka Opposition Accuses Govt of Misleading UN
Nepal Vows Not to Allow Anti-India Activity
Bomb Wounds 2 Soldiers in Pakistani Kashmir
Bangladesh Opposition to Protest Against Pacts With India
Suu Kyi Holds Talks With Junta Official
'War on Terror'
FBI Admits Spanish Politican Was Model for 'High-Tech' Osama bin Laden Photo-Fit
Spanish Politician May Sue Over bin Laden Photo
The Man Who Decides the Fate of Guantanamo Detainees
Lonely Trek to Radicalism for Underbomber
UK: Airport Full-Body Scanners 'Break Laws on Privacy'
Bali Victim's Father Questions Washington Gitmo Trial
Chicago Court Indicts Rana on Mumbai Attack Charges
JFK Terminal Evacuated After Security Breach
Darfur Rebels Say Sudan Army Attacks Market Area
Darfur Rebels Report Air, Artillery Attacks by Sudan Forces
Security Official: Guinea's Junta Supports Accord
Guineans Welcome Deal on Junta Chief, Poll Plans
Guinea's Military Backs Junta's No. 2 as New Leader
African Diplomats Arrive to Cement Guinea Deal
Angolan Police Arrest Activist Priest in Cabinda
Cabinda Marches Against Terror, in Support of Togo
Chad Bombs Rebels Near Sudan Border: UFR
Four Hurt in Attacks on Three Somali Radio Stations
Central African Rebel Chief Dead After Torture: Wife
Tutsi Rebel Chief Nkunda Ready for Trial: Lawyer
Kenya Wants Immediate Deportation of Jamaican Cleric
Libya Postpones Trial of Swiss Businessman
Weekend Reviews
A Brief for Bush
The Untold Story of Afghanistan
Israel: One Law for All?
How US Set Out to Destroy Iraq's National Identity and Build a Dependent State
Anger at US Builds at Port-Au-Prince Airport
US Pouring 10,000 Troops into Haiti
Navy Preparing for Long Haul in Haiti
Retired General: US Military Aid Effort in Haiti Too Slow
US Diverts Spy Drone From Afghanistan to Haiti
US Takes Control of Haiti Airport to Speed Aid, Diverts Some Planes
Rescue Mission to Haiti Called Off From Wright-Patterson AFB
US Navy En Route to Make Haiti Seaport Usable
US Gives Illegal Haitian Residents Protected Status
Exiled Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide Offers to Return
US Military
US Vets Return to See Grim Legacy of Vietnam War
North Carolina Prison Releases Soldier Convicted of Desertion
Army Short-Circuits Robotic Future; Axes Drone Helo 'Mule'
Iraqi Former Pilot Accused in 2003 UN Bombing
Iraqi Secular Alliance Unveiled Ahead of March Parliamentary Elections
Marines Exit Iraq in First Wave of US Forces Out
Government Monopolizes Power, Unable to Invest Resources, Says Iraq VP
Iraq Expects to Conclude All Oil Deals This Month
Iraq Urges US to Give Back Iraqi Jewish Archive
Iraq to Hold First Full Census Since '87 in October
Saturday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 7 Wounded
French Academic's Lawyer Upbeat on Iran Verdict
Lawyer: Client Faces Danger if He Flees to Iran
Egyptian Paper: Mossad Chief Is 'Israel's Superman' and Brains Behind Iran Assassination
Mitchell to Arrive in Mideast This Week With No Plan, No Agenda
Abbas Signals Readiness to Resume Talks With Israel
2 Israeli Soldiers, 1 Border Policeman Lightly Hurt in Protests
PA Arrests Wanted Hamas Gunman in Hebron
How Israel Put the Brakes on Another Palestinian Dream
Israel: Hamas Says Shalit Talks Ongoing
Palestinians Declare War on Jewish Settlements' Products
Seven Palestinians Injured in Blaze in Gaza Smuggling Tunnel
Israel Threatens to Expel Turkish Ambassador Over TV Show
Turkey, Israel on Track to Close Drone Deal: Official
Turkish Navy Rescues Indian Ship From Somali Pirates
Top Lebanese Officials Press for Increased US Assistance
Nasrallah: Israel Lost Its Power of Intimidation
Lebanon, Iran to Coordinate in UN Security Council
Tehran 'Fully Supports' Lebanon Unity
Egypt's Brotherhood Group Selects New Leader
US Concerned at Coptic Christian Arrests in Egypt
Israeli Experts Check Jordan Embassy After Bomb Attack
Jordan: Israel Not Part of Probe Into Attack on Its Convoy
Middle East
Yemen Plans to Launch a Stock Market Despite Chaos
Kuwait Needs Security, Not Money From Iraq: FM
Pro-Russian Politician Set to Sweep Ukraine Presidential Election
Medvedev Says US Arms Talks Making Progress
Northern Ireland Parties in Crunch Talks
Crete: Arsonists Attack Greek Synagogue for Second Time in 3 Weeks
Salvadoran President Apologizes for Civil War Abuses
Honduras to Try 'Coup Generals'
Americans Still Dying
Columbus (GA) Solider Dies in Iraq on New Years Day
Kingsport (TN) Soldier Leaves Behind Wife, Three Young Children
Father of Slain Lowell (MI) Soldier: 'I Can't Stop Crying'
  Fallen Illinois Marine Credited With Saving Lives
San Antonio (TX) Marine Killed in Afghanistan Was a 'Model Kid'
Nebraska Soldier With Ties to California Dies From Non-Combat Cause in Iraq
Ft. Atkinson (WI) Community Remembers Fallen Marine
Westwood (NJ) Firefighter, Marine Killed in Afghanistan
Romeoville (IL) Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan
Marine From Altoona (PA) Killed in Afghanistan

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Once More Unto the Breach

Nebojsa Malic
2009 in Review

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Fascism Needs an Enemy

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Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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