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Updated January 18, 2010 - 11:17 PM EST
Taliban Strikes in the Heart of Kabul
  Karzai Can't Fill Cabinet as Parliament Recesses
  NATO Kills Two More Civilians in Afghan Shootings
  Holbrooke: CIA Bomber Video Shows Militant Links
  Top UK Commander: Military Can't Defeat Taliban
US Drone Strike on Pakistan House Kills 20
  Pakistani Govt Slams Report on US Army Plans to Seize Nukes
Election Ban Stokes Fears of New Strife in Iraq
  Iraq's 'Chemical Ali' Gets 4th Death Sentence
China Unlikely to Back New Iran Sanctions
  Iran to Protect Nuclear Scientists From Attacks
Opposition Victory Sets Stage for Ukraine Runoff
The Wages of Fear in Israel and the US  by Ira Chernus and Tom Engelhardt
Why Do They Hate Us? It's Not a Secret  by Ron Smith
The Sad End of the Orange Revolution  by Christian Neef and Matthias Schepp
Can the Government Keep Us Safe?  by Andrew P. Napolitano
'Kill Another Turk...'  by Uri Avnery
The Battle for Iran  by Nader Hashemi

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2009: Year of Terror Charges in US
US Attorney Plans Drug-Terror Unit
Japan's Secret Pact With US Spurs Debate
Review of Jet Bomb Plot Shows More Missed Clues
Deadly FBI Raid of Detroit Mosque Prompts Concern Over Informants
AIPAC-Linked FBI Agent Alleges Firing Due to Religion
US Army Deserter Says He'd Do It Again
Vets: Burn Pits Are Killing Us
Yemen's Security Chief Warns Against Harboring al-Qaeda
In Yemen, a University Tied to 'American Taliban' and Underwear Bomber
Yemen Plans to Launch a Stock Market Despite Chaos
Iran Ex-Prosecutor Denies Role in Torture Deaths
Iran Jails Opposition Ex-MP for Six Years
Iran Suspends Pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia
'Saddam' Ban Threatens Sunni Stake in Iraq Elections
Iraq Inquiry Urged to Recall Alastair Campbell After 'Rethink'
Shell Signs Iraq Oil Field Deal
Tariq Aziz Suffers Severe Stroke
Biden Calls Iraqi Leaders About National Elections
Sunday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 11 Wounded
Shin Bet: 2009 Was First Year in Decade Without Suicide Attacks
Netanyahu: We're a Small Country With a Big Heart
10 Israeli Soldiers Convicted of Mutiny
UN Warns 250,000 Palestinians 'Vulnerable' to Settler Violence
Israel Says Turkey Ties Warm; Analysts Skeptical
Abbas to US: Peace Talks Won't Work Until Israel Given Red Lines
Palestinian Activists Urge Hamas to Probe Own Gaza War Crimes
Arab Taxi Station Attacked; Police Fail to Come
Four Israeli Jets Seen Over Lebanon
Lebanese Protest Egypt's Gaza Barrier
US Official: Arming of Hezbollah Could Spark Israel-Syria War
Kuwait, US Armed Forces Start Joint Military Maneuver
Kuwait Fears Iraq Violence Could Spread
Kuwaiti FM: Israel's Prime Minister Is 'Stupid and Insane'
Middle East
New Leader Won't Advance Muslim Brotherhood on Political Stage, Critics Say
Turkish PM: Muslim Leaders' Response to Gaza Suffering 'Pitiful'
Karzai Closing in on Taliban Reconciliation Plan
Pakistan, India Wary of UK's Afghan Exit Plan
Taliban Kidnap Two Chinese Engineers, Four Afghans
'World's Least Known Bird' Found Breeding in Afghanistan
Pakistani Village Fights Taliban Grip on Its Youth
Tribal Elder Killed in Bajaur
Pakistanis Furious as Power Shortages Grip Nation
Zardari Wants International Community to Help Build Pakistan
In India, Gates to Promote US Ties With 'Global Power'
Chip-Fat-Fuel Driver Andy Pag in India Terror Arrest
North Korea's Kim Calls for Stronger Army Amid Tension
Time Running Out on South Korea's Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Google and China
Google Denies Leaving China, Seeks Negotiations
Clinton Talk May Signal China-Google Direction
Google-China Showdown May Alter Tech Game
In War Against the Internet, China Is Just a Skirmish
Yahoo! Slammed by China Partner for Google Support
At Least 12 Dead in Clashes in Nigerian City of Jos
South Sudan Ex-Rebels to Run for All Governor Posts
Star Turns at Liberian's War Crimes Trial
Canada to Send 1,000 More Troops to Haiti
EU Says Envoy to Haiti Died in Earthquake
Chavez Seeks Improved Relations With US
Right-Wing President for Chile
Air Security?
TSA Terror: Police Arrest Haiti Quake Survivor Who Walked Through Wrong Doors at JFK
Official: Man Says He Opened JFK Door by Mistake
Twitter Joke Led to Terror Act Arrest and Airport Life Ban
US Military
Filipino WWII Veterans Still Waiting for Payments
Navy's Future Linked to Flexible Weapons

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