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Updated January 20, 2010 - 11:26 PM EST
Gates: Al-Qaeda Aims to Start India-Pakistan War

Latest US Drone Attack Kills Six in North Waziristan

Maliki: Sunnis Not Targeted in Election Purge

Iraq Says 50,000 Former Insurgents in Govt Jobs

Report: Bribery Costs Afghans Billions Every Year
  Blackwater Wants to Surge Its Armed Force in Afghanistan

Taliban Attack Shows Tactical Skill, Military Limits


After Afghan Attack, Some See US Role

Haitians Wary as US Troops Ramp Up Operations
  US: Troops Not Invading Haiti; Palace Commandeered
US Slams Iranian Response to Nuclear Offer

Obama's Embattled TSA Nominee Withdraws


UK Govt. to Release Documents on Gitmo Case

Senate: Dozens of US Ex-Cons Disappear in Yemen

US Steps Up Efforts in Yemen

Going Rogue in Combat Boots  by William J. Astore and Tom Engelhardt
Terrorists Will Strike America Again  by Gregory F. Treverton
Bubble Bursts on Iran Nuclear Options  by Kaveh L. Afrasiabi
Obama's Gitmo  by Elizabeth DiNovella
Tough Minds and Tender Hearts  by Kathy Kelly
Pressure on Blair Builds  by Chris Ames

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Harsher Gaza War Looming on Horizon?

Judge: No Misconduct Finding in Blackwater Case

Queens Man Is Accused in Plot to Kill US Soldiers

UN Agrees to Send 3,500 More Troops to Haiti

War Refugees Struggle to Rebuild in Sri Lanka

Fighting in Somalia Displaces 63,000 People

FBI Sting Nabs 22 Weapons Dealers Suspected of Bribing Foreign Officials

4,000 Australian Troops Sick from War


Death Squads Return to Baghdad

Iraq: Targeted Execution of Christians Continues in Mosul

Green Zone Mortared, Says Eyewitness

Amnesty International Urges Iraq to Halt Mounting Number of Death Sentences
UK War at Home

Iraq Inquiry: 3,000 People Apply for Blair Hearing Seat

UK Senior Officer 'Hit Iraqi Prisoner'

US War at Home

Blackwater Chief Accused of Murder, Gun-Running

DoD 'Clarifies' Doctrine on Psychological Operations

Hackers Create Opportunity for Military Firms

Troubles at Every Turn in Hasan's Medical Training

'War on Terror'

FM: Slovakia to Take 3 Guantánamo Prisoners

Prosecutor: More Charges Coming in NY Terror Cases

Reputed Pakistani al-Qaeda Supporter Taken From NY Courtroom
US Officials Announce 'New Consensus' That Iran Is Trying to Make Nukes

US: Iran Reply to Nuclear Deal Is Inadequate

Prosecutor Gunned Down in Iran


Security in Port-Au-Prince Erodes, Hampering Relief Efforts

US Troops Deploy as Haiti Operation Picks Up


Nearly 200 Die in Fresh Religious Clashes in Nigeria

Soccer Deaths Excuse for Angola to Round Up Activists

Guinea Junta Picks Opponent as Premier on Path to Civilian Control

10 Civilians Killed in Mogadishu Shelling


Google Scraps China Cell Phone Launch Amid Dispute

Evidence Found for Chinese Attack on Google

What Internet? China Region Cut Off 6 Months Now


2 US Troops Killed by Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan

US 'Lost Track of Afghan Weapons'

It Was Less Corrupt Under the Taliban, Say Afghans

Kabul Attack Shows Resilience of Afghan Militants

In Eastern Afghan Province, Preview of Upcoming Surge Strategy
Kunduz Affair Report Puts German Defense Minister Under Pressure
British Navy Chief: We Need to Be Able to Invade More Than Just Afghanistan

Pakistan: Troops Kill 21 Taliban

Supreme Court Tells Government to Prosecute Zardari

Pakistan Blocks Agenda at UN Disarmament Conference

Stolen US Arms Flood Markets in Pakistan Tribal Areas

Indian Troops Kill Pakistani Soldier in Kashmir Border Shooting

Gates Calls for Closer Defense Ties to India

Israel Stops Granting Permits to NGO Aid Workers in W. Bank
Israel Razes West Bank Caravan Built After Settlement Freeze

Israeli Soldier Discharged Over Protest Sign

Israel Targets Palestinian Anti-Wall Activists

Israel Accused of Silencing Political Protest

EU Official to PA: Financial Support Won't Continue Forever

Israel-Turkey Relations

Turkey's Erdogan Voices Support for Palestinians

'Turkey No Longer Needs a Close Relationship With Israel'


US Slaps Sanctions on al-Qaeda Yemen Affiliate

Tribe in Yemen Protecting US Cleric

In Other News

Syria's Mufti: Islam Commands Us to Protect Jews

Koreas Hold 'Serious' Talks Amid North's Threats

Russia Ends Freeze in Ties With Ukraine After Election

Report: NATO to Reject Russian Security Plan


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