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Updated January 21, 2010 - 11:23 PM EST
More Afghan Civilians Killed, NATO to Curb Raids
  US Troops Set to Invade Taliban Stronghold
  New Wave of Warlords Bedevils US
  Taliban Overhaul Their Image in Bid to Win Allies
Obama Eyes Enduring US Presence in S. Asia
  Gates: Al-Qaeda Aims to Start India-Pakistan War
  Pakistanís Military ĎRunning Parallel Govtí in Balochistan Province
  Pakistanís Top Court Threatens to Call in Army Over Zardari Immunity
PM Wants Israeli Army Permanently in W. Bank
  Israel Crushes Local Dissent, Attacks Global Criticism
  Israel Cool to East Jerusalem Settlement Freeze
Iraq Election Tensions Stir White House Mission
  Iraq List of Excluded Candidates Has More Shi'ites
  Iraqi, Syrian Tensions Rise Over Iraqi Refugees in Syria
  Iran's Power Play in Iraq
Justice Dept Reports 'Egregious' FBI Crimes
  FBI Director: Al-Qaeda Spreading, Rebuilding
  Bin Laden's Son: Osama Has Achieved His Aim
Wars Not as Deadly as They Used to Be, UN Told
US Missiles to Be Deployed Near Russian Border: Polish DM
South Korean Defense Chief: Hit North First if Threatened
Israel Finds a New Way to Play the Victim  by Ira Chernus
Why Use a National Security Letter When You Have Post-It Notes?  by Jacob Sullum
Torture: Where's the Conservative Skepticism?  by A. Barton Hinkle
The Official Response Begins  by Scott Horton
Haiti: Shades of FDR and the Jews  by Jacob G. Hornberger
A New Dictator?  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Rights Groups Under Sustained Attack Worldwide
UN Cuts Back on Investigating Fraud
Obama's Embattled TSA Nominee Withdraws
Inspector General's Report on FBI (.pdf)
Americans' Bias Against Jews, Muslims Linked, Poll Says
Intelligence Chief Says FBI Was Too Hasty in Handling of Attempted Bombing
China Removed as Top Priority for Spies
'War on Terror'
ACLU: FBI Illegally Gathered Phone Records and Misused National Security Letters
Defendant in Afghan Shooting Trial Vows No More Outbursts
US Counterterror Agency Lacks 'Google-Like' Search
Britain Tightens Anti-Terror Measures on Airlines
Muslim Scholars Critical of US Policy Can Return
Security Lapses Being Addressed, Officials Say
The War at Home
Democrats Propose $1.9 Trillion Increase in Debt Limit
Group Gives Obama a Mixed Review on Human Rights
Muslim Anger Over US Military 'Jesus' Scopes
New York Times to Charge for Web Access in 2011
New Yemen Airstrike Targets Wanted al-Qaeda Figure
Britain Suspends Direct Flights to Yemen
Radical US-Yemeni Cleric Will Not Surrender: Journalist
IAEA: Iran Offer Still on Table
Iran Says PKK-Linked Group Claims Prosecutor's Killing
Israeli, Iranian Ministers Share a Rare Handshake
Iran Says France Using Iranian's Trial to Pressure
Iran Plans to Knock Three Zeros Off Currency
British Iraq Inquiry
UK Spy Chief: 45 Minutes Iraq WMD Claim Should Not Have Been Published
I'll Testify Any Time You Want, Gordon Brown Tells Iraq Inquiry
Intelligence on WMD 'Taken Out of Context', Iraq Inquiry Hears
Blair's Communications Chief Defends Dossier
Iraqi President: Biden Coming Amid Election Spat
How an Inflammatory Term, Ba'athist, Bars Candidates in Iraq
US Base Hit by Rockets in Balad
Iraq Bombs Kill 6 Pilgrims as Shi'ites Observe Ashura
Foiled Assault on Baghdad Jewelry Store Kills 3
Eastern Mosul Blast Casualties Up to 36
Wednesday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 65 Wounded
Netanyahu Turns Fire on Abbas as US Envoy Flies In
Abbas Wants US to Negotiate in His Place
Gaza War: Palestinians Battle Bitterly Over Palestinian Forces' Conduct
Detained American Journalist Opts to Leave Israel
Gaza Flowers in Europe Again as Israel Eases Closures
UN 'Deeply Concerned' Over Health System in Gaza Strip
Middle East
US Envoy: Syria, Lebanon Key to Mideast Peace
Jordan's Prosecutor Accepts Case Against Two Israeli MPs
Saudi Kingdom Tower Evacuated After Bomb Hoax
Karzai Seeks Donor Backing for Taliban Reintegration Plan
Afghans Plan Dramatic Increase in Security Forces
Security Timetable Tops Afghanistan Conference
Report Slams US for Building Power Plant Afghans Can't Run
Rare IED Success: MRAPs Cut US Death Rate in Afghanistan
US-Russia Deal on Afghan Transit Is 'Working'
Afghanistan Seeks New Ideas Against Corruption
New Zealand Army in Afghanistan to Remove Bible Quotes From Weapon Sights
Afghan Interpreter Pays a Personal Price
Zardari Re-Emerges, but Effect on Pakistan Is Unclear
US: LeT May Become a Global Threat
Mehsud Jirga Agrees to Hand Over Hakimullah
Pakistan PM: Military Option Not Only Solution to Terrorism
Bomb Wounds Lawmaker in Northwest Pakistan
Cricket Snub Reignites India's Diplomatic War With Pakistan
Shadowy Arms Deal Traced to Kazakhstan
Vietnam Jails 4 Activists
US State Department 'Not Foreign Policy Arm of Google'
Even a Censored Internet Has Opened Up a World for Chinese Users
China Jails Former Top Judge for Corruption
China Teen Seen as Hero for Killing Local Official
NATO, Russia Set to Renew Defense Ties After Georgia War
Jones, Mullen to Russia to Work on Nuclear Deal
Russian Journalist Dies After Beating by Police
Luxembourg PM Rejects Blair as EU President
Ukraine: Yushchenko Concedes Defeat
US Extradites Bosnian Serb Suspected of Genocide
Chechnya Leader Vows to Build Swiss-Style Ski Resort
Part of Munich Airport Closed After Security Alert
Muhammad Cartoonist Defiant After Attack
Marine Unit Headed for Afghanistan Rerouted to Haiti
Tensions Rise as US Troops Patrol Haiti
Aftershock Hits Haiti; US Troops Guard Convoys in Port-Au-Prince
Haiti Rejects Dominican Republic Troops
Panama Leader's Bodyguards Arrested Over 'Kidnap Plot'
Dominican Republic Offers to Host Honduras' Zelaya
Chavez Foes Call Voting District Changes Unfair
Calm Returns to Torn Nigerian City; Toll Unclear
Darfur Rebels Say Death Sentences Threaten Peace Talks

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