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Updated January 28, 2010 - 11:28 PM EST
Obama’s Speech Light on Foreign Policy
  Pentagon's New Strategy Beefs Up Army, Marines
NATO Troops Accidentally Kill Afghan Imam
  Taliban: Buyout Futile Without Foreign Pullout
  $1 Billion Plan Considered to Buy Off Taliban
  Afghan Tribe Vows to Fight Insurgents, Burn Houses, for US Aid
  Embattled US Troops Take Cynical View of Progress in Afghanistan
Clinton: Iran Leaves Penalties as Only Choice
  US Senators Seek 'Crippling' Iran Sanctions
  Iran Ceasefire in the Making?
  Iran Sanctions, 'Regime Change,' Take Center Stage
  Iran Official: Detained German Diplomats Involved in December 'Riots'
Nations Vow 'Long-Term' Yemen Commitment
  Saudis Say Their Fighting With Yemen Insurgents Has Ended
  US Tells Yemen to Do More to Fight Militancy
Envoy Hopeful Gitmo Will Close in 3 Years
  CIA Man Retracts Claim on Waterboarding
  US Is Unprepared for Major Bioterrorism Attack, Commission Finds
  Britain's High Court Quashes Draconian Powers Over 'Terror Assets'
Allegations of Voter Fraud in Sri Lanka as Unrest Looms
Israeli DM: Palestinians Are Greater Threat Than Iran
A Duped President's Wasted Foreign-Policy Year  by William Pfaff
Obama Ignores Key Afghan Warning  by Ray McGovern
The Populist Insurgency and Foreign Policy: Why Are Non-Interventionists Marginalized?  by Leon T. Hadar
Bounties for War Criminals  by George Monbiot
Obama's Report Card  by Eric Margolis
How to Get Out of Being Held Indefinitely Without Charge  by Spencer Ackerman

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'People's History' Author Howard Zinn Dies at 87
Obama's State of the Union: Text
Obama Vows to Repeal Ban on Openly Gay Soldiers
Russia: Arms Deal With US Possible Within Weeks
Brazilian Soldiers Tear Gas Haitians Rushing for Food
Official: US Troops in Haiti Up to 6 Months
Locals Question Military's Plan to Acquire More Land on Guam
British Iraq Inquiry
Gordon Brown Under Fire as Key Papers on Iraq War Are Kept Confidential
The Iraq War Inquiry: Will It Call Blair to Account?
US Lawyers Persuaded Lord Goldsmith to Change His Mind on Iraq War
British Lawyer Denies Blair Pressure Over Iraq War
Goldsmith: Why I Changed My Mind on Iraq
Britain Awaits Blair Testimony on Iraq
Iraq: Iranian Forces Withdraw From Fakka Oilfield
Police Raise Iraqi Flag Over Disputed Oil Field
US Blames al-Qaeda in Iraq for Baghdad Bombing Spree
Al-Qaeda Group Claims Hotel Blasts in Baghdad
Bomber Dressed as Iraqi Policeman Hits Police Post
Gunmen Kill 2 in Baghdad Drive-By Shooting
Staff at Baghdad Hotel Strike Over Security
Iraq, Nippon Oil in Talks on Developing Nasiriyah Oilfield
Wednesday: 4 Iraqis, 1 Iranian Killed; 8 Iraqis, 5 Iranians Wounded
Yemen's Faltering Economy Key in Terrorism Fight
Clinton Says 'Root Causes' of Yemeni Problems Must Be Solved
Clinton Sees Consensus Forming on Iran Steps
Moscow 'Will Not Wait Forever' on Tehran
Iran to Skip Afghan Conference in London
Iran's Leader Predicts Israel's Destruction
Iran Green Movement Promising Big February Protests
Siemens to Stop Doing Business in Iran
Tehran to Unveil Missiles During Anniversary
Israeli FM: Everyone Must Accept Comparisons Between Iran, Nazi Germany
Gaza's Only Power Plant Poised to Shut Down
US and France Lend Voice to UN Outcry Over Settlements
Barak Tells Palestinians to 'Seize' Chance for Talks
Hamas: Rocket Fire at Israel Was Aimed at Soldiers, Not Civilians
Hamas Says It Could Restart Talks With Fatah
Would-Be Gaza Migrants Face Endless Hurdles
Attacker Hits Israeli Chief Justice With Sneaker
EU Policy on Israeli War Crimes Unlikely
UN: Situation in Gaza Unsustainable for Palestinians
The Israeli Army's New Head Rabbi – Same Background, but Less Divisive
New Honduran Leader Takes Office
Honduran Zelaya Flies Into Exile
Honduras Judge Clears Generals, Coup Amnesty Approved
Poll Shows Vast Majority of Germans Oppose Afghan Escalation
Afghan Military Strategy Doomed Without Big Changes, UN Chief Warns
Karzai: Afghan Forces Need Five Years
Afghan Tribe Signs Pact to Keep Taliban Out
Russia Offers to Help Afghans – With Western Money
NATO, Russia Boost Military Ties in Afghan War
In London Speech, Will Karzai Bite the Hand That Feeds Him?
Top NATO Official Confident of 'Light Over Horizon' in Afghanistan
NATO and Kazakhstan Reach Transit Pact for Afghanistan
Swedish Diplomat Named Top UN Envoy to Afghanistan
Locals: No Drones Seen in North Waziristan Since Crash
Bomb Kills Three Children in Wave of Pakistan Unrest
Pakistan PM: Only Parliament Can Revoke Zardari's Immunity
Zardari Sacrifices Goats Daily to 'Ward Off Evil'
15 Killed in Bajaur Clashes
Swat Voters Go to Polls Amid Fears
Pentagon: India Should Be Transparent With Pakistan on Afghan Involvement
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Opposition Fears Reprisals After Mahinda Rajapakse Victory
Challenger Rejects Sri Lanka Poll as Soldiers Surround His Hotel
North Korea Says It Will Continue Firing Artillery
Over 10,000 Pieces of Artillery Aimed at Seoul
North Korea Says It Detains American Man
A Thin Line Between Cambodia and Vietnam
Malaysia Arrests 10 for 'Terrorism'
Bangladesh Hangs 5 Who Killed Founder in 1975 Coup
As Hong Kong's Political System Stalls, So Does Its Democracy Movement
Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Talks Near Collapse
Somali Groups Fight Over Central Villages
South Africa: No Reply on Terror Query, Frees Tunisian
'War on Terror'
NY Federal Prosecutors Vow to Pursue Foreign Cases Aggressively
2 Convicted in Terror Plot Against US Navy
9/11 Panel Chiefs Fault Handling of Bomb Suspect
Pakistani-American Pleads Not Guilty in Mumbai Attack, Danish Plot
Officials: Zazi Uncle Indicted in NYC Terror Probe
Where to Hold 9/11 Trial? Not in NYC, Some Say

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