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Updated January 29, 2010 - 11:27 PM EST
Blair Cites 9/11 as Justification for Iraq War
Report: Taliban in Secret Meeting With UN
  US Troops Kill Kabul Imam in 'Unfortunate Incident'
  Karzai Eyes Another 15 Years of NATO Aid
  Taliban Reject London Conference
  Afghan Strategy Doomed: UN Envoy
Senate OKs Sanctions on Iran's Fuel Suppliers
  Clinton: Iran Leaves Penalties as Only Choice
  Iran Protests Could Complicate Push for Sanctions
Rare NATO Convoy Attack in 'Safe' Pakistan City
  Philippines Doubts Militant Was Killed in Pakistan
Yemen Opposition Slams Outcome of London Conference
  Yemen Rebels Test Saudi Might Along Craggy Border
Gitmo Panel: 50 Detainees Should Be Held Indefinitely
  Obama Orders Justice Dept to Look for Other Places to Hold 9/11 Trial
'Bin Laden' Tape Slams US on Climate Change, Wants Boycott
Baffle Them with Bull Feathers  by Jeff Huber
NATO's Role in the Afghanistan Escalation  by Tom Hayden
The CIA, Assassination, and the War on Terrorism  by Jacob G. Hornberger
A Just Cause, Not a Just War  by Howard Zinn
Obama's Secret Prisons
by Anand Gopal and Tom Engelhardt
Listing Towards Tyranny  by Becky Akers

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Ex-Marine Cleared of Iraq Murder Charges Announces He's Running for Congress
Georgia Offers Plan to Lure Back Rebel Regions
Vital Iraq War Documents Remain Secret
Tony Blair Faces Grilling on Iraq War Choices
'Lost Tribe' on Fast Track to Israel
Most Hijacked Ships Ignored Safety Precautions
Gates, Mullen to Testify on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
Early Troop Exit Derailed by Karzai's 15-Year NATO Timeframe
French Minister: No More Combat Troops to Afghanistan
Afghan Groups Criticize Taliban Fund
Karzai Sees Taliban Pact as Central to Ending War
Karzai Government Invites Taliban to Peace Meeting
Aussie Cash for Taliban Converts
Afghanistan Conference Agrees on Exit Timetable
Five-Year Plan to 'Buy Afghanistan Exit'
Afghanistan Denies Tensions After Iran Shuns London Conference
Pakistan Seeks Role as Mediator in Possible Taliban-Afghanistan Peace Talks
Four Militants Killed in South Waziristan Search Operation
Pakistan Premier: India and Pakistan Cannot Afford War, Must Talk
Gilani: Pakistan, India Must Not Be Held Hostage to 26/11
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka President to Dissolve Parliament, Call Election
Sri Lanka General Pledges to Stand Again
An Audience With Sri Lankan General
North Korea Fires Again Into Disputed Waters
North Korea Not About to Collapse, Says South's Lee
North Korea Arrests Second American Man
US Rebuffs North Korean Overture on US MIA Remains
Grim Tales From North Korea's Gulags
Terrorist Alert for Foreign Travelers in Borneo
US Diplomat Airs Internet Freedom With Chinese
Military Plane Crash Kills 9 in the Philippines
'War on Terror'
Survey of Executives Finds a Growing Fear of Cyberattacks
Terror Suspects 'Linked' to Detroit Bomber Arrested
Pakistani Scientist Takes Stand at NY Trial
NYC TSA Agent Reassigned Over Nap Photo
US: Key al-Qaeda Leader Killed in Iraq
Iraq Moves to Curb Arab TV
Gunmen Kill Mosque's Imam in Baghdad
Leading Iraqi Politician Welcomes Obama's Remarks on Iraq
Oil Giants Promise to Rebuild Industry in Iraq
Police: Sniper Kills 1 at Baghdad Checkpoint
Thursday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 21 Wounded
Iran's Opposition Seeking to End Stand-Off
Russia Official: No Obstacles Over Iran Arms Deal
Britain Condemns Iran's Failure to Attend Afghan Conference
Iran Hangs Two Protesters, Sentences Nine to Death
White House Condemns Iran Executions
Hamas Calls Israeli Civilian Deaths a Mistake
Obama: Israel's Right Hinders Peace
Obama: US Backs Israel, but Is Mindful of the Plight of the Palestinians
Netanyahu to US: I'll Free Fatah Prisoners to Boost Abbas
Police Vow to Squash East Jerusalem Protests Despite Court Order
Human Rights Group: Hamas Targeted Civilians
Researcher: Israel Destroyed Palestinian Books
Goldstone Report Keeps Israel on Tenterhooks
Deadline Nears for Second UN Report on Gaza War

Moroccan PM: No Ray of Hope for Palestinian Statehood

Turkey Warns Israel Over Gaza at UN Security Council
Somalia's Face of War Boy Dies After Operation
Somali Islamic Group's Jihad on Video Games
Kenyan Border Guards Capture More Than 30 Somali Teenagers
US and Europeans Press Nigeria Over Its President's Absence
ICC Prosecutor Expects Bashir Genocide Charge

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