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Updated January 30, 2010 - 11:25 PM EST
NATO Bombs Afghan Army Base, Killing 4 Troops
  Interpreter Kills Two US Soldiers in Afghanistan
  Taliban Undecided on Karzai Talks
  US Cool to Karzai Plan on Taliban
  Afghan Taliban Leader Ready to End al-Qaeda Ties, Says Former Trainer
  US Night Raids and Secret Prisons Anger Afghan Civilians
Pakistan: 25 Dead in Bombing, US Missile Strike
  Mounting Pakistani Criticism of US Drone Strikes
  Audit: US Aid Effort in Pakistan Accomplishing Little
  Official: 44 Militants Killed in Pakistan
Obama Losing Control of Iran Policy
  Clinton Threatens China With Isolation Over Iran Sanctions
  WH Aide: Iran May Lash Out at Israel Over Pressure on Nuclear Program
Blair Cites 9/11 as Justification for Iraq War
  Blackwater's Youngest Victim
Obama's Dwindling Options on Closing Gitmo
  Trial of Sept. 11 Suspects Won't Be Held in Lower Manhattan
Hamas Blames Israel for Dubai Killing, Vows Retaliation
  Israel's History of State-Sponsored Assassination
  Israeli Troops Arrest Potential Palestinian Protesters in Nighttime Raids
China Suspends Military Exchanges With US for Taiwan Deal
Aid Groups Frustrated by US Military's Role in Haiti Effort
'Bin Laden' Tape Slams US on Climate Change, Wants Boycott
Sanctions Only Hurt Ordinary Iranians  by Muhammad Sahimi
The Value of Government Surveillance of Citizens  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Pelosi Stopped One CIA Operation – Why Not Waterboarding?  by Marc A. Thiessen
Mr. Antiwar Republican  by Justin Raimondo
Blair's Blind Faith in Intelligence  by Hans Blix
Of Course Palestine Matters to Jihadists  by Marc Lynch

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'Hamas Accepts Existence of Israel Within 1967 Borders'
Foreign News Channels Drawing US Viewers
Pelosi Would Back Spending Freeze if It Also Applies to Defense
Authorities Seek Deal With Detroit Suspect on Cooperation, Guilty Plea
Long-Awaited Action on 'Don't Ask' Begins
Six Dead in Shooting on Azerbaijani Military Base
Clinton Says No Talking to 'Really Bad Guys' in Taliban
Afghan's New Interior Minister: Yes, I'll Make Peace With Taliban
US Officers Could Be Punished Over Afghan Battle
Saakashvili Offers US a Supply Route
NATO: 3 Americans Killed in Eastern Afghanistan
Taliban Squad Seizes Hotel in Helmand
Taliban Bombers Attack Afghan Provincial Capital
Al-Qaeda's Shadow Over Taliban Talks
Rocket Attacks Fact of Afghan Life
Abdullah: World Must Not Return to Business as Usual
War-Weary NATO Members Look for Morale Boost
Bulgaria to Increase Troops in Afghanistan
US Drone Attack Kills at Least Five in North Waziristan
Envoy: Pakistan Should Be Equipped With Drone Technology to Take Out Militants
Three Killed in Quetta Sectarian Attack
Pakistan: London Conference 'Not a Big Success'
President Enjoys No Immunity, Pakistan's High Court Decided in 2007
North Korea Fires More Artillery Towards South
South Korea Leader Says He's Ready to Meet North Korea's Kim
US: North Korea Confirms Second American in Custody
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Criticizes Release Date Remarks
Myanmar Man Gets 13 Years Jail for Media Contacts
Rebel Attack Kills 2 Indian Soldiers in Kashmir
Sri Lankan Police Raid Defeated Candidate's Office
New China-Tibet Talks Show Slight Policy Shift
Vietnam Sentences Democracy Activist to 4 Years
Clinton Says It Is Up to Russia to Cooperate
Russia Offers to Help NATO, but Not for Free
Russia Unveils Its First Stealth Fighter Jet: The Sukhoi T-50
Honduras' New Govt Finds Nation 'Bankrupt'
Venezuela Denies Violation of Colombia's Airspace
Argentina Reveals Secrets of 'Dirty War'
UN Officials Say Not Enough Troops in Haiti to Allow Food Distribution
British Iraq Inquiry
To Gasps From the Gallery, Blair Said We Should Be Proud of the War
Defiant Tony Blair Heckled as He Says 'No Regrets'
Iraq Inquiry: British Reaction to Blair Evidence
Iraqi Official: 2 Americans Detained in Northern Iraq
Iraqi Commander Denies Iranian Forces Presence in Khour Al-Amiya Port
'Bomb Detector' That UK Banned Still in Use in Iraq
From Reeds to the River, a Village From Iraq's Past
Friday: 1 US Soldier, 2 Iraqis Killed; 6 Iraqis Wounded
Iranian Cleric: More Opposition Should Be Executed
US Says Uranium Swap Deal 'Still on the Table' for Iran
Iran Holds Talks With France Over Uranium-Exchange Deal
UN Nuclear Chief Hopes for Iran Agreement
Former Fatah Anti-Corrupton Officer: 'Corruption Will Let Hamas Take West Bank'
Palestinian Authority Gives Gaza Report to UN Chief
Israel Ignores Demand to Probe Gaza War
Israel Slams Goldstone Report
Bereaved Mothers Blame New Israeli Military's Chief Rabbi for Sons' Deaths
US Pledges to Push 'Hard' on Mideast
Middle East
Syria Jails Two for 'Fomenting Unrest in Iraq'
Turkey Offers to Resume Israel-Syria Mediation
Islamic Insurgents Attack Troops in Somali Capital, 19 Dead
AU Hails Uganda Over Somalia Role
Nigerian Rebels End Truce, Threaten Oil Attacks
Shell Wants to Sell Some Nigeria Leases
'War on Terror'
New Teams Created to Connect Dots of Terror Plots
Upstate NY Mayor Bids to Hold 9/11 Terror Trial
Law Official: Passenger on Flight Not Terrorist
Siddiqui Denies Firing Weapon at US Troops in Afghanistan
Hillary Clinton Urges NATO to Tackle Cyber Terrorism
Canada's Top Court Won't Force Detainee's Return
European Parliament to Reject Bank Data Agreement With US

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