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Updated February 1, 2010 - 11:29 PM EST
Female Bomber Hits Iraq Pilgrims, Kills 54
War Spending Surges in Obama's 2011 Budget
  Afghan, Iraq Wars Shape Pentagon Budget, US Strategy
  Brown Seeks Billions in New Military Spending
NATO Chief: Afghan Civilian Toll Will Rise in 2010
  Overnight NATO Raid Leaves Afghan Infant Slain
  A Look at America's New Hope: The Afghan Tribes
US Speeds Arms Buildup in Persian Gulf
  Israel Acting 'Responsible' on Iran, Obama Adviser Says
Pakistani Taliban: Hakimullah Still Not Dead
  US Drones Killed 123 Civilians, Three al-Qaeda Men in January
  Pakistan FM: Terror War Has Wrecked Internal Stability
Yemen Rejects Rebels' Cease-Fire Offer
  US Citizen in CIA's Cross Hairs
Dubai Police Chief: Mossad May Have Killed Hamas Chief
  Israel: Slain Hamas Leader Smuggled Iranian Arms
China Fumes After US Arms Sales to Taiwan
White House Won't Guarantee Civilian Trial for KSM
Tony Blair and His Oh-So-Clean Conscience  by Robert Fisk
Blair's Monstrous Consistency  by Daniel Larison
Chilcot: Trial Without Tribulation  by Bob Marshall-Andrews
Surveillance Can't Make Us Secure  by Julian Sanchez
Seven Days in January  by Tom Engelhardt
End of the Rogue  by Nader Mousavizadeh

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Mullen: US Willing to Back Mexican Drug War
Navy Supervisor Doctored Whistle-Blower's Records
MI5: Terrorists 'Surgically Implanting Bombs'
Obama to Propose $3.8 Trillion 2011 Budget
US Examines Whether Blackwater Tried Bribery
Cleric in Yemen Admits Meeting Airliner Plot Suspect, Journalist Says
Russian Police Break Up Protests, Scores Detained
British Iraq Inquiry
UK Government Ordered to Reveal Iraq Legal Advice
Iraq Inquiry to Recall Tony Blair Over Possible Conflicting Evidence
UK Plan to Oust Saddam Drawn Up Two Years Before the Invasion
Gordon Brown Marginalized in Iraq War Run-Up, Says Clare Short
Call for Blair to Face Trial in Scotland
Excluding Candidates 'Could Move Iraq Backward'
Incremental Steps in Iraq to Let Kurdistan Oil Flow
Iraq Seals Deal With Russia's Lukoil-Led Group
Sunday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 17 Wounded
Netanyahu Aide Blames Palestinians for Stalled Peace Talks
Abbas: Israel Setting Tone for One-State Solution
Israeli Justice Ministry: Police Acted Legally in Attack on Comatose US Protester
Israel and Pacific Republics, United by an Island Mentality
Israeli General Defends Gaza War, Warns About Iran
Berlusconi Warning Over Israeli Settlements
Middle East
Turkey PM: Israel Should Mull Future Without Us as Ally
Egypt Arrests 26 Suspected of Plotting Terrorism
Israel Arrests Lebanese Civilian in Shebaa
Iran Plans to Build Seven Refineries
'War on Terror'
Axelrod: No Decision Yet on Terror Trial Site
Air Security 'Blacklist' Angers US Allies
Outrage as Massachusetts Town Invites Gitmo Detainee
Britain Warned Businesses of Threat of Chinese Spying
US Ties Israeli Billionaire With Chinese Intelligence
US Military
Varied Forces Pushing Obama to Act on Gays in the Military
Tough Old Soldier Battles New Enemy: Suicide Epidemic
Marines May Carry Portable Brain Scanners
New US Air Strategy in Afghanistan: First, Do No Harm
Karzai Urges Taliban Talks Before US Pullout
Afghan Leader Appeals to Taliban to Lay Down Guns
Minister: New Zealand Will Not Pay for Taliban to Give Up Arms
US Makes Small Strides in Getting Afghan Army Fighting Fit, but Hurdles Remain
US Marines Facing a 'Different War' in Afghanistan
AWOL Afghan Soldiers Arrested in Denmark
Canadian Envoy Warns Wooing Taliban Could Exclude Others
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka: Rajapakse's Minority Report
Wife Pleads for Missing Sri Lanka Journalist
China: Taiwan Arms Sales Harm National Interest
Pakistan: Mule Steps on Land Mine, Kills 2 Troops
UN Political Chief to Visit North Korea Next Month
Clashes Claim More Lives in Mogadishu
British Hostages: We're Being Badly Treated by Somali Pirates
US, Britain, France Warn Nigeria
Unmet Vows Tied to Ebb of a Truce in Nigeria
After Losing a Post, Qaddafi Rebukes the African Union
African Union Relief at Kadhafi Exit
Straw Refuses to Release Notes on Talks With BP Executive Over Libya
US Military Stops Haiti Airlift Amid Disputes With States
White House Claims Will Soon Resume Military Airlift of Injured Haitians
Crist Disputes Claims That Military Halted Flights for Haitian Earthquake Victims
Honduras Reinstates Top Immigration Official
UN's Ban Arrives in Cyprus to Push Elusive Deal

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