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Updated February 16, 2010 - 11:25 PM EST
AP Continues to Beat War Drums Over Iran
  US, France Deny Making Isotope Offer to Iran
  Clinton: Sanctions to Save Iran's 'Islamic Republic' From Military
  US Steps Up Sanctions Diplomacy Against Iran

Mullen Warns of 'Unintended Consequences' of Iran Strike

After Civilian Deaths, US Curbs Airstrikes in Marjah

US-Led Invasion 'Bogged Down' in Marjah


Roadside Bombs Taking Bigger Toll in Afghanistan

  NATO Confirms Kandahar Air Strike Killed Five Civilians

Key Taliban Figure 'Captured' Along Pak Border


Pakistan Declares 'Victory' in Waziristan

The Ironies of Intervention: A Lebanese Doughboy in World War I  by Louis Farshee and John Taylor
Dollars for Death, Pennies for Life  by Norman Solomon
Nuclear Power a Matter of Pride, Independence for Iran  by Eric Margolis
Bin Laden: Dead and Loving It  by Jeff Huber
A Retractionist-Retentionist Discourse  by Daniel Levy
The People's Brakes on War
by Caryl Churchill and Amir Amirani

More Viewpoints

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Clinton Hails Yemen Ceasefire, but Aid Concerns Remain

Congressman Says US Should Break Gaza Blockade

'Livni May Cause Own Arrest to Shame UK Into Changing Law'

Israel as Model: UK Army Seeks to Propagandize With Twitter

Lindsey Graham: White House Mulling Indefinite Detention

US Senator Open to Options on Japan Base Dispute


Two Civilians Wounded by Sticky Bomb in Baghdad

Iraqi Lawmaker: Sunni Boycott Won't Solve Standoff

Former British Commander Denies Iraq Abuse Allegations


US Media Omission: Iran Calls for Global Nuclear Disarmament

Iran 'Negotiates Without Limiting Enrichment'

Obama Advisor: Iran Sanctions Could Force 'Regime Change'

Saudi Official Questions New Sanctions on Iran

Hans Blix: 'Iran Won't Simply Sit There and Accept an Attack'

Medvedev to Netanyahu: Russia Holding Off on Iran Missile Sale

Britain, France: Probe Iran Election Violence

Mothers of Detained American Hikers Ask to Meet Ahmadinejad in Iran
The War at Home

After 9/11 Trial Plan, Holder Hones Political Ear

'War on Terror'

Biden and Cheney Spar Over Anti-Terrorism Policies

US Reviews Terrorism Suspects' Miranda Rights

TSA Forced 4-Year-Old to Take Off Leg Braces

Australian Court Sentences 5 Men in Terrorist Plot

Spain to Take 5 From Guantánamo


Landmine Blast Kills Seven in Northern Yemeni Province of Saada

Yemeni Rebels Release Saudi Soldier

In Other News

China to Tempt North Korea to Talks

Somali Defense Official Survives Car Bomb Attack


US Marines Face Fierce Resistance in Afghan Assault

Taliban Fighters Said to Flee Under Coalition Pressure

Joya Condemns 'Ridiculous' Military Strategy

Afghan Suicide Bombings Less Effective as a Tactic

US Curtails Use of Airstrikes in Assault on Marjah


Has Pakistan PM Thrown Down the Gauntlet?

Pakistan Still Holding Sufi Muhammad for 'Sedition'

Zardari Rules Out Mid-Term Elections


Maoist Rebels Kill 20 Security Men in India

Kashmir 'al-Qaeda Chief' Delivers a Warning


Israeli Reporter Insists Israeli Officer 'Confirmed Kill' of Gaza Girl

US Denies Dropping Demand for Israel Settlement Freeze

Lieberman: Palestinian Authority Behind Campaign to Smear Israel

Israeli Companies Accused of Violating West Bank Construction Freeze

Russian FM: Settlement Moratorium Insufficient

Medvedev: We Have Special Relations With Israel

Dubai Seeks to Arrest 11 for Hamas Assassination, Still Won't Rule Out Mossad

Report: Mossad Assassination Squad Used British Passports


Muslim Firebrands Challenge Hamas Rule in Gaza

Hamas: UK Journalist Ordered Held for 15 Days

Britain Identifies Journalist Detainee in Gaza


Clash in Palestinian Camp in Lebanon Kills 2

Lebanon Urges France: Help Prevent Israel From Attacking Us


Justin Raimondo
An Antiwar Credo

Ivan Eland
American Arrogance Overseas Should End

Philip Giraldi
Civis Romanus Sum

Kelley B. Vlahos
The Kid, the Pimp, and the Spineless Media

Nebojsa Malic
Spies, Lies, and Fear

Charles V. Peņa
Budget Freeze as Political Theater

David R. Henderson
Hail Christopher Preble

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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