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Updated February 19, 2010 - 11:25 PM EST
Officials: Taliban 'Far From Defeated' in Marjah
  NATO Strike Kills 7 Afghan Police in Kunduz
  25 Afghan Police May Have Joined Taliban
  Four NATO Troops Killed in Marjah as Taliban Holds Ground
Jailed Taliban Leader Still a Pakistani Asset
  US Strike Kills Afghan Warlord's Brother in Pakistan
  Afghans: Taliban 'Shadow Governors' Captured in Pakistan
  Bombs Kill 44, Wound 100 in Pakistan
  US Drone Strike Kills Four Militants in Pakistan
IAEA Letter Fuels CNN Alarmism Over Iran
  IAEA Chief Uses ‘Technical Violation’ to Raise Fears Over Iran
  Task Force Warns Anew on Terrorist Funding From Iran
US Envoy Accuses Iran of Role in Iraq Poll Ban
  13 Killed in Attack on Ramadi Government Building
  Ahmed Chalabi's Victory
Dubai Police Aim for Arrest of Mossad Chief
  Israelis Convinced: Mossad Behind Dubai Hit
  A Look at the Mossad's Assassination Squads
IAEA: Possibility of Nuclear-Related Activities in Syria
Niger Soldiers Go on State TV to Confirm Coup
American Blitzkrieg: Loving the German War Machine to Death  by William J. Astore and Tom Engelhardt
Obama Muddling Through in the Mideast  by Leon T. Hadar
Obama Violates Bill of Rights, With Bipartisan Support  by Thomas R. Eddlem
Failure to Relaunch  by Daniel Levy
On Marja, More Bananastan Bull Feathers  by Jeff Huber
The War Criminal Next Door  by Daniel Schulman

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Court Won't Rule on Deaths at Guantánamo
US Starts Syria Normalization Process in Earnest
Russia Finds NATO Global Reach Plan 'Disturbing'
Obama to Seek Ratification of Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
Biden: US Must Spend to Shrink Nuke Stockpile
Obama Meeting With Dalai Lama Complicates China Ties
New Name for Iraq War: Operation New Dawn
Activist's Case Will Test US Anti-Terrorism Law
Homeland Security Reports Losing Guns
Explosion Rocks US Outpost During Afghan Offensive
NATO May Need 30 Days to Secure Taliban Stronghold
Marines Still Looking Over Shoulder for Taliban
Officers Blamed in Afghan Ambush That Killed 5 US Troops
NATO Holds Key Marjah Roads, but Hard Battle Ahead
British Commander Says Afghan Offensive Could Take Weeks
NATO Says Taliban Ammunition Running Low
Dutch Government at Odds Over Afghanistan
NATO Commander Says Recruitment of Afghans Gaining
US Reviewing Afghanistan Detainee Policy
Pakistan Says Fears India Could Divert Nuclear Fuel
Pakistan Arrests More Afghan Taliban. Why the About-Face?
Several Militants Killed as Forces Hit Targets in Bajaur
Holbrooke Hails Pakistan-US Collaboration on Taliban
Dalai Lama 'Very Happy' With Obama Meeting
Fireworks in Homeland Ahead of Dalai Lama's Obama Meeting
Two Chinese Schools Said to Be Tied to Online Attacks
China Activist Lawyer's Wife Seeks His Whereabouts
North Korea Warns of Live-Fire Drills Near South
South Korea, US to Scale Down Military Drill
Suspected Rebels Kill 12 Villagers in India
Thai Army Defends Controversial Bomb Scanners as Blast Wounds 13
US Open to Options in Japan Base Row: Diplomat
Malaysian Terror Suspects to Be Deported
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russia Asks Bulgaria to Explain US Missile Shield Plans
Russia Seeks to Suppress UN Secret Prisons Report
Russia to Seize Kovytka Gas Field From BP Venture
Georgia Denounces French Sale of Tanks and Warships to Russia
Russian President Launches Massive Police Reform
Somali Islamist Militias Clash Over Southern Town
2 Arrested for Ambush on UN-AU Darfur Peacekeepers
UN Wants to Keep Chad Peacekeepers, Govt Says No
Rwandan Adventist Pastor Gets Life for Genocide
'War on Terror'

Americas Nations Agree to Boost Airport Security

New Internet Legislation Embarrasses German Government
Ex-Gitmo Detainees Plan to Sue US for Damages
Flight Diverts to Salt Lake After Threatening Note
Suspicious Envelope Closes UN Cafeteria
Iran Vows to Stand by Hezbollah Against Israel
Iran Rejection of Rights Calls Contemptuous: Amnesty
Iran Asks IMF Help With Law Against Terror Funding
Norway Grants Iranian Ex-Diplomat Asylum
US Troop Withdrawal on Track in Iraq: Envoy
Three Shot in Iraqi Kurdistan Pre-Election Clash
Ramadi Explosion Caused by Explosive Belt
Car Bomb Wounds 22 in Iraq's Mosul
Thursday: 14 Iraqis Killed, 58 Wounded
Hamas Man Killed in Dubai
Interpol Puts Dubai Killing Suspects on Wanted List
In Dubai Attack, Signs of Mossad Shadow War
Not One of the Nations Spoken to Has Notified Interpol of the Passports Used in Their Name
Israelis Ponder Mossad Ethics, Role in Dubai Hamas Assassination
Europeans Press Israel Over Hamas Killing Row
Palestinian Role Dubai Assassination? Hamas Blames Mossad
Israel Believes Dubai Passport Row Won't Cause Major Crisis
Israeli Ambassador Meets UK Diplomats Over Feud
Livni: This Is Not the Time to Boycott Israel's Allies
Palestinian Leader Meets US Envoy on Peace Effort
No Peace Without Solution for Palestinian Refugees: UN
Arabs Would Back Lebanon if Attacked by Israel: Mussa
Hezbollah Tries to Break Out of Militant Mold
Lebanon Man Faces Death for Israel-Linked Killing
Lebanese Sentenced to Death for Spying for Israel
Middle East
Egypt Set to Ban Gatherings for ElBaradei Return
Yemen's Houthi Rebels Hand Over Two Saudi Soldiers
Britain Raising 'Specter of War' Over Falklands: Argentina
Argentina to Renew Case for Falklands Autonomy
Falkland Islands: Oil Boom or No Oil Boom?
Marshall Islands
US in Diplomatic Row Over Can of Cola
US-Cuba Immigration Talks Under Cloud of Mistrust
On the Eve of Meetings in Havana, Wife of Imprisoned American Reaches Out
US Military
Army: Up to 12 Active-Duty Suicides in January
Fed Probe Urged on Cancer Chemical in Marine Base Water
National Guard Soldiers Getting Paid Time Off

Justin Raimondo
Israel Goes Rogue

Kelley B. Vlahos
Confused about Tribunals? Ask a Military Lawyer

Philip Giraldi
Some Straight Thinking About Iran

Charles V. Peņa
Yet Another Energy and National Security Myth

Ivan Eland
American Arrogance Overseas Should End

Nebojsa Malic
Spies, Lies, and Fear

David R. Henderson
Hail Christopher Preble

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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