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Updated February 21, 2010 - 11:21 PM EST
Karzai: NATO Still Killing Too Many Civilians
  Fall of Dutch Government Bodes Ill for Afghanistan War
  Taliban Put Up Tough Fight in Marjah
  Thousands of British Troops Wounded in Afghanistan
  Probes Overlook McChrystal's Role in Costly Afghan Battles
Main Sunni Party Drops Out of Iraq's Elections
  Key Sunni Group Boycott Deals Setback to Iraq Vote
  Iranian Troops Possibly Crossed Borders in Eastern Iraq
Suicide Teams Attack Pakistani Police Stations
  Pakistan Army Airstrike Kills 30 Militants in NW
Diplomatic Screws Turned – Israel Won't Crack
  Mossad: The Keystone Spooks
  'Fake Identity' Brits Warned That Their Lives Are in Danger
Darfur Rebels Sign Truce Deal With Sudan
US Warns of al-Qaeda Threat in Central Asia
Allied Bid to Remove US European Nuclear Stockpile
US State Department Lifts Travel Warning for Syria
The Mount Vernon Statement  by Thomas R. Eddlem
Best and Brightest: From Vietnam to Palestine, George Ball Got It Right  by Jordan Michael Smith
Cheney's Response Demands a Special Prosecutor  by Jacob G. Hornberger
More Than Peanut Butter  by Andrew Bacevich
The Chalabi Factor in Iraq  by Robert Dreyfuss
Our Afghan 'Government in a Box'  by Terry Michael

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Deep Secrets: Former Cold War Agent Gagged by CIA
Top US Commander Sees Progress in 2 Wars
Book: Cheney Pushed for Military Conflict With Russia
A (Soviet) Soldier's Guide to Afghanistan
Slain Medic's Parents Blast Army Missteps in Deadly Ambush
US Soldier's Thoughts: Wife, Home, Buddies, Death
Fighting Rages as Karzai Urges Restraint From NATO
Marines Do Heavy Lifting as Afghan Army Lags in Battle
Mystery Holes and Angry Ants: Another Afghan Day
Toll Grows as Afghan Offensive Enters Second Week
Afghan President Renews Peace Calls to Taliban
Three Civilians Killed in Southern Afghanistan
Will Crackdown on Taliban Help Reintegration?
As Marja Assault Progresses, Coalition Considers Challenges in Rebuilding Area
Robots and Bees to Beat the Taliban
CIA Is Said to Seek Custody of a Seized Taliban Chief Captured in Pakistan
Pakistan Enhances Military Posts Along Afghan Border
Pakistani Police Chief Dies in Attack on Stations
PM Hopes Atomic Commission Will Maintain Defense Needs of Pakistan
Reports of Indians Training Baloch Dissidents
Karachi a Refuge for the Insurgent on the Run
Pakistan Customs Seizes Afghan Transit Trade Containers Full of Explosives
Indian Students Battle Police
Street Riots Greet Kashmir Peace Talks
India Govt Ready to Offer Sikhs a Return Policy
China Lodges Protest Over Dalai Lama's Meeting With President Obama
Report: Diverse Group of Chinese Hackers Wrote Code in Attacks on Google, US Companies
China School Denies Involvement in Google Cyber Attacks After US Media Report
Rebels Issue 'Permits' to Philippine Candidates: Military
Filipinos Rely on Armies of Their Own for Influence
South Korea on Alert for Possible North Korea Firepower Display
Okinawa Officials Against Idea of US Base Relocation Within Island
Thousands Rally in Support of Niger Coup
Niger Opposition Urges Junta to Hold Elections
US Rep Caught in Niger Coup
Ivory Coast
5 Killed in Ivory Coast Anti-Government Protests
Ivorian Opposition Denounces Gbagbo, Calls for More Protests
Police: Grenade Attacks in Rwanda's Capital Kill 1, Wound 30
Two Held After Rwanda Grenade Attacks
Nigeria's New President Yet to Convince Masses
Argentina Presses New Diplomatic Offensive on Falklands
Buenos Aires Rallies Support in UK Oil Feud
Cuba Blasts US Leaders for Meeting With Dissidents
US Officials Ask Cuba to Release Jailed American
Wife of US Contractor Jailed in Cuba Pleads for His Release
Americans Still Dying
Marine (NC) Was Planning to Marry Childhood Sweetheart
Daughter of Slain Montana Soldier: Daddy's 'At Heaven'
Louisville (KY) Honors Soldier Killed by Afghan IED
Michigan Marine With Ties to California Killed in Afghanistan
Navy Seabee From Fort Worth (TX) Dies in Kuwait
New Hampshire Marine Killed by Afghan Sniper
Soldier From East Austin (TX) Killed by Suicide Bomber in Afghanistan
Lake Hamilton (FL) Soldier Killed on Third Combat Deployment
Fair Oaks (CA) Soldier Dies From Non-Combat Injuries
Paulding County (GA) Marine Killed in Afghanistan
'War on Terror'
Plane Attack Prompts Debate Over Terrorism Label
UK Human Rights Watchdog Demands Torture Probe
Libya Paid Out on Lockerbie 'To Settle Row': Kadhafi
Army Finds No Evidence of Poisoning Plot at Fort Jackson
French PM: World to Take Action if Iran Refuses Nuclear Talks
Israel: IAEA Report Confirms 'Military Intentions' of Iran
Iran's Rafsanjani Says IAEA Report Biased
Ecuador Says Iran Ties Landed It on Laundering List
Iran: VOA, BBC Arms of US, British Spy Agencies
Iran Renews Warning Against Cooperating With Foreign Media
Iraqi Storekeepers in Mosul Protest Army Transgressions
Iraq Vows Tough Punishment for Campaign Vandals
No More Iraqi Oilfields for Foreign Companies, Says Prime Minister
Iraqi Former PM Allawi Meets Saudi King Ahead of Polls
Fifth Christian Killed in a Week in North Iraq
Al-Qaeda Member Recruits Women Suicide Bombers
Saturday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 2 Wounded
Hamas Man Killed in Dubai
Israel Denies Diplomatic 'Crisis' With Europe Over Dubai Killing
Hamas: Assassinated Operative Put Himself at Risk
The Truth About the Mossad
Report: German Passport Tied to Dubai Hit Wasn't Forged
Israeli Immigration Officials Copied British Passports Used by Hit Squad, Ministers Told
Meir Dagan: the Mastermind Behind Mossad's Secret War
Fresh-Faced, I Fell Into the Honey Trap Laid by Israel's Mata Hari
How Spy Technologies Foil Old-School Political Killings
French FM: Dubai Killing Proves Need for a Palestinian State
Schalit's Father: US Opposition Holding Up Deal
Six Palestinians Wounded in Israeli Shelling on Southern Gaza
Israel: Qassam Leader Survives Assassination Attempt
Tel Aviv Rally: Settlement Freeze Not Enforced
Blair: Israel-Palestinian Peace Talks to Resume
Syria Dismisses IAEA Call for More Access to Nuclear Sites
Syria Warns Israel New Mideast War Would Be Catastrophic
Syrian Economic Progress Linked to Peace Efforts: French PM

Beirut Outraged as Israelis Cut Tree on Lebanese Soil

Arab League Chief Warns Israeli War on Lebanon Still Possible
Hezbollah Member Admits to Killing Lebanon Army Officer in 2008
Hariri Calls for Religious Co-Existence and Israeli Participation in Peace Talks
Arrest of Prosecutor in Turkey Exposes Tensions Between Secular and Religious Turks
Prosecutors in Turkey Asking 525 Years for Kurdish Journalist Charged With Terrorist Propaganda
Middle East
Ex-UN Official ElBaradei Eyes Run for Egypt's Top Job
Defense Report: 16 Separatists Arrested in South Yemen
Iraqi, Iranian Musicians Collaborate at Olympics
Ukraine's PM Tymoshenko Withdraws Vote Challenge
Basque Separatists Call on ETA to End Terror Campaign
Russia's Dagestan Head to Pardon Repentant Rebels
Australia: Cost of Veterans Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act Up 280 Percent
Weekend Reviews
Avatar and Just War Theory
The Chicken or the Bomb
Mass Casualties: The Dark Underbelly of Occupation, an Army Medic's Account

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Israel Goes Rogue

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The State That's Still A Lie

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Confused about Tribunals? Ask a Military Lawyer

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Some Straight Thinking About Iran

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Yet Another Energy and National Security Myth

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American Arrogance Overseas Should End

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Hail Christopher Preble

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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