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Updated February 27, 2010 - 11:29 PM EST
US Eyes Massive Offensive in Kandahar
  Kabul Attack Shows Taliban Still Robust
  Taliban Sense Weakness in NATO
  At Least 18 Killed in Kabul Suicide Attack
  Pakistan Court Blocks Extradition of Taliban Leaders
Israel: No Need to Work With US on Attacking Iran
  Officials Speculate Iran Really Wants to Be Attacked
  Jundallah Leader Claims US Offered Help to Fight Iran
Decades Later: UN Still Pressing Iraq on WMDs
  Sectarian Tensions Rise Before Iraq Elections
House Overwhelmingly Renews PATRIOT Act
  House Democrats Strip Torture Ban, Pass Intel Bill
Clinton Insists She Pressed Israel on Gaza
  Israel Approves 600 New Jerusalem Settlement Homes
Suicide Bomber Targets Pakistan Police Station
Russia Fumes at US Missile Defense Plan
MI5 Can't Be Trusted to Tell Truth, Senior Judge Suggests
Why Real Conservatives Oppose the War on Terror  by Philip Giraldi
Speak No Evil: Should Terrorists Have Freedom of Speech?  by Kelley Vlahos
The Rationale for Keeping US Forces in Iraq  by Jeremy R. Hammond
American Values and American Justice  by Stephen M. Walt
Iran Captures a 'Good' Terrorist  by Ray McGovern
Shut Up, Tom Ricks!  by Robert Dreyfuss

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Five NATO Members Call for Review of Nuclear Policy
Internal Report Raps State Dept Media Shop
Court: UK Spies Have Dubious Record
Home Secretary Attacks Judges Over MI5 Criticism
Holder, Gates: Allow Terror Trials in the Courts
Chalabi's Renewed Influence in Iraq Concerns US
Sami Al-Arian Roils Calif. Senate Race
US Military Spied on Planned Parenthood, Civilian Phone Calls
Report: German Defense Contractor Accused of Afghan Drug-Running
US House Approves Sharing Spy Files on Argentina
Israeli Official Doubts Iran Would Strike
Iran's Rebel Sunni Group Has New Leader: Monitoring Agency
Lobbying China on Iran, Israelis Admit Limited Sway
Russia Says No Proof Iran Working on Nuclear Weapons
Israel Calls for Significant Sanctions Against Iran
US Puts Brazil Under Spotlight Amid Push for Iran Sanctions
Japanese Media Get Special Tour of Iran Uranium Conversion Plant
Shi'ite Cleric Accuses Iraq Ministers of Corruption
Iraq Election: Will Sectarian Divisions Limit Turnout?
Iraqi Sunnis Pin Their Hopes on Elections
Mosque Imam Killed in Baghdad
Two Killed, 10 Wounded in Blast in Mosul
Trial and Trivia on Iraq's Streets
Friday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 48 Wounded
Arab Source: Mitchell Wanted to Quit Over US Bias for Israel
UN Gives Gaza Investigations 5 Extra Months
Dubai Police: We Have '100 Percent' DNA Proof of One Assassin
Once Seemingly Impregnable, Hamas Shows Signs of Vulnerability
Fayyad: Palestinians Won't Be Provoked Into Violence
Fatah Official: Israel Confiscated VIP IDs
Israel's Listing of West Bank Sites Not Helpful for Peace, EU Says
A Year After Israeli Assault, Uneasy Peace Settles Over Gaza
Foreign Press Slams New Israeli PR Campaign
Palestinian Premier Prays at Controversial West Bank Mosque
Turkish PM Warns Army as Coup Probe Widens
Turkish Leader Defends Inquiry Into Possible Plot
Turkish PM: All Linked to Coup Plot Will Be Tried
High-Ranking Military Arrests Stir Fresh Turkey Concern
11 Held in Italy Over Alleged PKK Training Camps
Middle East
Syria's Ties to Iran Self-Isolating, US Says
Report: Russia to Provide Lebanon With Choppers
'War on Terror'
Legless Man Plants New York Train Bomb
Experts: Plenty of Proof to Convict Alleged 9/11 Mastermind
Sen. Leahy Calls for Probe Into Missing John Yoo Emails
Canadian Found Guilty of Planning Homegrown Terror Plot
Marc Thiessen Gets an Earful for Waterboarding Views
Afghanistan Warlords' Unwelcome Return
Gen. McChrystal: Taliban Hears Our Footsteps
German Parliament Endorses Afghan Escalation
15 Pakistanis Detained at Bagram Airbase
Afghan Army Improving, Not Ready to Go It Alone
General Sir David Richards: Forces Reach 'Turning Point' in Afghanistan
Italian Diplomat's Death in Kabul Attack Renews Afghan Debate
Report: Pakistan Drone Strikes of Limited Value
US Sees Pakistan 'Strategic Shift' in War on Taliban
Official: NATO and Pakistan Sharing Tactical Plans
16 Schools Blown Up in FATA in February
17 Militants Killed in Fr Kohat Operation
North Korea
Clinton Encouraged on North Korean Nuke Talks
South Africa Reports North Korea Sanctions Violation
Abu Sayyaf Militants Raid Philippine Village, Killing 11
Thai Court Seizes $1.4 Billion of Thaksin's Assets
Myanmar Denies Dissident's Appeal
Romania in Talks to Host 20 US Missiles
EU President Accused of Power Grab
Genocide Case Opens Against Bosnian Serb General
Greece Won't Seek German Reparations During Crisis
Libya's Gadhafi Declares Holy War Against Switzerland
US, Britain Back Nigeria's Acting Leader
Ivory Coast Opposition Won't Join New Government
The Falklands Are Expecting a New Invasion, but Not From Argentina
Colombian Judges Deny Alvaro Uribe Third Term Poll
Dissident's Death Ignites Protest Actions in Cuba
Mullen Says US Military to Stay in Haiti as Needed
US Military
Army Chief Says Soldiers Home More Between Deployments
Pentagon Issues New Policy on Social Networking
VA to Reconsider Benefits for Ill Gulf War Vets
Army Tries to Halt Retired General's Work as KBR Expert
The Other Victims of Battlefield Stress; Defense Contractors' Mental Health Neglected

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