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Updated February 28, 2010 - 11:22 PM EST
Obama Signs Renewal of PATRIOT Act
US Ending Afghan Assault as Bigger One on Way
  Blast Kills 11 Civilians in Southern Afghanistan
  Attack in Kabul Points to Shifting Taliban Tactics
  NATO Draws Up Payout Tariffs for Afghan Civilian Deaths
  UK Troops to Remain in Afghanistan 'For Five Years'
  US Soldiers Kill Iraqi Tribal Chief's Son
  Ex-US Ally Chalabi, Now Closer to Iran, on the Rise in Iraq
Israel Pressing US Not to Send Envoy to Syria
  Europe Wary Following Trail of Dubai Killers
  Netanyahu Won't Meet Obama During Upcoming US Visit
US to Spend $50 Million on Media in Pakistan
CNN Poll: Majority Says US Govt a Threat to Citizens' Rights
Why Real Conservatives Oppose the War on Terror  by Philip Giraldi
Speak No Evil: Should Terrorists Have Freedom of Speech?  by Kelley Vlahos
The Rationale for Keeping US Forces in Iraq  by Jeremy R. Hammond
American Values and American Justice  by Stephen M. Walt
Iran Captures a 'Good' Terrorist  by Ray McGovern
Shut Up, Tom Ricks!  by Robert Dreyfuss

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Thatcher 'Threatened to Nuke Argentina'
Depressed Tony Blair Told Gordon Brown He Would Quit After Iraq War
British Army Says It Needs 20,000 More Soldiers
Iraqis Poke Fun at Their Candidates' Posturing
Fighting in Darfur Threatens New Truce
Obama Silent Ahead of Vote on Armenian Genocide
German Firm Accused of Drug Smuggling in Afghanistan Now, in Kosovo Before
Secret Service Uses 1980s Mainframe Computers, Only Work at 60% Capacity
Obama Orders New Nuclear Review Amid Growing Feud
Yemen Declares State of Emergency in Southern City
In Yemen's South, Protests Could Cause More Instability
Yemen Sappers Enter Shi'ite Rebel Stronghold
Yemen: Separatists Kill Policeman in Ambush
Ex-Jihadist Defies Yemeni Leader, and Labels
Iran May Up 20% Enriched Uranium Output
Iran's Khamenei Urges Jihad Unity as Hamas Leader Visits
Iranian Parliamentarians Want Journalists, Activists Released
Three Executed Over Police Deaths
Opposition Leader: A Cult Is Ruling Iran
Iran's Mousavi Hints at Fresh Protest
Hassan Khomeini Targeted by Iranian Hardliner
Wahhabi Terrorist Group Arrested in Northwestern Iran
Iraqi Politics
Stay Neutral in Vote, Top Cleric Tells Iraq Clergy

Evidence Against Barred Iraq Candidates to Be Released

Family Slain Amid Election Terror in Iraq
Cramped Quarters Define the Daily Struggles of Iraqi Families
Kurdish Scribes Complain of Pre-Poll Intimidation
Baghdad's an Acquired Taste

Saturday: 1 Iraqi Killed, 8 Wounded

Assassination in Dubai
Mabhuh Killers 'in Israel': Dubai Police Chief
UK Police in Israel to Probe Passports Used in Dubai Hit
Report: Dubai Police Chief Tells Mossad Head to 'Be a Man'
Multinational Police Team to Hunt Hamas Man's Killers
Australia 'Not Satisfied' With Israel Response
'Australia Had Mossad Issues in Past'
Building the First West Bank 'Palestinian Settlement'
Despite Hamas Denial, Zahar Confirms He Quit Shalit Talks
Israel's Nighttime Overflights Heighten Lebanon Tensions
Lebanon: Russia Agrees to Give Lebanon Helicopters
Medvedev Rejects Foreign Interference in Lebanese Affairs
Middle East
Ex-UN Nuclear Chief: Egypt Is Hungry for Change
Jordan Activists Stage Sit-In to Protest Israel Heritage Listings
Russia Urged to Detail Activist Murder Probe
Switzerland Unruffled by Qaddafi's Call for 'Jihad' in Wake of Its Ban on New Minarets
Falklands Offer to Split Oil Profits
Argentinian Veterans Plan Protests at Falklands Oil Rig
Colombia Election Open as Court Blocks Uribe Run
'War on Terror'
Enhanced Screening of Pakistani Passengers at JFK
Homeland Security Dept. Says It Will Drop Plans for Bush-Era Nuclear Detectors
Surprise and Confusion After Puerto Rico Voids Birth Certificates for Security Concerns
Karzai: Captured Taliban Leaders Should Be Tried in Afghanistan
Troops Clear Last Pockets of Resistance in Marjah
German Bundestag Gives Go-Ahead to Troop Boost in Afghanistan
Troops Detain 2 Taliban Commanders in Southern Afghanistan
In Afghanistan, US Seeks to Fix a Tattered System of Justice
Afghans Begin Taking Over US-Led Prison
French Filmmaker Severin Blanchet Killed in Kabul Attack
Canadian Forces Gird for Summer Fighting Season
British Triple Amputee Wants to Return to Aghanistan
Karzai Calls Indian PM, Regrets Kabul Attacks
India Fetching Bodies From Afghanistan: Military
India Asks Afghanistan to Ensure Security of Its Citizens
Firing at Religious Procession in Pakistan Kills One, Wounds 10
Frustrated Achievers in Pakistan Turn to Jihad
Abu Sayyaf Militants Raid Philippine Village, Killing 11
China Parliament Passes Defense Mobilization Bill
Islam Seeks a Perch in Tajikistan's Political Life
Thaksin Supporters Denounce Thai Court Verdict
Junta Rejects Suu Kyi Appeal as Election Looms
Mauritanian Army Kills 3, Takes Prisoners in Attack on Armed Convoy
Sudan Former Foes Strike Pre-Vote Deal on Contested Census
Ivory Coast's Opposition Agrees to Join New Govt
Rights Group Urges Morocco to Release Ex-Officer
US Military
Combat Generation: Drone Operators Climb on Winds of Change in the Air Force
New Pentagon Sim Teaches Troops to Play Nice
Group Files Lawsuit, Alleges the VA Underreported Number of PTSD Cases
Building a More Survivable 'Future' for the Army
DoD Opens Access to Social Media Sites
Americans Still Dying
Columbus (IN) Marine's Widow Shocked by His Death
Gallatin Helicopter Pilot First Female Casualty of Tennessee National Guard
Parents of Westville (IN) Marine Remember Son
Marine (NC) on Fifth Combat Tour Killed in Afghan Explosion
Clay County (IN) Marine Remembered as Caring, Helpful
Navajo Marine From Rock Point (AZ) Remembered by Family
Fallen Marine Honored at Packed Pawtucket (RI) Funeral
Death of Scranton (PA) Marine in Afghanistan Brings Tears and Reminiscences
Slain Marine (VA) Had Lived in Teen Youth Shelter Before Joining Corps
Army Paratrooper From North Bergen (NJ) Leaves Close-Knit Family Behind
Knoxville (TN) Pilot Killed in Iraq Helicopter Crash Honored at Vigil
Army Staff Sgt. (CA) Is Remembered for His Loyalty and Fun-Loving Nature
Ewa Beach (HI) Soldier Killed by Bomb in Afghanistan

Justin Raimondo
Ron Paul vs. the Naysayers

Charles V. Peņa
Another Bureaucratic Paperweight

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What's In a Name?

Ivan Eland
Learning From History: Can the US Win the Afghan War?

Kelley B. Vlahos
CPAC Sends Founding Fathers Spinning

Nebojsa Malic
The State That's Still A Lie

David R. Henderson
Hail Christopher Preble

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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