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Updated March 8, 2010 - 11:08 PM EST
Iraq Voting Ends and Real Quest for Power Begins
  Iraq Turnout at 62%, a Decline From 2005 Election
  New Wave of Fear Sweeps Baghdad as Iraqis Vote
  Obama Keeps US Troop Withdrawal Plan After Iraq Poll
  Sunday: 55 Iraqis Killed, 157 Wounded

Afghan Clash Kills 60 Fighters, 19 Civilians


Karzai to Pay Families for NATO's Dec. Massacre of Schoolchildren

  Karzai Gets an Earful in Town Seized From Taliban
US al-Qaeda Man Arrested, but Not Adam Gadahn
  Pakistan: 13 Killed in Lahore Suicide Bombing
  Petraeus: US Helped ISI Create Extremists
China Reiterates Opposition to Iran Sanctions
  Iran 'Ready' for Third-Party Enrichment With New Countries
  Billions in US Public Money 'Spent in Iran'
Nigeria: Sectarian Violence Kills Over 500
Secret Israeli Report: US Cozying Up to Palestinians
North Korea Threatens Force Ahead of US-S. Korea Drills
Is the Obama Administration Supporting Violent 'Regime Change' in Iran?  by Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett
Once Again, a Nation Walks Through Fire to Give the West Its 'Democracy'  by Robert Fisk
Obama, Congress Wink at Massive Surveillance Abuses  by Julian Sanchez
Cyberwar Hype Intended to Destroy the Open Internet  by Ryan Singel
Mullen Wary of Israeli Attack on Iran  by Ray McGovern
Unnatural Acts: Breaking the Fever of Militarism  by Chris Floyd

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Obama, Gates Not Always Eye-to-Eye on New Nukes
Yemen: Hospitalized al-Qaeda Prisoner Kills Guard
US Troops Withdrawing En Masse From Haiti
Canada to Ban Militant Somali Islamist Group
UK's Brown Fails to Quell Storm Over Army Funding
GOP Sen. Offers Obama Deal on Gitmo and Terror Trials
Flashback: Orange County Man Rises in al-Qaeda
Afghan Militants Battle Taliban, Defect to Govt
British Special Forces in Afghanistan Suffers Worst Losses for 60 Years
Britain to Limit Press Coverage of Afghan War Until Election Ends
Three NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
US, Afghan Officials Hope Insurgent Feud Signals Split
Troops Seize $250 Million Afghan Heroin Haul
Jet Fighters Pound Militant Hideouts in South Waziristan
Gunmen Kill Pakistani Taliban Leader in Northwest
Pak-China Anti-Terrorism Exercise in Summer
Pakistani Lawmakers Refuse 'Naked' Body Scan, Cut Short US Visit
Maoists Aim to Topple India by 2050
West Bengal's 'War on Terror': 'Police Shoot on Sight – and We're All Targets'
China/Tibet/Hong Kong
China Says It's Up to the US to Improve Relations
More Assertive China Chafes at 'Tough' Label
China Expects Further Xinjiang Separatist Attacks
China Warns Again Against Hong Kong Democracy Push
Heavy Security Is the New Normal in China's Tibet
China Says Only Socialism Can 'Save' Tibet
South Korea's Nuclear Dreams Hinge on New Deal With US
US Reaches Out to Tokyo's Real Power
Detained Sri Lankan Ex-General Starts Hunger Strike
Anti-Putin Movement Gains Confidence in Russia
Tsvangirai Urges International Troops for Next Zimbabwe Election
Iraqi Election
4 Voting Observers Arrested in Contested Iraq City
Banned MP Warns Against Last-Minute Rigging
Iraq's PM Appears to Poll Strongly in Shi'ite South
Kurdish Newcomer Sees Robust Showing in Iraq Poll
Third Kurdish Movement, Gorran, May Tilt Iraq Region's Course
Sunnis Go to Polls, This Time, to Retain a Voice
Gates: Surprisingly Little Violence in Iraq Vote
Iraqis in Lebanon Cast Their Vote Amid Fears of Arrest, Documentation Woes
Obama Calls Iraq Vote an 'Important Milestone'
GIs, New to Iraq, Hear the Election Explosions
Army Bullets Hit Journalist in Baghdad
12 Dead, 10 Wounded in Building Blast in Baghdad
Sunday: 55 Iraqis Killed, 157 Wounded
Iran Begins Production of Cruise Missiles
Petraeus Warns Iran Becoming 'Thugocracy'
Iran Predicts Disunity Over Sanctions
Facing New Sanctions, Iran Admits Oil Shortages
Barak to Netanyahu: Don't Miss This Chance for Peace
Palestinians, Skeptical, Agree to Talks With Israel
In Hebron, Renovation of Holy Site Sets Off Strife
PA Moves to Ban Palestinians From Working in Settlements
Biden to Try to Boost Middle East Peace Prospects
Arab Director of Oscar Film Sparks Israeli Outrage
Middle East
Syria Mulls Indirect Talks With Israel
Turkey 'Will Work Hard' to Resume Syrian-Israeli Talks
Eight Jailed for Plot to Kill Fiji Military Leader

Justin Raimondo
The Trial of Azzam the American

Nebojsa Malic
The Show Goes On

David R. Henderson
The Left-Right Conference on War

Philip Giraldi
Many Voices Calling for War with Iran

Ivan Eland
Will Eliminating Nuclear Weapons Make Peace More Likely?

Kelley B. Vlahos
Shadow Army, Hidden Casualties

Charles V. Peņa
Another Bureaucratic Paperweight

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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