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Updated March 9, 2010 - 11:25 PM EST
Fiction of Marjah as City Was US Misinformation
  US Forces Hold Afghans Back to 'Prove' Town Safe for Gates Visit

McChrystal: US Slowed Campaign to Spare Civilians


Afghanistan Confirms Ahmadinejad's Visit to Kabul

Slow Going in Iraq Election Count
  Iraqi Parties Both Claim to Be Ahead in Election

After Elections, Iran Remains a Major Player in Iraq

  Iraq Turnout at 62%, a Decline From 2005 Election
15 Killed, 90 Wounded in Lahore Suicide Bombing

US Government Knows of No al-Qaeda Arrest in Pakistan

Congress Seeks Yet More Iran Sanctions

  Israeli Official: West Has 4-8 Weeks Left for Iran Diplomacy

US: Pennsylvania Woman Tried to Recruit Terrorists

  ACLU Ad Challenges Military Commissions
As Peace Talks Loom, More Settlements for Israel

UK: Arabs 'Respected' Attack on Iraq

Civilian Casualties Mount as War Drones On  by Nat Hentoff
Liz Cheney's Campaign Against the Constitution  by Dahlia Lithwick
There Has Never Been an Israeli Peace Camp  by Gideon Levy
Exit Strategies for Afghanistan and Iraq  by Tom Hayden
Obama Must Scrap Costly Nukes  by Eric Margolis
Darfur: Every Celeb's Favorite African War  by Philip Hammond

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Experts Urge Keeping Civilian and Military Options in Terror Trials

Who Is the 'American al-Qaeda'?

Obama Still Wants US Trial for Some Gitmo Suspects

House Appropriators Threaten to Intervene on Blackwater Contract

Israel's OECD Bid Poses Problems for Members 

US Lifts Web Sanctions on Cuba, Iran and Sudan


Iraqi Parties Both Claim to Be Ahead in Election

Iraq Election Commission Head Says Results in Days

Iraqis Fear Instability After Elections

Region Unimpressed by Balloting in Iraq

Monday: 6 Iraqis Wounded

Iraq Occupation

Odierno: It Could Be Years Before US Gauges Success in Iraq

As Iraq Tallies Vote, US Says Pullout Plans Are 'On Track'

Real Hurt Lockers in Iraq: Life Is No Movie

Gordon Brown Facing Demands to Go Before Iraq Inquiry Again

The War at Home

Northrop to Drop Bid for Tanker

Justices to Hear Case of Protest at Marine Funeral

Pentagon Resists Army's Desire to Stop Development of Missile System

Utah Air Force Base Dealing With Rash of Suicides

US Lawmakers Push for Tougher Iran Sanctions

China: Ongoing Iran Diplomacy Needed

'War on Terror'

CIA Director: US Efforts Disrupting al-Qaeda

UK Justices Hear Detainees' Torture Appeal

Obama Wants Former Top Army Intel Officer at TSA

Terror Trial Opens for 9 in Belgium

Man Charged With Assisting Terror Group in Somalia


Japanese City Rejects to Host US Military Base

North Korea Says Ready to 'Blow Up' South Korea, US

Myanmar Enacts Election Laws, Paving Way for Polls


Putin Pushes Ahead on Modernizing Military

Kosovo Govt, NATO Troops Restore Relations After Show of Weapons


Nigeria National Security Adviser Sacked After Massacre


Gates in Afghanistan; Meets With Military Leaders

Afghanistan Commander Sees Slow Build-Up in Kandahar

Gates Warns of 'More Dark Days' and 'Much Fighting' in Afghan War

Gates and Afghan Leader Review Plan for a Kandahar Offensive

Special Forces Probed After Children's Deaths in Afghanistan

Police, US Troops Battle Gunmen in E. Afghanistan

New Marjah Leader Was Jailed for Attempted Murder in Germany

Afghan Taliban Seize Villages From Other Militants

Afghanistan War Strategy Facing 'Serious' Setbacks

Zabul Province Seeks US Troops, but Is Caught in Afghan Numbers Game

Holbrooke's Harvard Comments Slammed in Afghanistan

Cocktail of Ingredients Making Sangin So Lethal for Brits

Montenegro Sends First Troops to Afghanistan


US Drone Strikes Kill Five in North Waziristan

US Acknowledges Pakistan's Wider Anti-Militancy Resolve

Tribal Militia Sets Fire to 130 Taliban Houses in Bajaur


Israel: We Don't Need IAEA Inspectors at Our Nuclear Plants

Israel Weighing Construction of Nuclear Power Plant

US Vice-President Biden Arrives in Israel

Interpol Seeks 16 Over Dubai Assassination

US Urges Caution as Israel Okays 112 New West Bank Homes

Israel to Let UN Chief, EU Official Into Gaza

Israelis, Palestinians to Begin Indirect Talks

'Last Chance' Middle East Talks at Risk as Settlers Ignore Calls for Freeze on Building
In Other News

Momentum for Armenian Genocide Measure Is Fading

English Nuclear Bunker Sold on eBay for $31,000

Mi5 Papers Show Britain Feared Nazi 'Spyclists'


Justin Raimondo
The Trial of Azzam the American

Kelley B. Vlahos
Liz Cheney Wants to Keep America Safe

Nebojsa Malic
The Show Goes On

David R. Henderson
The Left-Right Conference on War

Philip Giraldi
Many Voices Calling for War with Iran

Ivan Eland
Will Eliminating Nuclear Weapons Make Peace More Likely?

Charles V. Peņa
Another Bureaucratic Paperweight

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Alan Bock
Independence, Empire Don't Mesh

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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