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Updated March 14, 2010 - 11:29 PM EDT
Attacks Show Pak Taliban Far From Defeated
  Record Increase in Suicide Attacks This Year in Pakistan
  Suicide Attack in Northwest Pakistan Kills 13, Injured 52
Afghan Govt Says NATO Killed 12 Civilians
  Afghan Family Killed as Troops Defy Night Rules
  Marines Gone Rogue or Leading the Fight Against Counterinsurgency?
  Kandahar Slides Into Lawlessness as Attacks Force Govt to Retreat
  4 Suicide Attacks Hit Afghanistan; at Least 30 Die
EU to Protest 'Widespread Fraud' in Iraq Election
  Issue of Presidency Endangers Iraq's Tenuous Balance
  Shi'ite, Secular Blocs Pick Up Provinces in Iraq
Report: US Vows to Halt Israeli Building in E. Jerusalem
  Israel Arrests Senior Hamas Commander
  Israeli Warplanes Bomb Southern Gaza
Pak Scientist Describes Iranian Efforts to Buy Nukes in 1980s
Colorado Woman Held in Terror Plot Is Released
Al-Qaeda Suspect From US Tricked His Yemeni Guard
Biden Visit Exposed Israeli Settler Truths  by Daniel Levy
Real Patriots Uphold Our Values  by Robyn Blumner
Come Home, America: Prospects for a Coalition Against Empire  by Jeff Taylor
Lessons of Vietnam Revisited  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Leaving Iraq  by Daniel Larison
Politicizing the IAEA Against Iran  by Muhammad Sahimi

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Military Trial of Terror Suspects Could Open Cases to Legal Uncertainty
Obama and Medvedev Talk About Arms Treaty
Hundreds Flee Fresh Mogadishu Unrest
Super Stealth Plane Breaks Through Cost Barrier
Artist at War With Royal Mail Over Stamp Memorial to UK Soldiers
UK Residents Mistake Emergency Exercise for Nuclear Attack
Air Strike Kills 11 Militants in Southern Afghanistan
Roadside Bomb Kills 6 Civilians in Afghanistan
Senior Taliban Commander Killed in Militants' Hotbed
Afghan Leader to Allow Foreign Election Monitors
Afghan-NATO Forces Detain Taliban Commander, 2 Others
Kabul Rolls Back Ban on Telecast of Terror Attack Pictures
Defusing 139 Taliban Bombs Was Nothing Special, Says British Soldier
Canada Releases Terms of Afghan Detainee Review
Stopping Afghanistan's Fertilizer Bomb Factories
New UN Mission Chief in Kabul After Tough Year
Afghanistan: Dodging the Bombs in a Kevlar Coffin
Premature Explosion Kills Militant, Wounds Another in NW Afghanistan
Eminent Pakistani Cleric Issues Fatwa Against Terrorism
Pakistan: 'Attacks on Religious Leaders Aimed at Inciting Sectarian Violence'
Pakistani Security Agencies Ask Govt to Delay National Games After Blasts
Screening Law Affecting Pakistan-US Ties
Pakistan Arrests 32 Suspects in Islamabad Search Operation
Nawaz Still Believes Zardari Is Biggest Threat to Pakistan Democracy
Kashmiris' Inclusion in Pakistan, India Talks Urged
US Report Deplores Extra-Judicial Killings in Kashmir
India Embraces Russia Arms
Russia to Build Up to 16 Nuclear Reactors in India
India: Pakistan's Allegations on Lahore Blasts Link Rejected
Bareilly Remains Tense After 12 Days of Curfew
Animal Lovers Say India's Maoist Rebels Killing Dogs
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Tamil Party Drops Separatist Demand
Sri Lankan Tamil Party Vows Civil Disobedience Campaign
China Calls US a Hypocrite Over Human Rights
Heartthrob's Blog Challenges China's Leaders
US Suggests New Engagement With Myanmar Is Failing
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Denounces New Election Laws
2 Terrorists Killed in Fresh Shootout in Indonesia's Aceh: Local TV
Anti-Terror Exercises Launched in Indonesia
Troops Kill Seven Militants in Philippines
Buddhist Groups Call for Nepal Shutdown
North Korea to Rejoin Nuclear Talks in April, Says SK Newspaper
Thaksin Supporters Flood Bangkok for Mass Rally
Cambodian Govt Accuses UN of 'Flagrant Interference'
Clearer Limits Sought in Malaysia for Shariah Courts' Role
Reporting on Nigerian Massacre Deaths Seems to Have Hit a Religious Divide
US Embassy Slams 'Horrific' Nigeria Massacre
Uganda President Says Rebel Chief Likely in Darfur
UN Force in Chad Gets 2-Month Extension, Plans Exit
French Navy Hands Over Suspected Pirates to Somalia
US Dismayed After Morocco Expels Americans
China Delivers Venezuela Jets Despite US Ban on Parts
Mexico Defends Army Courts After US Rights Report
US Military
Joint Strike Fighter Cost May Top 100 Million Dollars
How It Works: The Hurt Locker's Bomb-Fighting Suit
Lesbian Sgt. Discharged After Police Tell Military
Maliki Has Upper Hand in Forming Government
Iraq PM Maliki Leads Baghdad, the Big Election Prize
Iraq: Sectarianism's Last Frontier?
New Fraud Cases Point to Lapses in Iraq Projects
Kurdish Parliament Begins New Term
Saturday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 34 Wounded
Iran Arrests 30 Over US-Linked Cyber Ring
Finland: EU Will Impose Iran Sanctions if UN Stalls on Issue
UAE to Respect Any UN-Imposed Sanction on Iran
Iran Jails Top Female Reformist
US Criticizes Iran for Religious Persecution
US-Israel Row
'Insulted' by Israel, US Scrambles to Save Talks
Netanyahu: I Thought Apology to Biden Was Sufficient
ADL: US Criticism of Israel Troubling
Biden Wants Direct Middle East Talks by Summer
Netanyahu 'Surprised' by US Condemnation Over East Jerusalem Plan
West Bank Closure Extended
Israeli Troops, Palestinians Clash Near Jerusalem
Arab, Israeli Parliamentarians Clash at Conference in Amman
1000th Day of Israeli Blockade on Gaza Strip Marked
Jail Ordeal of Hundreds of Palestinian Children Arrested for Throwing Stones
'People Are Laughing at You': UK Expert on Israel's PR Effort
Children of Gaza: Scarred, Trapped, Vengeful
Gaza's Male Hairdressers: Time to Cut and Run?
Fatah Official Foresees More Clashes Next Week in Jerusalem
Thirty Hurt in Muslim-Christian Clashes in Northern Egypt
At Least 27 Arrested in Egypt Christian-Muslim Clash
'Israel Asks Egypt to Renew Shalit Swap Talks'
Lebanon Forces and Hezbollah Debate Over National Defense Strategy
Lebanese Druze Leader Makes Syrian Overture
Rafik Hariri Tribunal Appoints New Chief of Investigation
Middle East
Grilling of Yemeni Minister Sought Over Seizure of TV Gear
Some Palestinian Jordanians Lose Citizenship
Syria Has No Decision to Develop Peaceful Nuclear Energy: Syrian Official
Bosnia Court Indicts Serb for Srebrenica Massacre
Bosnian President Says Serbia's Extradition Request Damaging Relationship
Serbian Police Detain 9 Over Alleged War Crimes in Kosovo
Russia Kills Four Militants in Dagestan: Official
Fake Report on Russian Tanks Sparks Panic in Georgia
Basque Separatists
Arrests in Europe Expose ETA's Ties to Venezuela
Body of ETA Member Turns Up in French Morgue
Australian Navy Faces Inquiry in Alleged Sex Ring
'War on Terror'
The Amazing True Story of Zeitoun
Irish Police Free 3 in Alleged Artist Murder Plot
Americans Still Dying
Slain Paratrooper (NC) Was to Return Home From Afghanistan in a Few Weeks
Lake City (SC) Army Sergeant Killed in Iraq Accident
Maryland Soldier Leaves Behind Wife, Three Small Children
Iraq Vehicle Rollover Kills Columbus (GA) Woman
Airborne Soldier From Athens (GA) Killed in Afghanistan
Family Mourns Niagara Falls (NY) Soldier Killed by Afghan IED
Hungry Horse (MT) Soldier Killed by Insurgents in Afghanistan
Tacoma (WA) Guardsman Dies From Iraq Injury

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