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Updated March 15, 2010 - 11:10 PM EDT

Bunker-Busters Headed to Diego Garcia: Iran Attack?

  EU to Introduce Iran Sanctions if UN Push Fails
NATO Raid Survivors Threaten Revenge Attacks
  Afghan Govt Says NATO Killed 12 Civilians
  Taliban: Kandahar Bombings a 'Warning' to NATO
  Operation in Marjah Jeopardizes Peace Plan
  Afghanistan's New Great Game: The Undeclared Wars Within the War
Kurds Cry Foul as Allawi Leads in Kirkuk
  Frustration Grows in Iraq at Slow Pace of Vote Tally
  Nationwide Protests Set to Mark Seventh Anniversary of Iraq Invasion
US-Israel Relations Continue to Plummet
  Netanyahu Offers an Apology, but No Shift in Settlement Policy
  Questions Abound After Biden's Israel Visit
  Israel Captures Senior Hamas Militant in West Bank
  How Dubai Unraveled a Homicide, Frame by Frame
Contractors Tied to Effort to Track and Kill Militants
Biden Brouhaha: Just a Matter of Bad Timing?  by Uri Avnery
Biden in Israel: Tiff or Tipping Point?  by Jim Lobe
United Against the People: Bipartisan Support for National ID  by Jim Harper
Naji Hamdan's Nightmare  by Anna Louie Sussman
Israeli Self-Goal? Maybe Not  by Leon T. Hadar
A Titanic Power Struggle in Kabul  by M.K. Bhadrakumar

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UN: Somali Forces 'Inefficient' and 'Corrupt'
Muslims Unsure of Obama Agenda on Eve of His Trip Back to a Muslim Nation
Thomas Friedman: Israel Lost Contact With Reality
Newly Powerful China Defies Western Nations With Remarks, Policies
Kadima: We'll Join Coalition if Shas or Lieberman Ousted
Developing World Has Launched 'Arms Race': Think-Tank
Iraq's Maliki Already Wooing Allies to Try to Form Governing Coalition
Iraqi PM Picks Up Oil-Rich Province in Vote Count
Partial Count in All Iraq Provinces Has PM in Lead
Civilian Wounded in Grenade Blast in Mosul
Sunday: 2 US Soldiers, 9 Iraqis Killed; 9 Iraqis Wounded
Iran Opposition Leader's Wife Calls for Peaceful Protests During Fire Festival
Khamenei Tells Iranians to Shun 'Un-Islamic' Fire Festival
Iran Temporarily Releases Iranian-American Scholar
Israel's Netanyahu Urges Calm as US Tensions Boil Over
Israeli Apology Gets Cool Reception in Washington
Barak: East Jerusalem Announcement Was Unnecessary, Damaging
AIPAC: White House Statements on Israel 'A Matter of Serious Concern'
Police: We Must Ease Up on Comments Leading to East Jerusalem Riots
Israel Phasing Out Contentious Tank Shell in Wake of Gaza War
Egypt Nixes Synagogue Ceremony, Citing 'Israeli Aggression'
Political Levers Lock Into Gear Early in Egyptian Election Year
Yemen Launches Airstrike on al-Qaeda Hideout
Yemen Says Raid Kills Two Top al-Qaeda Militants
Middle East
Turkey's Army Chief Denies Mass Resignations: Report
Jumblatt Says His Criticism of Syria Was Improper
Sudan's East Rumbles With Discontent Ahead of Election
South Sudan's Presidential Challenger Launches Juba Campaign
Kidnapped French Aid Workers Freed in Darfur
15 Killed in Inter-Clan Fighting in Somalia
Central African Republic Official Warns of Coup
Nigeria Massacre Highlights Official Failure to Tackle Violence
Ethiopia Slams US Rights Report
Guinea Interim Leader Rules Out Presidential Bid
'War on Terror'
No Word From Woman Freed in Alleged Plot, Mom Says
Man Wanted by Spain for 'Terror Offenses' Arrested in London
Algeria to Host Regional Terror Conference on Tuesday
We've Met the Enemy in Afghanistan, and He's Changed
Shaken Afghan City Seeks More Support From Kabul
Local Taliban Officials May Ignore Leader's Ethics Code
Pakistani Jets Pound Taliban Hideouts; 17 Killed
Troops Kill 13 Militants in Orakzai Agency
Four Shot Dead in Khyber Agency
Chief Minister Asks Taliban Not to Attack Punjab
2 Indians Arrested in Alleged Mumbai Terror Plot
India Says Open to New Round of Talks With Pakistan
Sri Lanka
Pro-LTTE Party Vows Gandhi-Style Civil Disobedience
Defeated Sri Lankan Candidate Faces Court Martial Tuesday
China PM Defends Assertive Trade, Foreign Policy
Report: Google Near Certain to Close China Site
Philippines: Militant With Money Links Leads Abu Sayyaf Faction
'Red Shirt' Protesters to Target Thai Military Base
US Cautious on Removing Nuclear Arms From Europe
German Intelligence Agency Fights to Keep Nazi Files Secret After 50 Years
Russia's Ruling Party Heads for Victory
Venezuelan Web Site Rejects Chavez's Allegations
Venezuela's Chavez: Internet Should Be Regulated
'Hit Teams' Attack US Consular Staff, Families in Mexico
The Long Road to Clearing Falklands Landmines
In Other News
Is the British Army Losing Its War Against Drug Abuse?
Asia, Pacific Nations Vow to Fight Threats to Civil Aviation

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