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Updated March 16, 2010 - 11:17 PM EDT
Pentagon to Probe Contractor Assassination Team
  Policy Battle Over Afghan Peace Talks Intensifies
  Karzai Orders More Forces to Kandahar
  Aide: Karzai 'Very Angry' Over Mullah Baradar's Capture

Malalai Joya Pushes for a Comeback

Fraud Allegations Mount as Maliki Maintains Lead

Monday: 15 Iraqis Killed, 39 Wounded

Report: US Moving Bombs for Iran Attack

US Drone Strike Kills 10 Militants in Pakistan

US-Israel Relations at Lowest Level Since 1975
  US-Israeli Tensions Escalating Quickly

Somalia Government Makes Deal With Militia

Supporting the War Instead of the Troops  by Rep. Ron Paul
The New Rove-Cheney Assault on Reality  by Frank Rich
Netanyahu's Attack on Human Rights Groups Hits the States  by Max Blumenthal
Lawyers, Guns, and Blackwater  by Jeff Huber
World War III Is Always an Option  by Doug Bandow
Yoo Besmirches Legacy of Jefferson  by Ray McGovern

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Dyncorp Wins Its Bid to Stop Blackwater's Next Afghanistan Contract — for Now

Obama Unites Israelis and Arabs in Disappointment

China Takes Over From West as Iran's Main Economic Partner

Israel Tries to Lure Scientists Back to Work at 'New Research Facilities'

Justice, CIA Clash Over Probe of Interrogator IDs

Hoax News Report on Russia Invasion Panics Georgia


US Military Hands Over Prison to Iraqi Government

Preliminary Vote Results Give Maliki Narrow Lead

Flags on the Fault Line

Iraq Elections: Inside a Counting Center

Iraq's Arab Neighbors Wary of Shi'ite Sway After Vote

Iraq Shi'ite Group: We Didn't Mistreat Freed Briton

Despite Rumor and Explanation, Details of Maliki's Hospital Visit Remain Mystery

Monday: 15 Iraqis Killed, 39 Wounded


Iran Dismisses Report on Nuclear Arms Quote

Miliband Says Security Council on Same Page on Iran

Merkel: Iran Sanctions Needed

Iran Sentences Six Protesters to Death

Iran Bans Leading Pro-Reform Political Party

Iran Bans Photos of Ahmadinejad's Rival Rafsanjani

Iran Hacks US Spy Sites, Arrests 30 Activists

Bin Laden's Son Calls on Iran to Free His Siblings

US Military

Petraeus to Make Rounds on Capitol Hill

Washington Mulls Modernization of Aging Bombs

Defendants Fresh From War Find Service Counts in Court


China Trims Holdings of Treasury Securities

US Lawmakers Attack China Ahead of Nov. Elections

Google Inches Lower After China Reports

Baidu Up on Reports Google May End China Search


Clinton to Moscow for Mideast Talks

Russia's Ruling Party Heads for Victory

Bloggers Battle Corruption in Russia


US Diplomat Flees South Korea Amid Fraud Probe

Indian Interceptor Missile Test Fails


Thai Premier Calls Bluff of Thaksin's Red-Shirted Army

Grenades Fired at Bangkok Army Base; Two Hurt


New EU Commissioner Presses Turkey on Cyprus


Rocket Attack Kills 1 at NATO Base in Afghanistan

Taliban: Kandahar Bombings a 'Warning' to NATO

US Is Reining in Special Forces in Afghanistan

UN Set for More Discreet Talks With Taliban

Iran to Step Up Afghan Presence

US Regains Huge Weapons Cache Lost by Afghans

US Struggles to Track Arms in Afghanistan

US Military: Drone Crashes in Southern Afghanistan

Afghan Women Fear Loss of Hard-Won Progress

Top UN Official in Afghanistan Takes Up Position


Pakistan Police Find Cache of Explosives in Lahore

South Waziristan Operation to End on 30th

Cracks in Balochistan Govt Over Provincial Autonomy

Now Indian Foreign Secy's Turn to Visit Pakistan

Settlements Scandal
US Wants Israel to Cancel Jerusalem Building Plan

US Waiting for 'Formal' Israeli Response

US Criticism of Israel Ignites Firestorm

Rep. Cantor Slams 'Irresponsible' Criticism of Israel

Washington Stands Firm as Relations With Israel Hit 'Crisis of Historic Proportions'

Palestinians Say No Peace Talks Amid Israel Settlement Growth

Netanyahu: Israel Will Keep Building in Jerusalem

Mitchell Mideast Travel in Flux Amid US-Israel Row


Israel: Hamas Used Civilians as Human Shields in Gaza War

UN Sappers Detonate Leftover Shells From Gaza War

Israel Orders Demolition of Nablus Mosque

Chief Rabbi: Talk About New Temple a Lie

Rightists Vow Revenge if Jerusalem Arabs Riot

Rebuilt Synagogue Is Caught in Disputes Over Jerusalem

Middle East

Yemen Kills 'al-Qaeda Chief' in Fresh Air Strikes

Saudi Arabia-Syria Ties Improve


Sudan to Continue Peace Talks With Darfur Rebels

Nigeria Militants Threaten Oil Industry After Double Car Bombing


Justin Raimondo

Kelley B. Vlahos
Do We Want Our 'Government in a Box'?

Alan Bock
Down the Rabbit Hole in Afghanistan

Charles V. Peña
The Nuclear Double Standard

Philip Giraldi
The Rogue Nation

Ivan Eland
On Guantánamo, Symbolism Trumps Substance

Nebojsa Malic
The Show Goes On

David R. Henderson
The Left-Right Conference on War

Ran HaCohen
Fascism Needs an Enemy

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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