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Updated April 2, 2010 - 11:23 PM EDT
Anti-US Cleric Holds Key to Power in Iraq
  Leader of Iraqi Shi'ite Party Gives Boost to Allawi
  Sadr Bloc Unveils PM Candidates for Referendum
  Iraqi Government Is Harassing Winning Candidates, Sunnis Say
  Iraq Saw Rising Death Toll in March
China Denies Backing Iran Sanctions
  Obama Sanctions Strategy Complicated by Congress
Coalition of the Rented?
  Karzai Blames Foreigners for Afghan Vote Fraud
Obama Set to Reject 'Nuclear Posture' on Eve of START Deal
Personal Data on 1,000 UK Muslim Students Given to CIA
Mumbai Terrorist Was US Agent
Obama Can Stop Funding Illegal Settlements  by Grant Smith
White House Endorses Denial of Civilian Trials  by Glenn Greenwald
Drone Dependency Trivializing Afghan War  by Cesar Chelala
What War with Iran Means  by Patrick J. Buchanan
AIPAC Confronts Its Worst Fear  by Philip Weiss
Iraq Squeezed Between US and Iran  by Pepe Escobar

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US Army Backtracks on Gay Discharges, No Moratorium
British DM Wins Right to Keep Advice on Iraq Interrogations Secret
Journalist on the Run From Israel Is Hiding in Britain
Despite Strains, China Leader to Attend Nuclear Meeting in US
US Sues Contractor KBR Over Iraq Bills
NY Times Still Pays Obama's Nominee to Army Post
Iraqi Politics
Iraq Shi'ite Party Open to Alliance With Allawi
Obaidi: Sadrist Movement May Support Maliki
After Iraq Vote, Iran Weighs in on the New Government
Iraq's Kurds Want a Voice in Exchange for Support
Stay Away From Politics, Iraqi Army Generals Warned
KBR Improperly Used Armed Guards in Iraq, US Says
Iraq Health Official Killed at His Baghdad Home
Iraq Oil Output Goals Unlikely to Be Met
Thursday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 22 Wounded
Chinese State Councilor Meets With Iran's Chief Nuclear Negotiator
Israeli Army Trying to Boost China Ties Ahead of Iran Sanctions Vote
Iran Still Ready for Nuclear Fuel Swap
Iran Sees Sanctions Talk as Empty Threat
Merkel, Brown Back New Sanctions Against Iran
Three Children Hurt in Israeli Air Raids on Gaza
Israeli Planes and Helicopters Mount Gaza Attacks
Israeli Judge Orders Release of Detained Fatah Leader
Shin Bet: Terror-Related Attacks on the Rise in March
Likud MP: Not Even 'Hussein Obama' Will Remove Us From Hebron
Israeli Woman Detained on Military Leak Accusation
Israelis Gather at Disputed West Bank Holy Site
Israel Ends Probe Into Palestinian Protester Death
Middle East
Yemen Denies Prison Escape in Southern City After Blast
Hezbollah: Israel Planning to Destroy al-Aqsa Mosque
Egyptian Security Forces Find Large Weapons Cache
Kerry Says Syria Is Committed to Mideast Peace
'War on Terror'
US Sanctions London-Based al-Qaeda 'Gunrunner'
Travelers With Muslim Names Find Themselves Fighting for US Visas
UK Study on Islamic Blogs 'Flawed'
US Ready to Pursue Senior Afghan Officials on Drugs
Taliban Taunt Obama Over Secret Afghan Visit
US Looking for Leaders in Afghan Army
An Airborne Afghan Folktale
DEA Says Afghan Opium Seizures Soar in 2009
British Soldier Killed in Afghan Explosion
UK Troops Suffer in Sangin, the Most Dangerous Place in Afghanistan
Afghan Corruption Threatens US Strategy, Ambassador Galbraith Says
Enduring Army Role in Swat Spurs Questions About Pakistan's Civilian Government
Pakistani Troops Kill 28 Militants in Northwest
US Urges Pakistan to Act Against Taliban in Punjab
Court Gives Pakistan Five Days on Foreign Graft Cases
Many Pakhtuns Rejoice Over NWFP Name-Change
14 Killed in Kashmir Clashes
India 'Blames Pakistan Militants' for Kabul Attack
Countries Blame China, Not Nature, for Water Shortage
Facing Food Shortages and Sanctions, Kim Jong Il Appears to Reach Out to China
Independent TV Channel Suspended in Kyrgyzstan
UN Head Tours Troubled Ex-Soviet Central Asia
Chechen Rebel Leader Speaks Via YouTube
Medvedev in Caucasus as Russia Buries Bomb Victims
Medvedev Promises 'Crueler' Measures Against Rebel 'Scum'
No Big Offensive in Somalia, Fight to Be 'Gradual'
Clan Fighting Kills 25 People in Central Somalia
Kenya to Stop Prosecuting Somali Pirates Captured in International Operations
Soldiers Put Guinea-Bissau PM Under House Arrest
Major Sudan Parties to Boycott Presidential Race
Nigeria Forced to Deal With Revival of Islamist Group Boko Haram
Israeli Who Trained Colombia Guerillas Wins Appeal Against Extradition

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