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Updated April 8, 2010 - 11:19 PM EDT
Obama, Medvedev Sign Nuke Treaty, Warn Iran
  State Dept Praises Israel for Pushing Iran Sanctions
  Bunker-Busters: Final Destination Iran?
New Kyrgyz Leaders Reassure US on Air Base
  Kyrgyzstan Opposition Installs 'Caretaker' Government
  Russia Sends Paratroopers to Air Base in Kyrgyzstan
As Tensions Grow, US Claims Karzai 'Drug Abuse'
  Afghan Official Says US Raiders Hid Killings
  Aide Denies Karzai Threatened to Join Taliban
DoD: No Plans to Reopen Probe of Video Killings
  Sadr Referendum Rejects Both Front-Runners
  Lucrative KBR Contracts Unaffected by Iraq Troop Drawdown
  As Iraq Violence Continues, Many Fear Return of Civil War
Obama Won’t Impose Peace Plan on Israel
  Israel, US Have Not Settled East Jerusalem Spat
  Palestinians Try a Less Violent Path to Resistance
In-Flight Cigarette Causes Massive Terror Panic
US Confirms: Citizen Is on CIA Assassination List
Pentagon: F-35 Fighter Program Costs to Significantly Rise
What Good Are Allies? Turning Means Into Ends  by Doug Bandow
Weekly Standard: Apologia for Killing Journalists  by Ali Gharib
The Muted Plain: Anticipating the Wake of the Wikileaks Revelation  by Chris Floyd
Who Is Winpac?  by Karen Kwiatkowski
The WikiLeaks Video and Terrorist Blowback  by Jacob G. Hornberger
West Bank or Occupied Territories?  by Rene Backmann

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US Army Strength Worldwide
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Opposes Afghanistan Surge
Obama Said to Mull Israel-Palestinian Peace Plan
Psychologists Explain Iraq Airstrike Video
US Looks to Nonnuclear Arms to Use as Deterrent
Obama Heads to Prague to Sign Arms Deal
Sadr Followers Snub Allawi and Maliki. Who Will Lead Iraq?
Military: Wikileak Massacre Video 'Taken Out of Context'
Iraqi Police Foil Teenage Would-Be Suicide Bomber
Who Succeeds Top Iraqi Cleric Not Just About Piety
Funerals Held After Spate of Baghdad Bombs
Man Admits Illegally Sending Money to Iraq
In a Tour for Visitors, Baghdad's Past Is Present
Biden Offers Support to Iraq After Attacks
Wednesday: 5 Iraqis Killed, 14 Wounded
Russia's Lukoil to Halt Gasoline Sales to Iran
Israel PM Doubts Sanctions Have 'Teeth' to Dissuade Iran
China Agrees to Meet World Powers on Iran Sanctions
Iran Ridicules Obama's 'Cowboy' Nuclear Strategy
Iran Says Nuclear Fuel Swap Still on the Table
NY Rights Group Says 35 Journalists Jailed in Iran
Germany Charges 2 Over Iran Equipment Deal
PM: Israel to Face No Pressure at Nuclear Meeting
Israel Seizes West Bank Sewage Tanker to 'Protect Settlements'
West Bank Growth Seen as Imperiled
Gaza Tunnel Smugglers Trade in New Cars
US Scientist Who Tried to Spy for Israel: I Won't End Up Like Pollard
Yemen Frees 161 Shi'ite Rebels as Part of Cease-Fire
Rights Group Urges War Crimes Probe in Yemen War
Middle East
Egypt Frees Pro-Baradei Protesters
Turkish, Israeli Premiers Trade Criticism
Jordan Has Not Received New Warrant for Arrest of Saddam Daughter
EU Pulls Darfur Poll Observers Over Safety Fears
Sudan Vote Credibility Marred by Opposition, EU Pullout
Somali MPs Hit Hard on Transition Government
Somali Anger at Threat to Music
A Blogger Academy in Cuba
Report: Dissident Drowns Attempting Return to Cuba
US, Brazil to Sign Defense Cooperation Accord
Afghanistan Plays Down Karzai's Anti-West Remarks
Pressed to Act, Karzai Fires Election Monitors
US Treasury Beefing Up Staff in Afghanistan
Taliban Releases Video of Captured US Soldier
UK Marines Dismissed for Attack on Afghan Prisoner
Feingold Plans Bill to Set Up 'Flexible Timetable' for Afghanistan Withdrawal
Karzai Comments a Slap in the Face, Says Canadian PM
US Now Focused on Getting Rid of Taliban Instead of Opium Crops in Afghanistan
NATO Soldier Killed in Southern Afghanistan
No More Burger King on Afghanistan Base? Soldiers Grumble
Taliban Bomb NATO Tanker in Pakistan: Officials
Bombing of NATO Tanker in Pakistan Kills Boy
US Says No to Civil Nuclear Deal With Pakistan
Kyrgyz Minister Killed as Revolt Grows
US Operations at Manas Affected by Kyrgyz Unrest
What Is Going on in Kyrgyzstan?
A Look at Kyrgyzstan, Where Dozens Die in Protests
India Says It Will Push on With Maoist Offensive
India Under Pressure in War Against Maoists
Survivors Say External Blast Sank South Korea Warship
American Gets 8-Year Sentence in North Korea
Thai Protesters Storm Parliament
Thailand Declares State of Emergency Amid Protests
Bangladesh Sentences 29 Paramilitary Mutineers
Myanmar's Suu Kyi Pleased Party Didn't Register
Critics Uneasy About Russian Concessions in Arms-Control Deal
'War on Terror'
Obama Bans Terms Jihad, Islam From Security Document
2nd US Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Terrorism Charge
'Jihad Jamie' and the 'Black Widows': Why Women Turn to Terrorism
Kenya Seeks Repatriation of Guantanamo Detainee
Sudanese Man Sues After Release From Guantanamo
Mich. Muslim Leader: Pix of Slain Imam Troubling

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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