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Updated April 14, 2010 - 11:29 PM EDT
Obama: Israel Should Sign Nuke Treaty
  China Reiterates Opposition to Iran Sanctions... Again
  UN Chief Doubts Mideast Nuke-Free Zone
Kunduz Attack Survivors Press Germany for Aid
  US Military Confidence Sinks on Winning Afghan War
US Troops See 'Expanded Role' in Pakistan
  Official: Pakistan Airstrike Kills 71 Civilians
Gates: WikiLeaks 'Irresponsible' for Leaking Video

Wikileaks Video Brings Uncomfortable Attention to Boeing


Iraq's Forces Prove Able, but Loyalty Is Uncertain

  Tuesday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 31 Wounded
Fears of Kyrgyz Civil War Linger
  Medvedev: Kyrgyzstan Could Be Second Afghanistan

Petraeus: Troop Surge on Track Despite Kyrgyz Upheaval

  Gates: Options to Kyrgyzstan Air Base Aren't Great
Peace Activists Extend an Olive Branch to the Tea Party to Talk About War  by Medea Benjamin
Obama's Nuclear-Weapons Conference Fatally Flawed Before It Began  by William Pfaff
The Failure of the Anti-Russian 'Freedom Agenda'  by Daniel Larison
Gods and Monsters  by Tom Engelhardt
America's Loose Nukes in Israel  by Grant Smith
Kyrgyzstan Could Be Victory for Freedom – If US Allows It  by Stephen Kinzer

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Obama's Disregard for Media Reaches New Heights at Nuclear Summit

Obama Puts His Own Mark on Foreign Policy Issues

Gazans Gassed by Silent Killer

Sen. Lieberman: US Should Attack Iran's Nuclear Program if All Else Fails

76 Senators Sign on to Israel Support Letter

Summit Helps Israel Skirt Nuclear Scrutiny, for Now


Baghdad Bombing Kills 3; TV Reporter Wounded

US-Turkish-Iraqi Plan to Fight Kurdish Rebels

Tuesday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 31 Wounded

The War at Home

Muppets, Mullen Help Kids Deal With Grief

House Armed Services Leaders Aim to Cut Pentagon Waste, Fraud

'War on Terror'

Federal Court Upholds Warrantless Border Search of Laptop in Texas

Parents of Alleged Terrorists Seek Clues to Sons' Disappearance to Pakistan


Iran Says It Is Ready for Uranium Exchange if IAEA Is Guarantor

US Officials See Iran Nuke 'Technically Possible' in 3-5 Years

Brazil, Turkey's Leaders Propose Negotiations on Iran to Obama

Ahmadinejad: Iran's Nuclear Path 'Untouchable, Irrevocable'

Iran Doubts China Would Back New Iran Sanctions

China Offered Oil for Iran Sanctions Deal

Iranians Wary of Deeper Ties With China


US: No Troops Flights for Now Through Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan's President Says He Is Willing to Step Down

New Kyrgyz Leaders Strengthen Hold, Move Against Deposed President

Kyrgyzstan's Jewish Community Alarmed After Riots


Russia Hails Change of Atmosphere in US Ties

US, Russia Ink Deal to Scale Back Plutonium Stockpiles

Russia Yet to Decide on Iran S-300 Deal


China Says Military Ties With US Still Suspended

Japanese Navy Tracks China Armada Off Okinawa

South Korea to Host Next Nuclear Summit

Thai Tensions Give Way to New Year Celebrations


Negotiator: US Needs to Negotiate Directly With Taliban Leader

Kandahar Bus Killings Leave NATO Offensive in Doubt

Roadside Bomb Blasts Kill 6 Afghan Security Forces

Rocket Attacks Kill Three Afghan Women, Injure Four


North Waziristan Drone Attack Toll Rises to 13

Name Change Stirs Pakistan Protest

UN Lobbies for More Aid for Pakistan's Displaced Persons

Indian PM Says Open to Dialogue if Pakistan Acts on Mumbai


ElBaradei: Israeli Occupation Only Understands Force

Palestinians Seen Slowly Weaning From Aid

Israel Hits Gaza Militants, at Least 2 Dead

Obama Voices Frustration on Stalled Mideast Peace

Mideast Land Conflict Now Includes Street Signs

Israel Tells Its Citizens to Get Out of Sinai Now

Poll: Most US Jews Approve of Obama's Approach to Israel

Israel Tourism Advert Featured Picture of Occupied Territories

Spanish Court Shelves Israeli Probe

Middle East

Peres: Syria Has Supplied Scuds to Hezbollah

Med Water Conference Ends in Failure Due to Israel-Arab Row

Business With Israel Pays Off in Jordan

Islamists See Israeli Military Order as 'Direct Threat' to Jordan

Israeli Court Allows Arab Author to Go to Lebanon

Egypt: Protesters Criticize Ruler, Demand Change

Lebanese Mark War's Outbreak With Political Soccer


Somali Islamic Militants Ban Music on Airwaves

Eight Red Cross Workers Seized in DR Congo

In Other News

Mexico 'To Give Up Weapons-Grade Uranium'

Peace Process 'Rock Solid' Despite Bomb Blast Outside M15


Justin Raimondo
Liberals Smear Wikileaks

Ivan Eland
Obama's Nuclear Achievements: Less Than Meets the Eye

Kelley B. Vlahos
The Rape of the Afghan Boys

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Boris's Blunder

Ran HaCohen
Israel, a New Decade

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

Philip Giraldi
Nuking the Mullahs

Charles V. Peņa
Rail Security: A Gordian Knot

David R. Henderson
End the Wars

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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