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Updated April 20, 2010 - 10:19 PM EDT
Maliki Detained Sunnis in Secret Baghdad Prison
  US Claims Two al-Qaeda in Iraq Leaders Slain
  Baghdad Recount Sets Stage for More Delays, Tension

Halliburton CEO Sees 'Plenty of Work' in Iraq

Taliban Moves Onto Abandoned US Base

Push on to Protect New Troops From IEDs


Obama Administration Says Conflict With Karzai Is Resolved

Mullen: Iran Attack Would 'Delay' Nuclear Program

US 'Still Interested' in Nuclear Fuel Swap With Iran

At Least 27 Killed in Peshawar Bombings
Senators Subpoena Fort Hood Documents
Reading the Tea Leaves: Will the Empire Break Up the Party?  by Medea Benjamin
Heart of McDarkness  by Jeff Huber
With Regrets, Judge Allows Indefinite Detention at Gitmo of a Medic  by Andy Worthington
Graceful Decline: The End of Pax Americana  by Christopher Layne
Israel Support Letter Unsupported by Reality  by Jay Barr
Chilling Claims of Canadian Complicity in Torture  Toronto Star

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The British Election and the Wars

New York Airport 'Blind' to El Al Racial Profiling

Guantánamo Habeas Results: Prisoners 34, Government 13

US to Leave Haiti by June

Military Scrambles Soldiers, Staff and Supplies

NATO Fighters Grounded by Damage From Ash

Poll Shows Lack of Faith in Federal Government


Has Killing 2 of Its Leaders Crippled Al-Qaeda in Iraq?

Biden Hails Killing of 2 Al-Qaida Figures in Iraq

Baghdad Recount Could Change Iraq Election Results

Allawi's List Threatens to Withdraw From Political Process

Exxon to Lead Water Injection Project in Iraq

Gen. Odierno Interview with Fox News

Monday: 1 US Soldier, 4 Iraqis Killed


Iran Picks Site for New Enrichment Facility

Iran Sentences 3 Opposition Activists to Prison

Iran Mutes a Chorus of Voices for Reform

Netanyahu Urges Oil Sanctions on Iran

'War on Terror'

NY Man Sentenced in Terrorism Financing Case

US Muslim Groups Walk Fine Line in Efforts to Confront Extremism


Will South Korea Be Ready to Assume Wartime Command?

South Korea's Lee Vows Strong Action in Ship Sinking

Russia and Her Neighbors

US, Russia Urge World to Build on Their Nuclear Pact

Kyrgyz Leaders Face Fresh Resistance Amid Reform Vows


Thai Troops Guard Business Zone From Protesters

Whiff of Rebellion Spreads in Thai Hinterland

In Other News

Ethnic Group in Myanmar Gears Up for War, Peace

Families of USS Cole Victims Sue Sudan Again

Cuban Agents Block Women's Weekly Protest March

Croatia Edges Closer to EU Membership After Deal on Goods


Donkey Bomb Kills Three Children in Afghanistan

NATO Chief Seeks Military, Police Trainers for Afghanistan

Afghan Hash at an All-Time High

Iceland Volcano Delays Evac for US Wounded in Afghanistan

Source: Karzai Likes Obama. No, Really

The War at Home
Ex-Blackwater Contractors Will Not Face Death Penalty for Afghanistan Shootings

Families of Dead Soldiers Want Accountability for Afghan Battles

Britain Goes on Trial Over Torture of Suspects in Afghanistan


Taliban Blow Up NATO Tankers in Khyber Agency

Kucinich: Obama's Drone Attacks in Pakistan 'Inspire Radicalism'

Pakistan Suspends Officials After Scathing UN Report


Israeli Defense Minister Says Occupation Must End

Israeli PM Says Jerusalem Settlements Justified

Hamas Leader Vows to Capture More Israeli Soldiers

Mood Is Dark as Israel Marks 62nd Year as a Nation

Obama: US to Continue Efforts Towards Two-State Solution

Egyptian Ruling Party Members Call for Harsher Tactics Against Protesters

Egyptian Security Warns It May Fire on Protesters

Middle East

2 'Al-Qaeda Members' Killed in Clash With Yemen Army

US Complains to Syria of Arms Sales to Hezbollah

US Speaks to Syrian Envoy of Arms Worries


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Dr. Strangelove, Made in Israel

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Obama's Nuclear Achievements: Less Than Meets the Eye

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Boris's Blunder

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Israel, a New Decade

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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End the Wars

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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