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Updated April 24, 2010 - 11:29 PM EDT
Afghan 'Exit Strategy' Won't Mean Troops Leaving
  Attacks Against Contractors Surging in Afghanistan
  Taliban Rift Ignites Power Struggle Over Who Controls the Insurgency
  Afghan Police Killed UN Guard During Attack
Bloodiest Day of 2010 as Bombs Rock Baghdad
  Wave of Fatal Bombings Widens Fissures in Iraq
  Friday: 75 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 303 Iraqis Wounded
  Iraqi Government Formation Still Months Away
US Nuclear Option on Iran Linked to Israeli Threat
  US Senate Leader Reid: Iran Is 'Festering Sore'
  Iran Agrees to Give IAEA Greater Access
Abbas Rejects Netanyahu on 'Temporary' State
  The White House PR Offensive on Israel
  Hamas Is Accused of Being Moderate
Bombs, Missiles, Bullets Kill 29 in Pakistan
  Pakistan Struggles to Lure Tribesmen Back to South Waziristan
  Pakistan Army Says Militant Ambush Kills 8 Troops
US: Syria Providing 'Wider Array' of Missiles to Hezbollah
Damn the Torpedoes, Fools' Greed Ahead  by Fred Reed
The Real Socialist Threat Is the Military  by Christopher Ketcham
Judge Rules Yemeni's Detention at Guantánamo Based Solely on Torture  by Andy Worthington
A Kinder, Gentler Gitmo  by Adam Serwer
UK Govt Bullies Rights Charity  by Clive Stafford Smith
Yasher Koah, Judge Goldstone  by Larry Derfner

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China Expands Naval Power to Waters US Dominates
Israel Winning Its War on Goats
US Indicts 11 Suspected Somali Pirates in Norfolk, Va.
Iran Wants Its Money Back After Britain Reneged on 1970s Arms Deal
UK Regional Parties Back Trident Elimination
Ex-Russian AF Commander Slams US 'Space Plane'
Vietnam's Guarded US Embrace
China to OK New UN Sanctions Against Iran: Biden
UN Patience Limited on Iran Nuclear Program: Russia
Iran Accuses World Powers of Seeking to Destroy Its Economy
US Sees Progress in Iran Sanctions Text: Burns
Companies Feeling More Pressure to Cut Ties to Iran
Iran's President Ahmadinejad: War Games Ordinary
Iran Withdraws Bid for Seat on UN Rights Council
US Renews Call for Iran to Release Detained Hikers
2 Americans Jailed in Iran Reported in Poor Health
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Backs Ahmadinejad on Nuclear Iran
Iran's Ahmadinejad Seeks New Partners in Africa
Bombers Target Iraqi Police Homes
Iraq Closes Secret Prison, Arrests 3 Officers
US Soldier Dies of Non-Combat Injuries in Baghdad
Friday: 75 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 303 Iraqis Wounded
Brown: Israel's Misuse of UK Passports Was 'Serious Breach of Trust'
Israel's Barak Sees Green Light for Talks Soon
Mitchell: Mideast Negotiations Difficult, Not Impossible
Bulldozers Return to Destroy Children's Playground in Beit Jala. Six Activists Arrested
Israeli-Arab Wounded in Anti-Wall Protest
Rightist Leader: 'We'll March Even if George Mitchell Doesn't Like It'
Lebanon Clarifies Hariri Remarks Regarding Scud Missiles
Lebanon Lodges Complaint With UN Over Israeli Memorial
Yemeni Rebels Demand Release of 1,000 Prisoners
Darfur Rebels Say They Defeated Sudan Army Attack
Police Kill Backers of Defeated Sudan Candidate: Officials
Sudan Ex-Rebels Win Key Unity State, Beshir Gains in Darfur
Three Arrested for Links With Rwandan Opposition Chief
Ex-Rwandan Diplomat Now in Ala. Probed in Genocide
Nicaragua Legislature Meets as Protests Continue
US Border Police Train Mexicans for Drug Fight
Colombia Spy Chief Works to Clean Up Agency
US Military
Army Kills $1 Billion Raytheon-Lockheed Missile Program
Military Court-Martials 'Birther'
US Army Withdraws Invitation to Evangelist Who Bashed Islam
Vet Gets Prison for Faking Paralysis to Avoid Iraq
US Rethinks Small, Remote Bases in Afghanistan
US Wants British Troops to Leave Helmand
Afghan Massacre Survivor to Obama: You Be the Judge
Two US Troops, Five Militants Killed in Afghan Fighting
'German Soldiers Don't Believe in a Happy Outcome'
Small Number of Dutch Soldiers May Remain in Afghanistan
No Early Pakistan Action Seen on Lashkar-e-Taiba
Suspected Militants Kill Four 'US Spies' in Pakistan
Quetta Police Beat TV Journalist for 'Negative' Reporting
Passions Run High Over Pakistan Region Name Change
India Sits Up to Specific US Terror Warning
Kashmir Protests Death Penalty in Delhi Bombing
IAF Chief Says India to Have Fifth-Generation Jets in 2018
South Korea Won't Retaliate Alone for Ship Sinking
North Korea Seizes South Korean Assets, Warns of War
Clinton Hopes No 'Miscalculation' to Spark Korean War
Thai Red-Shirts Offer Conditional Talks With Government
Thai Protesters Want Parliament Dissolved in Month
Thailand Turmoil Shuts Down Scores of Businesses
Japan Moves to Settle Dispute With US Over Okinawa Base Relocation
Japan Rejects China's Excuse Over Naval Fly-By
Japan Bomb Squad Tests Suspicious Package Sent to PM
Kyrgyzstan's Ousted President Vows Not to Return
Sri Lanka President Names First Post-War Cabinet
India, Pakistan in Focus at South Asia Summit
Cambodian War Correspondents Mourn Ex-Colleagues
Why East Timor Has Declared War on Ninjas
NATO Says Russia Base Does Not Affect Ukraine Pledge
Kosovo Cuts Off Serbian Mobile Phone Providers, Belgrade Protests
Northern Ireland Politicians Condemn Car Bomb
Armenian Opposition Slams Turkey 'Deadlock'
'War on Terror'
Officials: NYC Terror Suspect to Plead Guilty
Britain to Pay Compensation to Former 9/11 Suspect
EU to Enter Talks With US to Track Terrorist Funds
Nigeria: Detained Passenger Didn't Come From Here
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Disaster Utopianism
Bridging Partition in South Asia

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Nuclear Security Summit: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Boris's Blunder

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Israel, a New Decade

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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End the Wars

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The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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