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Updated April 26, 2010 - 11:01 PM EDT
Afghans May Block NATO Kandahar Offensive
  Elite US Units Step Up Drive in Kandahar Before Attack
  Afghanistan Says 4-5 Years to Take Over Security
  Afghans Torch NATO Vehicles After Latest Night Raid Killings
  Indo-Pakistan Proxy War Heats Up in Afghanistan
US Tries to Impose Iraq Election Settlement
  Barring of Candidates May Change Iraq Vote Outcome
  Al-Qaeda in Iraq Confirms Deaths of Top 2 Figures
  Widow of Iraqi Killed by GIs in Video Accepts Apology After Letter
Hundreds Killed as US Escalates Pakistan Strikes
  US Drone Strike Kills Eight in Pakistan
  Taliban Ousted, Pakistan's Swat Valley Still Longs for Islamic Justice
Little Headway in Iran's Diplomatic Offensive
  Iran FM Meets IAEA Chief Amid Reports of Zimbabwe Uranium Deal
  Court: Britain Owes Iran $650 Million for Reneging on Arms Deal

Suicide Attack in Yemen Misses British Envoy

Clashes in Sudan Kill 58 on Darfur Border
South Korean DM: Torpedo Likely Sank Warship
Do Tea Partiers Hate Liberals More Than They Love Liberty?  by James Bovard
Waste Management: Congress Pushes Surge in Ongoing War Against Iran  by Chris Floyd
Nuke Ban Must Apply to All  by Akira Kawasaki
Obama's Favorite Weapons  by Nat Hentoff
In the Name of Zionism  by Uri Avnery
How Hollywood Hides the Horrors of War  by Slavoj Žižek

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I Won't Prop Up Brown Govt, Says Clegg
North Korea Warns It Will Use Nukes if Invaded
Report: US Came Up With Hezbollah-Scud Claims in the First Place
US, Russia Say Need Spirit of WWII Trust to Build Ties
Nigeria, US 'Agree to Fight Nuclear Proliferation'
Armed Man Arrested at NC Airport as Obama Departs
Israel Ends Ban on iPad
Obama to Host Muslim Entrepreneurship Summit
Iraq's Sadr Clarifies Stance on Militia's Use
Sadrists Want Iraq Oil Deals Reworked
Anbar Deputy Governor Survives Assassination Attempt
Some Troops See Closure of Base as a Symbolic End to Their Time in Iraq
First Baghdad-London Flight in 20 Years Departs
Jesus Statue Erected in Iraq to Defy Extremists
Iraq Factory Explosion Kills 5, Cause Unknown
Sunday: 4 Iraqis, 2 Indians Killed; 34 People Wounded
Iran to IAEA: Swap Deal Can Build Trust
Iran Guards Test Short-Range Missiles, Warn Enemies
Speaker Larijani Says US Cannot Bully Iran
Studying Farsi From Afar
Reformist Leader Mehdi Karroubi Calls for Fresh Demonstrations
Iran Regime 'Responsible' if Karroubi Is Hurt: Wife
Iran Marks Anniversary of Failed US Rescue Attempt
Iraqi Politics
Israel Considers Retroactively Legalizing West Bank Outpost
Netanyahu: Israel and US Want Peace Process to Begin Immediately
Abbas Invited to Washington
Sharing a West Bank Highway Proves a Tall Order for Israel, Palestinians
Clashes as Israeli Right-Wingers March in East Jerusalem
Hamas Releases Cartoon About Captured Israeli
Netanyahu: Shalit Cartoon Shows True Nature of Hamas
US Envoy Wraps Up Mideast Visit, Back Next Week
In Jerusalem, Footballs Go Where People Cannot
Hamas Security Chief's Daughter Allowed to Leave Gaza for Medical Treatment
Gadhafi to Israeli MPs: I'm Against Zionism, Not Jews
Bombing, Clashes Kill 16, Including Two Afghan Civilians
Berlin Struggles to Sell 'Afghan War' to Gun-Shy Germans
80 Afghan Schoolgirls Sick in Week; Poison Feared
Taliban Condemns Poison Gas Attack on Schoolgirls in Kunduz
RCMP Prepare for Longer Afghanistan Duty
Afghan President Karzai to Visit India Monday
Amid Outrage Over Civilian Deaths in Pakistan, CIA Turns to Smaller Missiles
15 Militants Killed in Orakzai
Swat Taliban Claim Responsibility for Timergara Blast, Target Killing
Pakistan Wants India to Hand Over Mumbai Suspects
Thai 'Red Shirts' Vow to Intensify Campaign
Thai PM Vows to Retake Bangkok Protest Site
No Exit Seen From Thailand's Very Un-Thai Crisis
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Considers Ending Emergency Laws
Serbia Moves to Diffuse War Crimes Dispute With Bosnia
Serb Mayor Says US Lacks Courage to Help Reunite Bosnia
Investigation Links Critic's Death to Top Chechens
Belarus Leader Raps Russia, May Snub Security Summit
Spain Captures 8 Suspected Somali Pirates
Middle East
Young Lebanese Demonstrate for Secularism in Beirut
Yemen Cleric: Fight Draft Law Banning Child Brides
Iranian Homosexuals Carve Out a Refuge in Turkey

Justin Raimondo
The Alien Menace!

David R. Henderson
On 'Collateral Murder' and Stephen Colbert

Philip Giraldi
Israel First: More on Dr. Lani Kass

Ivan Eland
Should US Be More Involved in Israeli-Palestinian 'Peace Process'?

Kelley B. Vlahos
4/20/2010 Crosses the Line

Charles V. Peņa
Nuclear Security Summit: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Nebojsa Malic
Boris's Blunder

Ran HaCohen
Israel, a New Decade

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

Edouard Husson
The Virtues of Gorbachevism

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