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Updated May 2, 2010 - 11:29 PM EDT
Pakistani Taliban Claim Credit for NY Car Bomb
  Times Square Evacuated After 'Amateurish' Car Bomb Found
US to Support Proposal for Nuke-Free Mideast
  US: Consensus Unlikely at Nuclear Treaty Meeting
  US: We Will Continue to Defend Israel in the UN
  Iran Warns US Against Taking UN 'Hostage'
Iraq Civilian Death Toll Rises Sharply in April
  Iraqi FM: US, Britain Must Push to Resolve Impasse
  Sunday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 103 Wounded
Reckless Private Security Firms Anger Afghans
  UK Forces Fear a Repeat of the 'Basra Effect' for Helmland Withdrawl
Pakistan: Legality of Robot War Gets Complicated
  State Department Flies Mercenary Air Force Over Pakistan
Blasts at Somali Mosque Kill 39, Wound Scores
  Britons Join the Jihadist Ranks to Fight in Somalia
Call for Anti-Govt Protest Goes Unheeded in Iran
UN Says Congo Rebels Killed Scores in Attack in the NE
Congress Is Abdicating Its Authority on Wars  by Stephen R. Weissman
Atrocities in Afghanistan: A Troubling Timetable  by Kathy Kelly and Dan Pearson
The Anti-Imperialist League and the Battle Against Empire  by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
Revisiting Freedom in Iraq  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Decline of Israel's Left  by Catrina Stewart
Moving Beyond Sanctions on Iran  by César Chelala

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Pentagon Doles Out Sweetheart Deals for Wartime Supplies
CIA Documents Show US Never Believed Gary Powers Was Shot Down
Afghan Surge Strips UAVs From Forces Elsewhere
Syria: US Weapons Charges Like False Iraq Claims
Mexico's Drug Syndicates Increasingly Target Authorities
Changes to Key Gitmo Evidence Innocent, Officer Says
Iran President May Add Drama to UN Nuclear Talks
Canada Slams Iran's Election to Women's Rights Panel
Iran Opposition Leaders Are Not Regime 'Topplers': Karroubi
Why Ahmadinejad Is Pushing to Cut Popular Government Subsidies
Kuwait Busts Iran Spy Cell, Says Report
Iraq's VP Says There Are 'Unlawful Attempts' to Change Results of Iraqi Election
Iraqi Policeman Kills Army Soldier by Mistake
Iraqi Police Face Trial for Lynching Suicide Bomber
Three Iraqi Police Die in Blast After Jewelery Heist
200 People in Ninewa Sit-In for Secret Prison Scandal
Saturday: 12 Iraqis Killed, 25 Wounded
Arab League Backs Middle East Peace Talks
Arab 'Middlemen' Help Jewish Settlers Buy Homes in East Jerusalem
Jobless Palestinians March Near Israeli Border in Northern Gaza
Proposal Debated on Revoking Voting Rights of Rabin's Killer, Convicted Terrorists
Samuel Maoz: My Life at War and My Hopes for Peace
UK Comedian Slams BBC Over Apology for Anti-Israel Skit
Lebanon's Sleiman Puts Positive Spin on Hezbollah's Arms
Lebanon: Israel to Pay 'Dear Price' in Case of War
Hezbollah Witnesses Questioned in Hariri's Investigation: Report
Qatari Premier Meets Hezbollah Leader in Lebanon
Middle East
Syria FM: It Is Arms US Supplies Israel That Destabilize the Region
Egypt Raises Alert Fearing Gaza Border Breach, Hezbollah Reprisal
Kurdish Rebels Kill 4 Turkish Soldiers, Wound 7
Nigerian Militants Claim Attack on Shell Pipeline
Nigerian Union Warns Police of Plot to Kill Journalists
Three Nigerian Journalists Pay Ultimate Price After Bloody Year for Global Media
Somalia Government Denies Role in Mogadishu Bombings
Somali Militants Increasing Use of Child Soldiers
Darfur Rebels Accuse Sudan Army of Launching Major Attack
South Sudan Chief Concerned at Northern Army Movements
Wanted, Sudan's President Can't Escape Isolation
DR Congo
US Troops Retrain Congo Troops Known for Being Violent
UN Says Congo Pullout Would Undermine Aid Work
Seeking Order, Rwanda Pursues Dissenters and the Poor
Colombian Rebels Kill Five Soldiers in Coca Field
Brazil's Top Court: Amnesty Law Will Not Change
Nicaragua Opposition Calls on OAS to Intervene
Americans Still Dying
Hoover (AL) Marine Killed 6 Weeks Into Afghanistan Deployment
Auburndale (FL) Soldier and Father of Four Killed by Iraq Bomb
Claysville (PA) Soldier Was Due Home in May From Afghanistan
Soldier From Virginia Beach (VA) Dies in Baghdad in Non-Combat Incident
Iowa Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Survived by His Wife, Five Children and Two Grandchildren
Brielle (NJ) Army Ranger Dies in Afghanistan on Third Combat Tour
Long Island (NY) Soldier Remembered by Family, Friends
Drive to Bolster Afghan Security Carries Risks
Pakistani Smugglers Supplying Afghan Bombmakers
US Army Captain Becomes King in Afghanistan
Canadian Soldier Injured in Afghanistan Dies in Edmonton
This Guy Has Found 177 Bombs in Afghanistan
Pakistan Plans North Waziristan Offensive
Who Murdered Benazir Bhutto?
Killers of Pakistan Spy Wanted Custody of Afghan Taliban, Not Release
Pakistan: Khwaja's Fate Was Sealed After Spying Charges
Pakistan: Kashmiri Behind Khawaja's Murder?
New Pakistan Inquiry Into Bhutto Killing After UN Report
UN Probes Into Benazir, Hariri Murders Have Signifcant Difference
Seven Killed in Mingora Gun, Bomb Attacks
Six Injured in Karachi Blast
Pakistani Sisters Sprayed With Acid
Roadside Bomb Wounds 7 in Quetta
3 Nations Warn of Terror Attacks Planned in India
India: Second Suspect Held in Ajmer Blast
Mumbai Attack Planner Has 'Split' Personality, Says Uncle
Woman Accused of Spying for Pakistan Remanded to Custody in India
One Killed in Kashmir Protests, Geelani Detained
Indian Army Foils Kashmir Infiltration Bid, Three Dead
Tens of Thousands Rally Against Nepal's Government
Talks Fail to Resolve Nepal's Deepening Political Crisis
Nepalese PM Refuses to Resign Despite Mass Maoist Rally
Nepal Braces for Nationwide Anti-Government Shutdown
Thai Protesters Call for Reinforcements in Capital
Thailand Calls Emergency Meeting as Tensions Rise
Protesters Storm Bangkok Hospital in Search of Soldiers
Thai Standoff May Worsen to Undeclared Civil War, Warns Crisis Group
South Korean Activists Send Leaflets Despite Pyongyang's Threat
North Korea Expels Most South Koreans From Resort
US Welcomes North Korean 'Gesture' Toward US Prisoner
Diplomat's Arrest in Houston Spurs Complaint From China
Chinese Activist, Gao Zhisheng, Disappears Again
Myanmar Ruling Junta Warns of Polls 'Saboteurs'
Myanmar Junta Members Go Civilian
Japan PM Renews Vow to Resolve US Base Row
Media Group for Probe Into Bangladesh Journo's Death
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russia's Medvedev Orders Plan for Development of Naval Base in Ukraine
Rare Russian Opposition Rally Says Putin Is Stalin
One Dead, 21 Hurt in Blast in Russia's Nalchik
Chechnya's President 'Ordered Me to Kill Rival'
Another Prison Death at Moscow Jail Being Probed
US Military
PTSD Diagnosis a Moving Target
Pentagon Scientists Inject Necks to 'Cure' PTSD
In Tide of New PTSD Cases, Fear of Growing Fraud for VA
Video: Military's Robotic Pack Mule Battles the Mud

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Killer Cocktail: PTSD and Your Local Police

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On 'Collateral Murder' and Stephen Colbert

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Israel, a New Decade

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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