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Updated May 14, 2010 - 11:26 PM EDT
Obama Seeks $80 Billion for New Nukes
  Treaty Aimed at Banning Nukes Remains Grounded
  Senate Panel Approves $33.5 Billion More for Afghan, Iraq Wars
Iraq Double Bomb Attack Kills 25 at Football Game
Top US General: Afghan War Is 'a Draw'
  Protests in Eastern Afghanistan After US Night Raid Kills 10 Civilians
  Obama, Karzai Still Split on Peace Talks with Taliban
  New UK Govt Says No Deadline for Afghan Withdrawal
Obama Seeks $205M for Israeli Missile Defense
  Israelis: No Halt to East Jerusalem Construction
  Russia Spurns Israeli Rebuke Over Hamas Meet
Report Emphasizes Dubious Iran-al-Qaeda Ties
  US Shrugs Off Iran Diplomacy Efforts
  Boeing, Exxon Say New Iran Sanctions Would Hurt Sales
  Russia Warns US Against Unilateral Iran Sanctions
US, Pakistan Report More Arrests in NYC Plot
  Holder Vows to Pursue Times Square Suspects Abroad
10 Dead, 125 Wounded as Thai Violence Escalates
US Decision to Kill Cleric Causes Unease
Repeating History With Iran  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Lies: Obama Says He Is 'Accountable' for Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan  by Jeremy Scahill
The Marines Are Looking for a Few Good High School Students  by Laurence M. Vance
Obama Tries to Strongarm Karzai  by Robert Dreyfuss
Fighting For Our Freedom?  by Tom Mullen
Israel Seeks to Silence Dissent  by Ben White

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News Outlets Appeal Pentagon's Ban on Guantanamo Coverage
Syria Handles Scud Row With Eye on US
Pentagon Works to Define Rules of Cyber Warfare
UN Chief Refusing Orders From Internal Personnel Court
Taiwan Man Pleads Guilty in Iran Missile Case
'Black Friday,' Birth of US Protest Movement
Iran Says Three-Way Summit Could Finalize Nuclear Deal With West
Lula Visit May Be Last Shot on Iran Engagement: US
Sen. Lieberman to Foreign Firms: Do Business With Iran or US – Not Both
Kurds Stage Strike in Iran to Protest Executions of Activists
California Insurers Agree to Avoid Iran Investment
Iraqi and Iranian Soldiers Trade Fire on Border
Sadr City Blast That Killed 9 Was Premature Detonation, Say Officials
US Agrees to Return Iraq Records
Young Real Estate Entrepreneurs Link US and Iraq
Thursday: 11 Iraqis Killed, 52 Wounded
Barak: Ministers' Provocations Over Jerusalem Harming Israel's Interests
Israeli FM Voices Displeasure Over Possible Turkey Nuclear Power Plant
A Tale in Four Parts: Gaza's Car Industry
Spain Delivers Warnings to Lebanon From Israel
Obama, Lebanon's Prime Minister to Meet May 24
Houthi Rebels in Northern Yemen Deny Using Schools as Bases
Sudan Govt Rejects Claims of New Darfur Troops Buildup
'War on Terror'
Europe's Antiterrorism Agencies Favor Human Intelligence Over Technology
On Terrorism, AG Counters Republican Criticism
US Military
Fortress Guam Resists US Military Buildup
Aging Jet Fighters Concern Retiring NORAD Chief
Afghan, US Forces Kill 35 Taliban in Kunduz
Effort to Pacify Taliban Is Off to a Slow Start
Clinton to Afghan Women: 'We Will Not Abandon You'
At US-Afghan Meetings, Talk of Nuts and Bolts
Karzai Hopeful Afghans Will Pay for Own Security
Unlimited Talk, Only $679 Million: Inside the No-Bid Deal for Afghan Interpreters
Pakistan Inequality Fuelling Taliban Support
Petraeus: Pakistan Must Be Given Credit for Anti-Terror Efforts
US Senator: Label Pakistan Taliban, Haqqani, as Terrorists
Kyrgyz Protesters Seize Regional Governors Offices
Protesters in Kyrgyzstan Try for Control of South
Kyrgyz Govt Says to Rout Coup Attempt Organizers
Thailand Puts 17 Provinces Under Emergency Decree
Thailand Will Use Armored Vehicles to Seal Protest
Thai Army Authorized to Use Live Ammunition to Seal Off Bangkok Protest Site
US Military Base Impasse Could Topple Japan Leader
Khyber TV a Raging Hit Amongst Kashmiri Pashtuns
Google CEO Reassures Shareholders About China
World Cup Broadcast Further Strains Ties Between North, South Korea
Rebels Kill Eight Russian Telecom Staffers in North Caucasus
Former Air Force Chief: Russia's Air Defenses Weak
Alcohol 'More of a Problem for Returning UK Troops Than Stress Disorder'
UN Prosecutor Files Amended Mladic Indictment

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Stirring the Bosnian Pot

David R. Henderson
On 'Collateral Murder' and Stephen Colbert

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How Brainy Is Obama?

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