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Updated May 28, 2010 - 11:26 PM EDT
Attackers Strike Mosques in Pakistan; 80 Dead
Maoist Sabotage Kills 81 on Train in India
If Afghan Gov't Doesn't Improve, 'We'll Lose'
  US Senate Rejects Exit Timetable for Afghanistan
  AP Tally: 1,000th US Military Death in Afghanistan
Don't Cut War Budget Too Much, NATO Warns UK
  British ID Cards Scheme to Be Quickly Scrapped
  FM: Britain Will Stay Out of India-Pakistan Dispute
N. Korea Ends Naval Safeguards Deal With South
  Analysts Question Korea Torpedo Incident
  China Not Assigning Blame in South Korea Sinking
Iraq Vote Results Face Another Possible Delay
  Al-Qaeda 'Running Out of Suicide Bombers in Iraq'
Israel Set for Capture of Gaza-Bound Aid Ships
  Netanyahu: Time for Direct Talks With Palestinians
  Israeli Parliament Speaker: PA Boycott a 'Declaration of War'
  Israeli Army Causes Disastrous Blaze in Golan
New US Policy Dumps Bush Anti-Terror Doctrine
  Document Says Number of Attempted Attacks on US Is at All-Time High

Senate Approves Nearly $60 Billion More for Wars

Covert US Military Strategy on Iran  by Robert Parry
Mac Bundy Said He Was 'All Wrong'  by William Pfaff
The Audacity of the Free Gaza Flotilla  by Ann Wright
The American Century Is So Over  by Dilip Hiro and Tom Engelhardt
Will US Troops Ever Leave Iraq?  by Bonnie Bricker and Adil E. Shamoo
Meet Your New Commander-In-Geek  by Katherine Mangu-Ward

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Ray McGovern: Memo to Congressman David Obey
Israeli Human Rights Activist: I Was Tortured
Britain Vows to Change Policy Allowing UK to Arrest Israeli Politicians
Four Lawmakers Push for Cuts in Military Spending
UN Official Set to Ask US to End CIA Drone Strikes
House Votes to Repeal Military Gay Ban
Democrats Stop Bid to Send 6,000 Troops to Border
US, Brazilian Officials at Odds Over Letter on Iranian Uranium
Iran Navy Detects US Nuke Sub in Gulf
Iran Sanctions Won't Hurt Rulers, Top Dissident Says
Iran and Russia Clash in Worst Row for Years
Russia Says Iran Was Deaf to Its Nuclear Proposals
Russian Foreign Minister Dismisses Iran Criticism
US Media Censors US Support of Iran Fuel Swap
Iran Blames US for Deadlock at Nuclear Pact Meet
Ahmadinejad Lacks Legitimacy: Opposition Leader
Merkel Urges Iran to Consider Nuclear Deal
Iranian Artists, Musicians Give Voice to Opposition Amid Censorship
Iran's Ahmadinejad Takes Gamble on Subsidy Cuts
Report: 19 Kurd Rebels Killed in Attack Last Week
We're Still at War in Iraq: Photo of the Day
Baghdad's Trade in Wildlife Anything but Tame
Legacy of Gulf War and Border Dispute Continue to Dog Relations With Kuwait
Between Iraq and a Rich Place
Pushing the Investment Frontier in Iraq
Gunmen Kill Civilian in Mosul
Two Iraqi Soldiers Wounded in Mosul Blast
Thursday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 28 Wounded
Gaza Aid Fleet
Activists Vow to Keep Sailing for Gaza Despite Israeli Threats
Israeli Commandos to Block Gaza Activists
Israel Lauds Cyprus for 'Ethical' Ban on Aid Ships
Gaza Aid Convoy Showdown Poses a New Challenge for Israel
Onboard the Freedom Flotilla
Hamas Accuses Israel of 'Piracy' Over Gaza Aid Ships
Israel Sets Up Tents for Gaza-Bound Activists
Two Israelis Arrested for Heckling Obama Aide
Israel Indicts 2 Arab Citizens in Aiding Hezbollah
PA Plans $50 Million Fund to Help Palestinians Boycott Settlements
Groups Protest Israel Denying US Student's Entry
Abbas to Visit White House on June 9
Middle East
Kin of Accidentally Killed Yemeni Official Bomb Another Pipeline
No News on Possible Mubarak Run Until 2011
Turkish PM Stresses Brazil Ties on Unprecedented Visit
Sudanese President Sworn in After Election Win
Sudan President Urges Engagement With West
DR Congo
UN to Pull 2,000 Troops From Congo, Draft Resolution Says
UN Experts: Congo Rebels Illegally Impose Taxes
Somali Islamist Leader Urges Unity
Ethiopian Polls Reflect People's Will: AU Monitors
International Criminal Court
International Court Nations to Ponder Crimes of Aggression
US Military
Congress Pursues F-35 Engine That Defense Secretary Robert Gates Doesn't Want
Fort Wainwright Soldier Investigated Over Facebook Video of Iraqi Children
Pentagon Will Seek Bids to Supply Jet Fuel at Air Base in Kyrgyzstan
US Air Force Tests Hypersonic Cruise Missile
Army's Tank School Leaves Fort Knox After 70 Years
Congress to Vote on Military Gay Ban
Top Officer Talks Change as Gay Ban Vote Nears
Key US Senate Panel Set to Vote to End Military Gay Ban
Air Force Chief in Ohio Facing Sex Allegations
Army Changes Enlistment Procedure
'War on Terror'
Obama: Al-Qaeda Spinoffs Also Working Against US
Times Square Bomb Plot: Pakistani Army Major Arrested
Another Detained in Times Square Probe
Experts Say Censorship Not the Way to Stop Terrorists From Recruiting Online
Torture Inquiry Should Leave No Stone Unturned, Says Amnesty
UNICEF Head: Don't Try Guantanamo 'Child Soldier'
Afghans: Pakistani Taliban Commander Rumored Dead
Karzai's Brother to Scale Back Role in Kandahar: NATO
British Marine Killed in Afghan Blast
54 Taliban Killed in Hangu and Orakzai
Pakistani Envoy Rejects Reports of US Pressure
Taliban Kill Tribal Elder, Wife and Son in Pakistan
Rhetoric Grows Heated in Water Dispute Between India, Pakistan
US Intel Official: North Korea Is Bluffing
Russia Wants '100% Proof' North Korea Sunk Ship
South Korea Stages Anti-Submarine Drill Amid Tension
Young South Koreans Worry About Rising Tensions With North Korea
Seoul Protesters Demand Revenge Against North Korea
Thaksin Denies He Fomented Violence
Thailand Urges Ex-Pm Thaksin to Come Out of Hiding
Looking for the Money Behind the Protest Mob
Japan, US Expect to Issue Joint Base Statement Friday
Tibetan Gets Suspended Death Sentence for Riots
Canada Denies Visa to Ex-Indian Army Officer for Kashmir Abuses
Myanmar Opposition Marks Anniversary of Victory
Ukraine Drops NATO Membership Pursuit
Russia Hunts for Bombers After Blast Kills Seven
Berlusconi Quotes Mussolini, Laments Lack of Power
Top Bosnian's Serbia Visit Delayed Over War Criminal
UN Expert: Colombian Soldiers Killed for Profit
Colombia Army Killings Rear Head in Presidential Campaign
Jamaica Toll Mounts but No Sign of Kingpin

Justin Raimondo
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Philip Giraldi
The Strategic Ally Myth

Ivan Eland
Intelligence Reform Is a Failure

Kelley B. Vlahos
Rand Paul Drinks Tea, Turns Into Hawk?

Charles V. Peņa
Why We Can't Win in Afghanistan

Nebojsa Malic
Butchery at Wakefield Prison

Ran HaCohen
From Two States to One

David R. Henderson
On 'Collateral Murder' and Stephen Colbert

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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