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Updated July 7, 2010 - 11:28 PM EDT
NATO Airstrike Kills 5 Afghan Troops
  6 NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
  McChrystal Probe of Afghan Killings Excluded Key Eyewitnesses
CIA, Pakistan's ISI in Fierce but Quiet Battle
  US Demands North Waziristan Offensive
Suicide Bomber Kills 36 Iraqi Shia Pilgrims
  Odierno Floats Idea of UN Troops in Iraq Past 2011
  Wednesday: 64 Iraqis Killed, 215 Wounded
UAE Disavows Ambassador’s Call to Attack Iran
  Iran Proposes Conditional Talks in September
  Netanyahu Presses for More Iran Sanctions on US Visit

China Objects to US Sanctions Against Iran

Obama and Netanyahu All Smiles

US Soldier Charged Over WikiLeaks Video
Costa Rican Govt Approves US Occupation
Why We Must Reduce Military Spending  by Rep. Barney Frank and Rep. Ron Paul
The Dangers of Democracy Promotion  by Daniel Larison
Plotting Terrorism  by Stephan Salisbury and Tom Engelhardt
The Real Sin of Michael Steele  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Steele Speaks the Truth  by Chris Norby
The Charge of the Media Brigade  by John Pilger

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Study: Civilian Casualties Create New Enemies

War Zone Drone Crashes Add Up

Pentagon Says New Media Rules Are No 'Iron Curtain'

Congress May Lift Cuba Travel Ban

Spanish Court Seeks Arrest of CIA Agents

European Parliament Set to Approve Snooping Bill

Moscow: US Defense System in Poland 'Unjustified'

Prosecutors to Appeal Russian Spy Case Bail Ruling


Iraqiya Bloc MP Survives Assassination Attempt in Tikrit

Spanish Reporter's Iraq Death Probe Reopened

Saddam Hussein Struck Out of History to Split Iraq Even More

Egypt to Open Two Consulates in Iraq

Demands for Inquiry Into Iraq Torture Claims

Families of British Soldiers Killed in Iraq 'Let Down'

Tuesday: 11 Iraqis Killed, 48 Wounded


US 'Ready' for Iran Talks

UAE Continues Fueling Iranian Planes

The War at Home

Thousands of Soldiers Unfit for War Duty

Alleged Army Whistleblower Felt Angry and Alone

Veteran's Suicide Reflects Troubling Trend

Pentagon Plans 'Flying Submarine'

Muslims in US Face Fears, Bias to Build, Expand Mosques

'War on Terror'

Terror Defendant Scoffed at Airport Security

7/7, the Day That Changed UK Muslims' Lives

Middle East

Is Yemen the Next Afghanistan?

Court Upholds Sentence for Tunisian Journalist


Sudan Halts Papers Critical of Southern Government Authorities

Zimbabweans Wash Dirty US Dollars With Soap, Water


Kosovo Vows to Investigate 'Criminal' Incident

Serbia, Kosovo Clash at UN Over Explosion

In Other News

Thailand Extends State of Emergency in Capital

3 Die as Indian Forces Fire on Kashmir Protesters


British Troops to Withdraw From Afghan Town

In Post-Taliban Era, Afghan Rock Bands Capture Angst of Youth Growing Up in War-Torn Country

British Troops to Hand Over Northern Helmand to US Marines

Ex-PM Sharif Urges Pakistan Neutrality on Afghanistan

Pakistan Pays Price for Hauling Afghan War Cargo as Taliban Shuts Highway

26 More Militants Dead in Dir, Orakzai

Netanyahu in the US

Report: Obama Makes No Demands in Netanyahu Meeting

Obama Praises Netanyahu for Easing Gaza Blockade

Netanyahu Hears No Discouraging Words From Obama

Americans for Peace Now to Obama: Extend Settlement Freeze

Obama and Netanyahu Both Say Talks of US-Israeli Rift 'Flat Wrong'

Obama Backs Israel on Nuclear Conference

Obama: Israel Serious About Peace

Despite Rift, Israel Gets More US Aid Than Iraq

Gazans: We Were Used as 'Human Shields'

Israeli Soldier Faces Manslaughter Charge for Killing Gaza Civilians

Israel to File 2nd Goldstone Response

Mass March for Captive Soldier Divides Israel

Peace Players International Lends Assist to Groups With Long-Standing Conflicts

Spokesman Denies Abbas Drew Up Conditions for Direct Talks

Turkish Foreign Minister Slams Israeli Counterpart Lieberman

Senator Pressures Nuclear Body to Clear Man of Illegal Uranium Diversions to Israel

A Capitalist Enclave in North Korea Survives

South Korea, US to Hold War Games After Any UN Action Over Ship Sinking

Indonesian Radicals Are Weakened, Report Says

China's Xinjiang Region Quiet a Year After Ethnic Riots


Justin Raimondo
Bradley Manning, American Patriot

Ivan Eland
New Rankings Overrate Obama

Kelley B. Vlahos
Exum's Challenge: Game On!

Nebojsa Malic
The Endless Summer of 1914

Philip Giraldi
Executive Privilege

David R. Henderson
Supreme Mediocrity

Charles V. Peņa
Still Mesmerized by WMDs

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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