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Updated July 12, 2010 - 10:47 PM EDT
74 Killed in Uganda 'World Cup' Bombings
  Somali Militants Threatened Attacks on Uganda Last Week
NATO Denies Taliban Stronger as Toll Mounts
  Attacks Kill Afghan Governor, 11 Police
  Afghanistan's Pashtuns Fight for Their Way of Life
  UK General: Efforts to Curb Afghan Civilian Deaths 'Too Restrictive'

IDF Blames Intel for Flotilla 'Mistakes'

  Israel Threat as Libya Aid Boat Eyes Gaza Landing
  Abbas: No Point in Direct Talks With Israel Now
  Lieberman's Settlement Bars Russian-Israelis From Buying Homes
  Palestinian Villagers Battle Plans to Wall Them In
No Govt in Sight as Iraqi Parliament ‘Postponed’
Report: US-Russia Spy Swap Nearly Failed
  Attorney General: Russian Spies Posed Threat to US
Lobbying Battle Over START Treaty Heats Up
Anger in Costa Rica Over Deal to 'Invite' 46 US Warships
Why Are We in Afghanistan?  by Tom Engelhardt
Bombs Away! Remember Cambodia  by Ben Kiernan and Taylor Owen
Infinite Jest: State Terror From Nixon to Obama  by Chris Floyd
Up Against the Wall  by Bill Kauffman
Two Sit-Ins  by Uri Avnery
Kristol Blew Persuasion  by Conor Friedersdorf

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UN Command May Accept North Korea Offer of Talks
Holder: Congress Holding Up 9/11 Mastermind Trial
Sources: Call by Russian Spy to Dad in Moscow Led US to Hasten Arrests
Netanyahu: Peace Deal Unlikely by 2012
Darfur Violence Kills 221 in June: Peacekeepers
Japan Coalition Govt Loses Upper House Majority
Former Officer: Israeli Navy Commander Must Resign Over Flotilla Raid
Iran Guards Profiting From Sanctions: Karroubi
20 Kilos of 20% Enriched Uranium Ready: Iran
Iranian MP: Documents Prove US Nabbed Researcher
Netanyahu: 'Irrational' Iran Can't Get Nuclear Arms
Iran Halts Stoning of Woman 'For Time Being'
Iran Clerics to Fight Western Influence in Classrooms
Netanyahu: Obama 'Might Have the Only Real Effect on Iran'
MP: Sanctions a 'Declaration of War on Iran'
Iraqi Court Seeks Arrest of Iranian Exiles
Former Sahwa Fighter Killed in Baghdad
Iraq Says to Discuss Oil Smuggling to Iran With Kurds
Sunday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded
Israel: Don't Restart Negotiations From Scratch, Former Peace-Table Adversaries Agree
'Israel's Status Worst Since 70s'
Settler Questioned Over Killing of Palestinian Teen
Netanyahu Says Will Meet Egypt's Mubarak on Tuesday
Senior Palestinian Calls Jerusalem a 'Time Bomb'
US Congress United in Its Support of Israel, Says Republican Whip
Libya's Qaddafi Latest to Challenge Israel's Gaza Blockade
Hezbollah Says It Has List of Targets in Israel
UN Force Under Pressure Four Years After Lebanon War
Civilian Clashes With UN Soldiers Rise in Lebanon's Hezbollah Heartland
Palestinians in Syria Have to Be Taught About 'Home'
Eight Qaeda Suspects Captured in South Yemen
Yemeni Journalist Kidnapped by Gunmen
Yemen Upholds Death Sentences in US Embassy Attack
US Military
For Iraq Vet With Post-Traumatic Stress, Help Never Came
Army Team at Arlington Seeks to Guarantee Burial Records
Karzai to Push for Removing Up to 50 Ex-Taliban Officials From UN Blacklist
Soldiers Take Over Where Afghan Govt Fears to Go
US Troops Face Afghan Enemy Too Young to Kill
Australia: 'Stressed Troops' Burning Out in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Sees Pakistan Border Trade Deal in Weeks
Afghanistan Air Drops Provide Life Support to Troops
Los Angeles Police Teach Marines How to Train Afghan Police
At Afghan Cup in Virginia, Recruiters Offer Big Money for Interpreters
28 Killed in Attack at Military Checkpoint in Pakistan
US Training of Pakistani Forces Faces Hurdles
US Senator: Pakistan Must Take on Haqqani Network
Curfew Lifts in Most of Kashmir, but Strike Called
A Youth's Death in Kashmir Renews a Familiar Pattern of Crisis
Pakistan TV Channels Banned in Kashmir
Bangladesh Jails Police Over Extrajudicial Killing
Taiwan's Leader Calls for Closer Ties With China
China Confirms It Renewed Google Operating License
Judge Shot Dead in Dagestan
Hundreds of Victims of Srebrenica Massacre Buried
South Sudan Army Says Kills Seven in Militia Raids
Somali Official Assassinated in Central Town
Three Journalists Kidnapped in Nigeria: Police
Guinea Presidential Runoff Due Aug. 1
12 Leftist Rebels Killed in Colombia
Curaçao Faces Friction With Chávez Over US Planes
Cuban Prisoner Releases Shift Focus to Dissidents
Canadian Military Purges Offensive, Sexist Cartoons in Training Materials

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