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Updated July 21, 2010 - 11:28 PM EDT
The Secrets Next Door
  National Security Inc.
  UK Spy Boss: Terror Threat Surged After Iraq War

Blogging Site Shut Down for Having 'Link to Terrorist Material'

AU Admits Continued Killing of Somali Civilians

US to Provide More Aid to AU War in Somalia

Top Officials Pledge to Continue Afghan War

Two US 'Civilians' Killed by Renegade Afghan Soldier

EU Poised to Approve Yet More Iran Sanctions

Rising Speculation About Bombing Iran's Nuclear Facilities

Iraq Car Bomb Kills 30, Wounds 46
Israel Refusing to Release Captured Aid Ships
House Majority Leader: Gitmo Closure 'Not a Priority'
Advice for Gen. Petraeus on the Rules of Engagement  by Tom Engelhardt
One-State Debate Explodes Myth About Zionist Left  by Jonathan Cook
Realism, Taken to Its Logical End, Is Non-Interventionist  by Elliot Engstrom
Why Foreign Policy Matters Most  by Jack Hunter
The Ministry of Truth  by Philip Giraldi
A Radical Proposal for Airline Security  by Steve Chapman

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Palestinian Chef Finds Occupation Hard to Digest

Extending the Life of B-61 Nuclear Weapons Could Cost $4 Billion

US Spy Chief-Nominee Warns of Future North Korean Attacks

US, Britain Work to Resolve Hacker Extradition

Grenades From Contra War Being Used Now in Mexico Violence

Japan: Decision on US Base Not Likely Before November

US: No Worries About Russian Nuke Treaty Cheating

US Envoy: Diplomatic Presence in Iraq to Shrink

Iraqi Government Says It Didn't Order Soccer Raid

Maliki to Meet Allawi Tuesday Afternoon

Analysts: Attacks in Iraq Seek to Stall US Pullout

Tuesday: 12 Iraqis, 5 Iranians Killed; 38 Iraqis, 5 Iranians Wounded


Obama: Iran's Path of Defiance Will Only Bring It More Isolation

US Watchdog Moves to Smother Iran Trade

Iran's Parliament Adopts Bill Against Cargo Inspections

Russian Official: Iran Won't Get Our Missiles

'War on Terror'

News Media Seek Loosening of Guantánamo Rules

UN Adds Radical Cleric Al-Awlaki to Terror List

Accused Mass. Terror Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

United Kingdom

Cameron Says Britain Won't Investigate Release of Lockerbie Bomber

UK: Defense Industry's Chiefs Told to Drop Prices


China Warily Eyes US-Korea Drills

US, South Korea to Conduct Military Drills Next Week

Ex-North Korean Spy Who Blew Up Jetliner Visits Japan


Report Says US Fails to Assess Drug Aid to Mexico

Cuba Dissidents Told Spain Exile Muddles US Asylum
Afghanistan Builds Up Strategic Partnership With Pakistan

Karzai's Road Map for Reforms Wins Diplomats' Support at Afghan Conference

A City Tour for VIPs Attending the Kabul Conference

Clinton to Afghan Women: You Will Not Be Forgotten

Iran Says NATO Military Presence Foments Afghan Violence


PM: Mullah Omar, Osama Not in Pakistan

Key Pakistani Counterterrorism Official Resigns

Five Militants Killed 'in Bungled Pakistan Attack'

Water Dispute Raises Tension Between India and Pakistanis


Report: Israel Wants Fewer Civilian Deaths in Future Wars

Israeli Spy Cases Revive Divisions in Lebanon

Israel Lifts Warning Over Travel to Turkey

Israel Denies Presenting Egypt With Map of Palestinian State

Israeli Lawmaker Visits Flashpoint Religious Site

'Mossad Agents' Expelled From Mauritius

1st Gaza Mall Attracts Thousands

Middle East

Kurdish Rebels Kill Seven Turkish Soldiers

Turkish Military Court Rejects Trial of Colonel in Coup Plot Case

Yemeni Shi'ite Rebels Welcome Qatari Role in Achieving Peace

In Other News

US Financial Reform Bill Also Targets 'Conflict Minerals' From Congo

UN: Uzbeks Face Torture, Abuses in Kyrgyzstan

Timeline: Kosovo Since 2008


Justin Raimondo
The Complexity Conundrum

Ivan Eland
Ending the Gaza Blockade Might Help Israel as Much as Gaza

Kelley B. Vlahos
Post-9/11 Militarism Helps BP, Hurts America

Charles V. Peņa
Why Do We Still Have Troops in Korea?

Nebojsa Malic
Srebrenica: The Sacred Lie

Philip Giraldi
Executive Privilege

David R. Henderson
Supreme Mediocrity

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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