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Updated September 5, 2010 - 10:38 PM EDT
US Troops in Combat in Baghdad, 12 Iraqis Killed

UN to Europeans: Don't Deport Iraqi Refugees


Experts: US Likely to Keep Troops in Iraq After 2011

  State Department Set to Increase Presence in Iraq

General: Afghan Progress Slower Than First Hoped


Karzai Sets Up Panel to Pursue Talks With Taliban


Outgoing NATO Deputy Rues Early Optimism on Marjah


British Guns Used Against NATO Forces in Afghanistan


White House: No Taxpayer Cash to Bail Out Afghan Bank

Israeli FM: Peace 'Unattainable' for Generations


IAEA Curtails Probe of Israel's Nuclear Capability


Palestinian and Israeli Commentators Pessimistic About Peace


Hamas Official: Israeli Settlers Are a Legitimate Military Target

Officials: US Drone Kills 8 Militants in Pakistan

Pentagon Bulks Up Yemen's Arsenal in Shadow War

Occupation Politics Stymie Afghanistan  by Sreeram Chaulia
Iraq and the Collapse of Neocon Illusions  by Tom Switzer
Another False Ending: Contracting Out the Iraq Occupation  by Bill Quigley and Laura Raymond
A New Netanyahu  by MJ Rosenberg
Persecuting a Conciliator  by Sheldon Richman
Where Does Iraq's Fate Lie?  by Mark LeVine

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Analysts: Iraq War 'Partly to Blame' for Financial Crisis

Shoes, Eggs Hurled at Ex-Brit PM Blair in Dublin

Professor McChrystal's Lectures: 'Navigating Politics, Media,' Irony

Sweden, Finland Urge EU to Open 'Peace Institute'...Like US's

US Troops Have Left $324 Million in Back Pay Unclaimed

US Soldiers Film Themselves Pranking Iraqi by Planting a Grenade in His Trunk

Sunni and Shiite Iraqi Journalists Talk About War

Top US Commander Discusses Iraq With Turkey

US Says No Decision to Withdraw Weapons in Iraq Though Turkey

Iraq WMD Dossier Was 'Reviewed' to Match Labor Spin, Memo Reveals

Woman Among Five Hanged in Iran for 'Anti-Revolutionary' Acts

US Military Chief Seeks Turkish Support Over Iran

Barak Heads to Russia in Bid to Halt Iran, Syria Arms Deal

'War on Terror'

Tony Blair: Radical Islam Is World's Greatest Threat

Miami Bomb Scare Involves US Doctor Once Jailed Over Plague Shipments

German Held by US Troops 'Planned Europe Attacks'

The Post-9/11 Life of an American Charged With Murder

Americans Keep Dying

Father: 'I Did Everything I Could to Convince Him Not to Join' (CA)

Army Sergeant (TX) Was Expecting Birth of First Son in November

Army Chaplain From South Dakota Killed by Afghan Bomb

Kenner (LA) Family Remembers Marine Son Killed on Third Combat Tour
Friends Remember Nebraska Soldier, Killed a Month After Arriving in Afghanistan

Yucca Valley (CA) Navy Corpsman Killed in Action in Afghanistan

Marine Bomb Disposal Technician From Florida Killed in Afghanistan

Soldier (MO) Serving as Handler of Bomb-Sniffing Dog Killed in Afghanistan

Chattanooga (TN) Native, Father of Three, Killed in Afghanistan

Hundreds Attend Fallen Michigan Marine's Funeral

Elizabeth (NJ) Soldier Killed on Third Day at Afghanistan Front

Funeral Held for Kirksville (MO) Soldier Killed in Iraq

Family, Friends Gather for Creve Coeur (IL) Marine's Funeral

Army Ranger Laid to Rest in Tollesboro (KY)

Huntington (IN) GI Knew Dangers Awaited in Afghanistan

Lebanon (OH) Soldier Killed by Insurgents in Afghanistan

Parents Lose Only Child to Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan (GA)

Prairie Du Sac (WI) Soldier With Ties to Minnesota Killed by Bomb

Enemy Grenade Kills Airborne Soldier From Arkansas

Utah Army Captain Leaves Behind Wife, Four Children


More Stryker Brigade Soldiers Charged With Assault on Afghans

Afghan Official: Seven Killed in Kunduz Motorbike Bombing

Afghans Continue Pulling Money From Troubled Bank

US Forces, British Clash Over Strategy in Afghan South

Inside Corrupt-Istan, a Loss of Faith in Leaders


Pakistan: Fourteen Militants Killed in Central Kurram Agency

Pakistani Militants Stoking Sectarian Rift, Says Interior Minister

Pakistan's Ruling Party Losing Support Among Flood Victims

Pakistan Flood Loss Worse Than Depicted: Mullen

Pakistan Is the World's Most Dangerous Country

Mideast 'Peace Process'
Middle East Peace Process: High-Level Talks but With Low Expectations

Is Netanyahu Ready to Make Peace? the Test Is Yet to Come

Top US Official: Obama 'Very Pleased' With Outcome of Mideast Summit in Washington

In Middle East Peace Talks, Clinton Faces a Crucial Test

Middle East Peace Talks: Cynicism and Mistrust Stalk Make-Or-Break Negotiations in America

Arab League Chief: This Round of Israeli-Palestinian Talks Will Be the Last


Gaza Militants Fire Qassam Into Southern Israel

Israeli Jets Bomb S. Gaza Injuring Two Palestinians

Israel Has One of World's Largest 'Eavesdropping' Intel Bases

Shin Bet Seeks to Woo Israeli Settler Leaders With Special Go-Between

Walking in Palestine

Anti-Israel Economic Boycotts Are Gaining Speed

Report: US to Continue Lebanon Army Support Despite Fatal Israel Border Clash

Ammunition Warehouse Explodes in South Lebanon Village

Russia and Her Neighbors

Car Bomb in Dagestan Wounds Minister, Kills Driver

Officials: Belarus Web Activist Found Hanged, Committed Suicide

In Other News

At Least 43 Killed in Violence in Sudan's Darfur

Bahrain Says Shi'ite Figures Plotted Overthrow

Castro's Return to Full Uniform Sparks Rumors

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