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Updated September 7, 2010 - 11:19 PM EDT
Petraeus Seeks More Troops for Afghanistan
  Plan to Bribe Taliban Fighters Stalls Over Lack of Funds
  US Plans to Spend $6 Billion a Year on Afghan Troops
  FM: Russia Seeks Return to Afghanistan
35 Killed in 2 Days of NW Pakistan Bombings
  US Drone Strike Kills Five in North Waziristan

Iraqi Soldier Kills 2 US Troops at Base


Gunmen Kill Prominent Iraqi TV Presenter Riad Al-Saray

New IAEA Iran Report Says Little, Sparks Speculation
Uganda Sends 750 More Troops to Somalia
Sentencing Terrorism Suspects to Death Without Trial  by Anthony D. Romero and Vincent Warren
Despite Celebration, the Iraq War Continues  by David Sirota
Legacy of Iraq War Won't Be Winding Down  by Cesar Chelala
Obama Follows Bush on Iran  by Muhammad Sahimi
Learning the Limits of Military Power  by Christopher Preble
Debunked Iraq War Talking Point Is Back  by Eli Clifton

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Pentagon Spends Half a Billion Dollars -- on Music

Muslims Toning Down Eid Festivities in Honor of 9/11

FL Mosques Call for Nonviolent Response to Church's Koran Burning

Petraeus Warns Koran Burning Could Endanger US Troops

Lights Out in Gaza

Media New Battleground for Palestinians and Israelis

Female, Single, Over 30: Iraqis Count Cost of War
Allawi Says to Accept Another Candidate From His Bloc for Premiership

Two Iraqi Children Killed in Landmine Blast

IED Wounds Four in Baghdad

Gunmen Assassinate Ranking Defense Ministry Officer in Baghdad

Monday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 28 Wounded


Russian Official: US Hindering Resumption of Talks With Iran

Iran's Mysterious Judicial System

UAE Central Bank to Monitor Remittances Sent to Iran

Dutch Town of Delft Is Center of a New Iranian Activism

US Military

Army: Ex-Soldier Takes 3 Hospital Workers Hostage

Military Communities Among Wealthiest in US

In Sour US Job Market, Military Recruitment Thriving

Army Contract Employee Claims He Was Fired for Refusing to Submit False Reports

Russia and Israel Sign Military Cooperation Agreement

Eccentric Russian Regional Strongman to Step Down


As US Officials Begin Visit to Beijing, Relations Are 'Sound,' China Says

Speculation About Kim Jong Il's Successor Intensifies

Bombs Rock Southern Philippines After Militants' Death

Iceland MP, WikiLeaks Member Calls for Assange to Step Aside During Rape Investigation
Serbian Immigrants in Chicago: US Contractor Behind Croatian Offensive

Spain Rejects Truce by Basque Separatist Group

CIA Joins Calls for Lockerbie Bomber Release Inquiry

Tony Blair Cancels London Appearance Over Protests


Afghan Foreign Troops Death Toll Hits 500 for 2010

Kabul Bank Has 'Normalized,' Afghan Officials Say

Running Scared: Afghan Candidates Risk Their Lives

Karzai Orders Probe Into Murder of Afghan TV Anchor

Freed Japanese Journalist Denies Afghan Kidnappers Were Taliban

Plan to Woo Taliban Foot Soldiers Away From Insurgency Stalls

British Troops Suspected of Trafficking Drugs from Afghanistan

Kandahar Boardwalk Is a World Away From War

German States Grow Skeptical of Sending Police Trainers to Afghanistan
South Asia

Panic Grips Lahore After Two Low-Intensity Explosions

12 Killed as Violence Flares in Indian Kashmir


Israel Hints at New Settlements, Putting Peace Talks in Jeopardy

Netanyahu to US Congressman: Mideast Peace Possible Within Year

Call for Israel's Lieberman to Be Fired After Peace Talks Comments

Abbas Against 'Even One Concession' in Washington-Brokered Peace Talks

Israeli Police Accused of Targeting Jerusalem's Arab Residents

US Artists Support Israelis' Settlement Protest

Poll: Half of Israeli Teens Don't Want Arab Students in Their Class

Middle East

Lebanon PM: Wrong to Accuse Syria in Hariri Death

Syria Agrees to Limited Work Plan for IAEA Nuclear Probe

Thin Line for Group of Muslims in Egypt

African Union Says Somalia Troop Redeployments Not Due to Insurgent Attacks

Armed Group Kills 50 in Darfur Market


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Marked Imam Tests Lawn-Chair Constitutionalists

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The Curious Case of al-Soofi and al-Murisi

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Somebody's Son or Daughter is Our Tragedy

Ivan Eland
Assessing the Iraq War

David R. Henderson
P.J. O'Rourke's Progress

Nebojsa Malic
Westerwelle's Big Adventure

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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