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Updated September 30, 2010 - 11:15 PM EDT
Study: Wars Could Cost $4 Trillion to $6 Trillion
  Gates Says Too Few in US Bear Burdens of War
  Top Uniformed Officer Says Pentagon Budget Cuts Would Endanger US
  4 Fort Hood Soldiers Killed Themselves Last Week
NATO Choppers Kill 3 Pakistani Soldiers
  Pakistan Cuts NATO Supply Line After Border Firing
  Terror Plot in Europe 'Prompted Drone Strikes'
  As Pakistan Complains, US Vows Drone Strikes Will Continue
  Musharraf: Pakistan's Military Needs Role in Govt
NATO Attack Kills Afghan Children
  CNN Poll: Growing Pessimism Over Afghan War
Attacks Surge in Green Zone: US Blames Iran
  Maliki Makes Another Push for Second Term as Iraq PM
US Pushes Settlement Freeze as Talks Flounder
  Israeli Troops Treated Activists 'Harshly' in Jewish Boat Raid
Officials Issue Urgent but Vague Terror Alert
  US Lawmakers Lament Inability to Censor 'Jihadi Websites'
  US-Born al-Qaeda Spokesmen Resurface
Obama’s New Iran Sanctions Go Beyond Nuclear Program

Obama Imposes New Iran Sanctions as War Chorus Rises

Obama Continues Bush's Attacks on Activists  by Kevin B. Zeese
Neocons in Retreat  by Jack Hunter
Petraeus Cites Karzai-Taliban Peace Talks, While US Escalates War  by Robert Dreyfuss
The Ineffable Lobby  by Paul Pillar
Assassinating Americans, Secretly  by Jacob G. Hornberger
BBC and Murdoch, on the Same Side  by John Pilger

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Activists Say Raids Could Boost Antiwar Movement
FBI's Raids of Antiwar Activists Spark Protests
Door-to-Door Spies in Utah?
Grisly Allegations in War-Crimes Probe of Staff Sgt
In a Computer Worm, a Possible Biblical Clue
Video Hints at Executions by Pakistanis
Kissinger: Vietnam Failures Our Own Fault
Afghanistan Occupation
NATO: Service Member Killed in South Afghanistan
Accused Soldiers May Have Killed Another Afghan Civilian
NATO Says Kills al-Qaeda Commander in Afghanistan
Afghans Left Out of Aid Decisions
Admiral Mullen Praises Afghanistan Skeptic Rahm Emanuel
Petraeus Fights Time, Enemy in Afghanistan
US Judge Grants Bond to Man in Afghan Murder Case
Aussie Liberals Want More Australian Troops to Support Soldiers in Afghanistan
Rep. Honda: US Defense Industry Preventing Effective Strategies in Afghanistan
Afghan Govt Probes Pay of Officials' Relatives
Thousands of Afghans Displaced by Fighting
Taliban Reject Claims of Afghan Peace Approaches
Taliban in Hostage Swap Bid
Hamid Karzai: War May Force Out My Son
Pakistan Taliban Commander Vows to Expand Fight
Zardari Hints at One-Time Flood Tax on the Rich
Pakistan Govt on Rocky Ground Amid Flooding, Terrorism, Plummeting Economy
CIA Chief in Pakistan, to Hold Talks With Top Leadership
Fearing Holy Site Unrest, India Bans Bulk Texting
Indian Mosque-Temple Town Braces for Ayodhya Verdict
Policemen Held by Maoists in Central India Are Safe, Officer Says
India Concerned at US Military Aid to Pakistan
North Korea Vows to Strengthen Nuclear Arms
South Korea Says 2 Koreas to Hold Military Talks
Kim Jong Il's Son Named to More Senior Positions
Okinawa Governor Changes Stance to Demand Marine Air Units Be Moved Off Island
Pentagon Says US-China Military Ties Restored
China Says It Has Released 3 Japanese
Japan Mulls Island Troops, China Exports Resume
Suspected Insurgents Kill 5 in Southern Thailand
Aquino Creates National Security 'War Room'
European 'Defense'
Britain and France May Share Nukes
Liam Fox Fires Warning Shot Over Defense Cuts
David Cameron on Collision Course With Armed Forces
An Inside Look at German Reunification Negotiations
Ninety Years On, First World War Is Finally Over for Germany
Russian Troops Kill at Least 10 'Bandits' in North Caucasus
As Cuba Eyes Oil-Drilling, Some Urge Safety Talks
US Military
Gates: Day Will Come When Women Join Special Ops
For Grieving Parents of Nation's War Dead, the Combat Doesn't End
Iran Puts Off Bushehr Nuclear Plant Launch to Early 2011
Iran's FM: US Rejected Proposal to Meet With Clinton
Sanctions Prompt Concerns About Rial's Value as Currency
Bin Laden Aide, Freed, Leaves Iran
Iranian Families of Dead Prisoners Want Justice
US Ban on Iranian Pistachios Helps Calif. Farmers
US General: Iraq Political Limbo Fuels Violence
Media Watchdog: Iraqi Forces Attacking Journalists
Hitmen Have Killed 630 Iraqis With Silent Guns Since June
Political Impasse Deters Iraqis From Going Home
Iraq's Allawi Asks Syria to Press Iran Not to Meddle
Al-Qaeda 'Abducting Their Sons From Iraq'
Cell Firm Adds Electronic Jamming to Iraq Risks
28 Persons Busted in Samarra
Wednesday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 23 Wounded
Mideast Peace Talks
Netanyahu Vows Peace as Ally Lieberman Sows Doubt
Abbas Aides Defiant on Freeze Ahead of Mitchell Meet
US Envoy Sees Netanyahu in Bid to Save Talks
Europe Joins US in Effort to Save Peace Talks
Cyber-War Takes Center Stage in Israel's War Strategy
Israel Releases Gaza Activists
Army Publication: Settlers Heavily Overrepresented Among IDF Commanders
UN Panel Backs Critical Gaza Flotilla Raid Report
Israel Holds Gaza Blockade Britons
Lieberman: My Views Are 'Clear, Consistent, Known to All'
Yisrael Beiteinu: Barak Dragging Government Leftward
Middle East
Governor, Army Officials Survive Ambush in South Yemen
Hezbollah to Block Financing for Hariri Tribunal
Web Tastes Freedom Inside Syria, and It's Bitter
Egypt FM: Lieberman's Views Do Not Represent Israel
Ethiopian Troops Cross Into Somalia
Al Shabaab Burns Millions of Somali Shillings
Somali Pirates Hijack Ship With 15 Indian Crew
Sudan Government Earmarks $2 Million to Fight LRA Rebels
UN Lifts Arms Embargo on Sierra Leone
North Korean Statues Open Wounds in Zimbabwe
'War on Terror'
Europeans Play Down Reports of New al-Qaeda Threats
New Focus on Europeans Who Have Traveled to Pakistan to Train at Militant Camps
Spain Arrests American al-Qaeda Suspect
Al-Qaeda Plot in Europe Possibly Revealed by German Suspect
Government: Times Square Bomber Plotted 2nd Attack
Times Square Bomber: After Failed Try, Contact Made With Pakistani Taliban
Cybercom Won't Be Fully Operational by Friday Deadline
Senator: Conflicting Account of Lockerbie Bomber's Treatment
More Dirt to Come Under Project Shield
FBI Whistleblower Trial Highlights Post-9/11 Transformation

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Obama: 'The Generals Made Me Do It!'

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Wake Up, America!

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The Taliban: Forced Into Negotiation While Winning?

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Palin and Beck Don't Support the Troops

David R. Henderson
An Afternoon With Paul Chappell

Nebojsa Malic
After Empire

Charles V. Peņa
Risking the Unthinkable

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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