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Updated October 4, 2010 - 11:27 PM EDT
NATO Kills Afghan Children in Several Incidents

4 NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan's South, East

  Afghan Govt Discards Hundreds of Thousands of Votes
  Another 'Jihadistan' in Afghan Province of Kunduz?
  Under Taliban Rule: How Insurgents Run Shadow Govt in Helmand
  'Everyone Just Wants to Kill People at Any Cost'
6 Killed, 28 Tankers Destroyed in Pakistan Attack
  5 Germans Said Killed in US Missile Strike in Pakistan
  Why Pakistan Won't Act Against the Taliban
  Pakistan: Dozens of Europeans in Training for Terror in Tribal Areas
US Issues Terrorism Alert for Travel to Europe
  Vagueness of al-Qaeda Alert Leaves Travelers to Europe Frustrated
PLO Demands Settlements Freeze Before Talks
  Court Finds Israelis Used Gaza Boy as Human Shield
Army Embeds Active-Duty PSYOPS Soldiers at TV Stations
  Blackwater Firm Partners With State Dept., CIA Insiders
Bosnian Wartime Leader's Son to Become President
UK Held Secret War Talks With US Year Before Iraq Invasion
US Test-Drives Scary New War in Pakistan  by Rachel Maddow
Israel's Arab Citizens Are Not a Negotiating Chip  by Jonathan Cook
Iran Wins Iraqi Elections 7 Months Later  by Juan Cole
Surveillance, America's Pastime  by Stephan Salisbury
Olmert's Fingertips  by Uri Avnery
A Big Fool Says to Push On  by Ann Wright

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Guatemala Fury Over US Sex Disease Tests
Arab Action Network Blasts FBI Raids
Case of Soldiers Accused in Civilian Killings May Eclipse Those That Came Before
Russian Expedition Aims to Claim Arctic
400 Police Killed in 5 Years in Russian Province
Stuxnet Worm: Private Security Experts Want US to Tell Them More
US Military Apologizes for Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan
Afghan Violence Kills 13 Civilians
Afghan Soldier 'Executed' Prisoner at British Base in Helmand Province
8 Private Security Firms Banned in Afghanistan
2 NATO Service Members Killed in Afghanistan
76 Marines Killed in Afghanistan Since May 1
Afghanistan Wrestles With Protecting NATO Supply Routes
Afghanistan Denies Asking UN Not to Publish Rights Report
Wali Karzai's Feelings Hurt by Allegations
Pakistan: Key NATO Supply Route Could Reopen Soon
Mullen Expresses Confidence in US-Pak Relations
3 Killed in Pakistan Following US Missile Strikes
Pakistanis Push Trade, Not Just Aid, After Floods
Four Militants Killed in India's Restive Northeast
Japan Nationalists Rally Against PM, China
Japan Nationalists Rally Against PM, China
Japan Government Support Slides on Handling of China Row
Foreign-Based Group Behind Nigeria Bombs
Nigerian Ex-Rebel Leader Denies Bomb Role
Nigeria: Foreign Sailors Kidnapped Off Niger Delta
At Least 8 Killed in Fighting in Somalia's Capital
South Sudan President Hints at Vote for Independence
Ethnic Divide in Guinea Widens, Threatens Election
Algeria Says 7,500 Militants Have Taken Amnesty Since 2005
Chavez Vows to Radicalize After Venezuela Election
Chavez: Civilian Militia Should Be Armed Full-Time
Debate Rages Over Reason for Assault on Ecuador's President
US Military
Playable Taliban Jeopardized US Army's Support for Medal of Honor Game
'War on Terror'
US Terror Warning Could Hurt Europe's Economy
UK Intelligence Denies US Terror Warnings Sparked by New Info
Report: Terrorist Targets Named in Berlin, Paris
French Terrorism Suspect Arrested in Italy
NBA Tour Goes on as Planned Despite Terror Threat
Europe Terror Alert: Likely Suspected Groups
Text of State Dept Travel Alert for Europe
Charges May Be Dropped in Terror-Ties Case
Iraq's Fissures Only Deepen
Iraqi Security Officers Targeted by Investigators
Key Sunni Says PM Is Threat to Democracy in Iraq
Sahwa Fighter Killed in Attack Near Fallujah
Iraq Crackdown on Bombers Brings Silenced Killings
Iraq Delays First Census Since 1987 Over Land Row
US, Iraqi Forces in Joint Kirkuk Operation
US Army Patrol Comes Under Attack in Mosul
Saudi Arabia Denies It Expressed Relief Over Maliki Nomination
100 Saudis Held in Iraqi Prisons
Sunday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 14 Wounded
Clinton Denies Calling for Regime Change in Iran
Iran Lifts Ban on Director, Saying He Issued an Apology
Egypt and Iran To Resume Flights After 30 Years
Abbas: Peace Talks at Impasse, but We Are Searching for Solution
Hamas: PLO Decision to Suspend Talks With Israel 'Good Step'
Israelis Kill Palestinian Worker Who Sneaked In
Egypt Sources: Shalit Swap Talks Have Resumed
Future of Large Jewish Enclave in West Bank Far From Settled
Israeli Military Chief Visits Bethlehem in West Bank
Middle East
Egypt Backs Palestinian Position on Settlements
Former Lebanon General: Syria Seeks Arrests Over Hariri Probe
Qaeda Suspect Tells Court He's a Yemeni Informant
Syria Wants Turkey to Mediate Talks With Israel
Mavi Marmara Ship Is Setting for Turkish Movie
British & US Engineers Pitch for Saudi Nuclear Program

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