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Updated October 6, 2010 - 10:59 PM EDT
Pentagon: More War Will Promote Reconciliation
  US: 110 Insurgents Killed Along Afghan Border
  Police: Top Afghan Election Official Arrested

Karzai's Kin Use Ties to Gain Power in Afghanistan

Unrepentant US Tells Pak to Reopen Supply Route
  US-Pakistan Relations Further Strained After Air Strike

Small Bomb Damages NATO Oil Tanker in NW Pakistan

Antiwar Activists Won't Testify at Grand Jury
US Warns Lebanon Over Ahmadinejad Visit
Mosque Attack Shows Split Among Settlers
Uganda Willing to Send 20K Troops for Somali Occupation
Nuclear Armament Still Our Central Issue  by William Pfaff
News That's Unfit to Print: UN Report on the Flotilla Deaths  by Scott Horton
The US Edges Closer to Invading Pakistan  by Eric Margolis
Hands Off the Warfare State!  by Will Wilkinson
Reframing the Iraq War  by John Prados
Dissent in the Age of Obama  by Cindy Sheehan

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CIA Mum on Lawsuit Alleging Drone Targeting Errors

Still-Defiant Attempted Times Square Bomber Gets Life Sentence

FBI, DHS, New Orleans Police Ignore Citizen Alert

More Journalists Killed in Iraq So Far Than in 2009

As Daniel Ellsberg Film Comes to PBS: A Remarkable Warning on Iraq
Israel Deports Peace Laureate

Iraq Cabinet Authorizes Defense Ministry to Sign Deal With Pentagon

Alliance by Iraqi Prime Minister Builds Base and Deepens Rift

UK-Iraq Detainee Transfer Condemned

US Firms Say Iraqi Regulation a Challenge to Trade

Senior Iraqi Police Official Shot Dead in Mosul

At Least Six Killed in Iraq's Restive City of Mosul

Gunmen Kill Crime Lab Chief in Northern Iraq

Tuesday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 21 Wounded


Iran: West Trying 'Psychological Warfare' to Stop Nuclear Activities

UK Ex-Marine Jailed Over Smuggling Sniper Sights to Iran

'War on Terror'

Fox News' Terror Warnings Are 'Negligent and Damaging'

Euro Terror Alert Spotlights Voiceprint Technology

German Terrorism Suspect Arrested in Kenya and Deported

France: 12 Arrested in Terrorism Sweeps


Army Updates Espionage Rule Book After WikiLeaks

Whistleblower Site Cryptome Hacked, Defaced, All Files Deleted


Tennessee Group Seeks to Ban Muslim Center, Citing 'Sedition'


North Korea Jamming Device 'A New Security Threat'

North Korea's Kim Jong Un Joins Father at Army Drill


Japan May Buy US Drones

Japan Says Maritime Spat With China Over

Defense Secretary Gates May Meet Chinese Counterpart in Hanoi, Officials Say

India Removes 'Security' Bunkers to Calm Kashmir


Afghan Parliamentary Poll Results Delayed

Sources: Taliban in High-Level Talks With Karzai Government

US Forces Lament Afghan Army 'Liabilities'

Taliban Steps Up Attacks in Kandahar With Blasts

Afghan Soldier Fires on French Troops; None Hurt

Taliban Leader Linked to Reporter's Kidnapping Is Captured

NATO Official Sees 'Progress' in Helmand

US: Canada's Withdrawal Will Harm Afghan War Effort


Germany Not Identifying 5 Militants Killed in Pakistan

NATO to Issue Results of Pakistan Cross-Border Probe

White House Report Faults Pakistan's Antimilitant Campaign

Congress Getting Frustrated With Pakistan as a War Ally

Bomb Kills Two Soldiers in North Waziristan

Musharraf Admits Kashmir Militants Trained in Pakistan

Musharraf: 'Pakistan Is Always Seen as the Rogue'


Israeli Army Probes Video of Dancing Soldier

Netanyahu Examines Offer on Settlement Freeze Extension

Settlers Threaten Riots Over Synagogue Sealing

Bill Clinton: Mideast Peace Would Undercut Terror

Israeli Rabbi: Spies Can Have Sex With Enemy for 'National Security'

Middle East

Rafik Hariri Inquiry: Syria Issues 33 Arrest Warrants

Report: UN Helped Lebanese Prisoners Flee Israeli Troops

Turkey to Launch First Intelligence Satellite in 2012

Egyptian Newspaper Sacks Dissident Chief Editor

In Other News

Former UN Commander Testifies in Karadzic Trial

Chávez Denies Venezuela Trained Basque Militants


Justin Raimondo
Neocons Panic Over 'Tea Party'

Ivan Eland
Will Militarization of the First Amendment Undermine the Republic?

Kelley B. Vlahos
Study: Vets Are a Massive 'Unfunded Liability'

Charles V. Peņa
Better Safe Than Sorry?

Philip Giraldi
Wake Up, America!

David R. Henderson
An Afternoon With Paul Chappell

Nebojsa Malic
After Empire

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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