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Updated October 7, 2010 - 11:26 PM EDT
57 NATO Tankers Torched in Pakistan Attacks
  As Pakistan Attacks Grow, US 'Apologizes'

Afghan War Moves Deeper Into Pakistan


Two Suspected US Drone Strikes Kills Nine in Pakistan

Taliban High-Ups in Talks to Join Afghan Govt?
  9 Years Later: Experts See Worldwide War With No End in Sight
  Obama Backs US Lead in Afghanistan Until 2014

Israeli Cabinet Set for 'Loyalty Oath' Proposal


Israeli Settlement Building Picks Up Where It Left Off

Iraqi Politics: Breakthrough or Another Breakdown?


Commander: Iraqi Air Force Not Ready Until 2020

Blow to Govt as Terror Case Witness Barred

Obama 'Angst' Ridden Over Intelligence Leaks: US Spy Chief

UN May Fund Massive Somalia Escalation
Actually, We Aren't Running the World  by Benjamin H. Friedman
Predator Drones: Bin Laden's Best Friends  by Bruce Fein
Playing Politics With Terror Alerts  by Nathalie Rothschild
The Lobby's Shame  by M.J. Rosenberg
The Case Against NATO  by Daniel Larison
Wiretapping the Internet  by Julian Sanchez

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Uncertainty Over US Plans as War Enters 10th Year

War Crimes Case Raises Leadership Questions

Soldier Who Blew Whistle on Afghan Killings Moved for His Safety

Galbraith, Envoy Who Advised Kurds, Gets Millions in Oil Deal

Court Considers Free-Speech Case of Protests at Military Funerals

Israeli Police Given Protection for Killing

Iraq Says Foreign Intervention Hinders New Government Formations

Iraq's Unformed Government: What Do the Kurds Want?

Iraqi Christians Flee Homeland Even as War Fades

US Companies Should Make Inroads in Iraq Now, Trade Official Says

Who Killed Zardasht Osman?

Wednesday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 4 Wounded


Turkish Government Submits Motion to Attack PKK in North Iraq

PKK Using Russian Weapons?

'War on Terror'

Mueller: Revise Telecom Law to Aid Terror Probes

AG Confident of Guantánamo Detainee's Prosecution

New Program Will Boost Security at Military Bases


Pentagon: The Global Cyberwar Is Just Beginning

Cryptome Vows to Pursue Those Who Breached Site

Pyongyang Threat Now 'Dangerous', Says South Korea

South Korea Prepares New Propaganda War

US Official Sees Signs of Inter-Korean Engagement


Facts About Kyrgyzstan's Upcoming Election

Kyrgyz Protesters Storm Political Party HQ


Tajik Military Helicopter Crash Kills 28

Dutch Court Rejects Demand for Indonesia President's Arrest

Global Iraq Fallout

US Seeks Big Vote on Russia Nuclear Arms Pact

US and Mexico Struggle to Stop Flow of Weapons Across Border


White House Voices Support for Talks With Taliban

US and Afghan Governments Make Contact With Haqqani Insurgents

Bomb Kills 3 Civilians in Southeast Afghanistan

Pakistan Intel: Briton Reportedly Tied to Plots Killed in Drone Strike

NATO Truckers in Pakistan Fear More Taliban Attacks

Spoils of War for Sale in Pakistan Border Town

Pakistan Steps Up Nuclear Construction


CIA and Yemen Playing a Doubles Game

Britain No. 2 Diplomat Unharmed in Yemen Attack


Israel PM Slams Humiliating Videos of Palestinians

Israeli Premier Weighing New Settlement Curbs

10 Days After Settlement Freeze Expires, 350 New Units Under Construction

A Key Back Channel for US, Israeli Ties

Israel Arrests Two Muslim Clerics Over 'Terror Links'

Flotilla Probe Summons Arab-Israelis Who Took Part

Livni Tells UN to Mind Its Own Business Over Flotilla Probe

Israel May Halt New Palestinian City Over 'Green Concerns'

Palestinians: Settlers Picked Our Olives

Middle East

Report: Al-Qaeda Threatens More Attacks in Saudi Arabia

Stronger Hezbollah Emboldened for Fights Ahead


30 People Killed in Three Days of Mogadishu Clashes

Ethiopian Officials Release Top Opposition Leader

Ruling in '98 East Africa Embassy Bombings Case Is Setback for US


Justin Raimondo
Neocons Panic Over 'Tea Party'

Philip Giraldi
Six More Years

Ivan Eland
Will Militarization of the First Amendment Undermine the Republic?

Kelley B. Vlahos
Study: Vets Are a Massive 'Unfunded Liability'

Charles V. Peņa
Better Safe Than Sorry?

David R. Henderson
An Afternoon With Paul Chappell

Nebojsa Malic
After Empire

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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