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Updated October 26, 2010 - 11:28 PM EDT
Leaks, New Iraqi Alignment Reveal US War Failure
  Saddam Aide Tariq Aziz Sentenced to Hang
  State Dept: Iraqi Detainee Abuse Not America's Problem
  Pentagon Denies Underreporting Iraqi Civilian Deaths
  WikiLeaks Paints Grim Picture of Iraqi Civilian Casualties

More Iraqi Prison Abuses Exposed on WikiLeaks

Karzai Confirms Sacks of Money From Iran
  NATO Confirms 600th Death in 2010 Afghan War

Karzai Rails Against America in Diatribe


Stryker Unit Sought to Defend Killing at Heart of Afghan Murder Probe

  25 Killed in Afghanistan Airstrike
Rep. Cantor: Money to Israel Not Foreign Aid
  Abbas Reiterates Threat to Seek Unilateral Statehood
Canadian Govt Shrugs Off Khadr 'Confession'

WikiLeaks Shows Obama Policies Mirror Bush's

The Page That Refuses to Turn  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Faceless Woman in Endless War  by Amy Davidson
Atrocity Now: WikiLeaks Release Puts Spotlight Back on Continuing War Crime in Iraq  by Chris Floyd
A Worse Record Than Saddam's  by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
Bull Feather Merchant Marines  by Jeff Huber
An Indefensible Defense  New York Times

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Iraq War Logs: When Torture Becomes Routine

WikiLeaks Taunts Pentagon With Server Mirrors in US

CIA Renegade Agee's Files Surface at NYU

Air Force Manual Describes Shadowy Cyberwar World

Rocket Launcher Recovered in Alleged Plot to Attack Dayton VA Hospital

Shoes Thrown at Former Aussie PM on Live TV

Report: Israel Planned Explosion at Iranian Missile Site


Gulf States Urge US to Probe WikiLeaked War Crimes

Iraq Has the Right to Sue WikiLeaks, Says Minister of Human Rights

WikiLeaks Iraq Documents Not as 'Damaging' as Pentagon Feared - Yet

US 'Doesn't Recall Downplaying Civilian Casualties'

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange: When the Leader Becomes the Story


Gunmen in Iraq Steal $27K in University Salaries

Director-General of Iraq's Electricity Ministry Assassinated

Iraq Asks for Help to Clear Landmines

Monday: 1 Iraqi Killed, 17 Wounded

'War on Terror'
Humiliate, Strip, Threaten: UK Military Interrogation Manuals Discovered

Report: Terror Suspects in Morocco Suffer Abuse

Canadian Sentenced for Leading Terrorism Plot

Biden Says Local Police Needed in Terrorism Fight


China: Nobel Laureates Urge Freedom for Peace Prize Winner

Hundreds Rally in Kyrgyzstan Against Security Boss

South Korea Sends Food Aid to North


US Senator: Sudan Committed to Jan. 9 Referendum

Report: Somalia Islamists Splinter in Major Rift


US 'Skeptical' of Iran Aiding Afghanistan

Cash and Keeping Friendly Relations in Afghanistan

Dutch Aid Worker Kidnapped in Northern Afghanistan

Afghan Parliamentary Loser Blocks Road in Protest

US Operations in Kandahar Push Out Taliban


Mullen: Pakistan Border Region Is 'Terror Epicenter'

Bomb Kills 5 People at Sufi Shrine in Pakistan

Pakistan Feudalism Boosts Taliban Cause

India Accuses Pakistan of Cease-Fire Violation


Abbas Renews Threat to Pursue UN Recognition of Palestinian State

EU Diplomat: 'Difficult' to Recommend Palestinians Turn to UN

Photos Show Israeli Troops Abusing Palestinians

Israel Critical Over Mideast Synod Conclusions

US to Turkey: Israel Won't Be Privy to NATO Info

Shin Bet Requests Extension of Order Which Allows Detention of Palestinians Without a Hearing

Palestinians, Jews Race to Plant West Bank

Flotilla Inquiry

Gaza Flotilla Was 'Turkish Provocation,' Livni Tells Inquiry

Israel Army Chief Defends Flotilla Raid at Inquiry

Middle East

Yemen Seeks to Revive Tourism 'Gold Mine'

Cluster Bomb Kills One, Injures Four in Southern Lebanon


Anti-Muslim Feelings Propel Right Wing in Europe

Serbia Moves Closer to Joining EU


Justin Raimondo
Frago 242

Kelley B. Vlahos
The Pentagon's Mad Men

Nebojsa Malic
At the Crossroads

Philip Giraldi
Such a Parcel o' Rogues in a Nation

Ivan Eland
Continued Foibles in Iraq and Afghanistan

David R. Henderson
Trudeau's War Measures Act: A Reminiscence

Charles V. Peņa
High Alert Schizophrenia

Ran HaCohen
The Flotilla in the Israeli Press

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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