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Updated November 12, 2010 - 8:30 PM EST
Afghan Transition Date Now 2014, Officials Agree
  Taliban Surges Troops While the West Surges Generals
  Claims Against Top Official Set Off Vote Fraud Investigation
26 Killed as Karachi Police HQ Destroyed
  Pakistan Officials: Suspected US Missiles Kill 6
Iraqi Govt Deal in Doubt Over Iraqiya Role
  Formation of New Iraqi Govt Hailed – Tentatively – by US
  Maliki to Stay PM but Leaders Cut His Powers
  France Defends Accepting Iraqi Christian Refugees
Clinton Makes More Security Pledges to Israel
  Report: US to Boost Weapons Stockpile in Israel
  Lieberman: Israel Shouldn't Pursue Peace With Syria
Iran Accuses IAEA of Leaking Info to US
  Ahmadinejad: Iran Nuclear Right Is Non-Negotiable
Deficit Panel Proposes $100 Billion Military Cut
Outrage Mounts over Bush's Waterboarding 'Confession'
How the Neocons Are Co-opting the Tea Party  by Scott McConnell
The West Can't Afford to Fight the Taliban  by Matthew Nasuti
Israel Presses for a Tougher US Line on Iran  by Tony Karon
Netanyahu Bolstered by GOP Gains  by Robert Dreyfuss
Obama in Asia  by Juan Cole and Tom Engelhardt
Armistice Day  by Jason Kuznicki

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Iceland Investigates Possible US Embassy Spying
Obama Runs Into the Limits of His Power in Asia
Chances of 'Don't Ask' Repeal Fading in Congress
Prisoner Speaks Out From Israeli Jail
CIA May Face New Probe Over Destroyed Videos
UK Politician Arrested Over Twitter Call to Stone Muslim Journalist
Native American Tribes Seek Trade Ties With Turkey
Bush Book: McConnell Argued for Iraq Pullout
'War on Terror'
Cargo Plane Bomb Would Have Detonated Over Canada, Not the US, Say New Reports
Communications Error Enabled Explosive Package to Go Unchecked
Toner Cartridge Ban Insignificant 'Political Gesture'
Flight Attendants Union Upset Over New Pat-Down Procedures
Gov.-Elect Cuomo Opposes 9/11 Trial in New York
FBI Appoints New Counterterrorism Division Chief
Kucinich to Force Vote on Withdrawing Troops From Afghanistan
PM Says Canada to Remain in Afghanistan
Security Increased in Kandahar Before Eid
Expert: No Point for Russia to Send Troops to Afghanistan
Pakistani Taliban Go for 'The Jugular' With Attack on Karachi Police Compound
Musharraf Defends Role in Afghanistan
Targeted by the Taliban, Pakistan's Sufi Muslims Fight Back
Japan to Send Troops to Remote Isle Over China Fears
China's Monitoring of Activists Surges Post-Nobel
Outspoken Chinese Risk Confinement in Mental Wards
Obama Tells North Korea to End 'Belligerence'
Rude Clinton Aides Shoo Away Philippines VP
Four Indonesian Soldiers Jailed for Papua Abuse
Shootouts Kills 11 in Russia's Muslim Dagestan
Legislator: Russian Officer Turned in Spies to US
Top Russian Spy Defects After Betraying Ring in US
'Contract Out' on Agent Who Betrayed Chapman
Inquiry Into Russian Editor's Beating Is Revived
Double Agent Probably Big Blow to Kremlin: Experts
North, South Sudan Defense Chiefs Rule Out War
Ethiopia Govt Ridicules Rebel Claim Killing 267 Government Soldiers
Iraqi Politics
Sunnis Miss Out Again in New Iraqi Government
Iraq Parliament Elects Talabani President
Iraq President Asks Maliki to Form Government
Sunni-Backed Pick for Speaker Passes
Return of Iraq's al-Maliki Points to PM's Tenacity
Osama al-Nejaifi, Iraqi Leader Who Avoided Exile
Iraq Timeline: Key Events Since 2003 Invasion
Today in Iraq
Fear of Jihad Driving Christians From Iraq
Iraqi Christians Welcome in North, Kurdish Leader Says
UN: Iraqi Mandaeans Hard to Resettle in 1 Place
Thursday: 2 Iraqis Wounded
EU Responds to Iran About Talks on Nuclear Program
Iran Says S-300 a Non-Issue in Defense
Iran FM Holds Talks in Nigeria After Illegal Arms Shipment
Nigeria Says Iran Pledges Cooperation in Arms Probe
Iran Blocked, but Saudi Arabia Accepted for UN Women Board
Extended Meetings Hint at Progress in Israeli Peace Talks
Gaza Aid Shipment Off Course After Row With Captain
Hamas Breaks Up Arafat Memorial in Gaza
Israel Halts Missile Shield Deployment
Israeli Troops, Settlers Clash at Outpost
Israel Issues Severe Travel Warning: Al-Qaeda May Attack in Sinai
Israel Air Force Hits Gaza Building, No Casualties
Palestinian Held for Facebook Criticism of Islam
A Glimpse at the Palestinians Who Build Israeli Settlements
Middle East
Hezbollah Vows to Block Arrests Over Hariri Killing
American on Trial in Yemen Probed About al-Qaeda
Egypt Arrests Islamist Election Candidates
US Military
'Notice to Mariners' Report May Explain Mystery Missile Launch
Sources: Pentagon Group Finds There Is Minimal Risk to Lifting Gay Ban During War
Lockheed Expects 2nd Anti-Ship US Missile Contract

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Trudeau's War Measures Act: A Reminiscence

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