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Updated December 12, 2010 - 11:19 PM EST
Attacks Rise Ahead of Afghan War Review, 47 Die
  Seven US Soldiers Killed in Kandahar Suicide Attack
  NATO Troops Kill 7 Afghan Security Contractors
  Tribes From Khyber Stuck Between Taliban Thugs and Western Drones
  Jailed Afghan Drug Lord Was Informer on US Payroll
  Thousands of Afghan Police Quit Force
  Warlord Ally 'Plotting With Taliban'
Obama Calls WikiLeaks Deplorable
  WikiLeaks Supporters' Group Abandons Cyber Attacks
  Assange Supporters Plan Protests Worldwide
  Aussie PM's Left Flank Revolts Over Julian Assange
Pakistan Drone Attacks Victims Left Helpless
  Pakistani Ambassador Hosted Fundraiser for Neocon Think-Tank
Israel Pleased Clinton Rejects Imposed Solution
  Israel Attacked for Arrests of Hundreds of Children
Holder Tells Muslim Group Stings Are 'Essential'
  Justice Dept Preps Expansion of 'Anti-Terrorism' Law Targeting Activists
17 Killed as Iraq Council Compound Bombed
Suicide Bomber in Central Stockholm
Russia Trailed Litvinenko Killers 'but Britain Warned Them Off'
The Media's Authoritarianism and WikiLeaks  by Glenn Greenwald
WikiLeaks: Suppressing the Investigation of Torture  by Andy Worthington
Leaks Disclose Complicated US Strategy  by William Pfaff
The Conservative Case for WikiLeaks  by Jack Hunter
Why Are Wars Not Being Reported Honestly?  by John Pilger
Hunger and Anger in Afghanistan  by Kathy Kelly

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Envoy Holbrooke in Critical Condition Post-Surgery
Kissinger Told Nixon It Wouldn't Be US Concern if USSR Sent Jews to Gas Chambers
Official Report Into Lockerbie Bombing Blocked by Authorities
How the CIA Protected Nazi Murderers to Destabilize USSR
Pentagon Scrambles to Prep for 'Thermonuclear' WikiLeaks Release
Keeping Secrets Wikisafe
How I Met Julian Assange and Secured the US Embassy Cables
The Geek Who Shook the World
WikiLeaks' Kiwi Leaks
Dutch Arrest Man for Prosecutor Website Attacks
Activists Target Dutch Website After Boy Arrested
Vatican: Use 'Prudence' When Reading WikiLeaks Cables
Madrid WikiLeaks Supporters Protest Assange Arrest
State Dept. Spokesman Heavily Uses Twitter to Battle WikiLeaks
The CIA Honeypot WikiLeaks Mirror That Wasn't
Afghan Official Calls for Election to Be Tossed Out
Nawa Turns Into Proving Ground for US Strategy in Afghan War
Days After Easing Merc Ban, Karzai Jails Security Guard
Taliban Intentionally Target Civilians: US Embassy
Explosion Rocks Kandahar in South Afghanistan, Wounds 6
Suicide Car Bomb Wounds Four Afghan Soldiers
NATO Chief in Afghanistan Seeks More AWACS Planes
Karzai, Regional Leaders Agree to Pipeline Project Through Taliban Territory in Afghanistan
Military Resolution of Afghan Conflict Has No Prospects: Turkmenistan's President
11 Injured as Protesters Clash With Police in East Afghanistan
Taliban 'Reforms' Raise Hashish Price
Two Police Officers Indicted Over Former PM Bhutto Murder
US Official Departs Amid 'Threats'
Gen. Kapoor Told Jones Pakistan Home to 43 Terror Camps
Pakistan Police Avert 'Massive' Truck Bomb Attack
More Pakistani Websites Under Threat of Attack
Three Killed as NATO Supplies Attacked in Kalat, Khyber
Five Security Personnel Killed in Militant Attack in Swat
10 Militants Killed in Clashes With Security Forces in Pakistan
Gunmen Kill 2 Police Officers in NW Pakistan
Missing Youth Comes Back Home, Relatives Suspect Abduction for Interrogation
Envoy's Frisking: India Threatens to Review US Diplomats' Privileges
Terror Blast in Indian Holy Town Claims Second Dead
Iran-Pak-India Pipeline Not Shelved: India
Army Says 16 Terrorists Entered India Via Nepal: WikiLeaks
North Korea Says Forced to Build Nuclear Might: Sources
WikiLeaks Cables: Kim Jong-Il Son's Idol Eric Clapton Asked to Perform in North Korea
North Korea Sends Top Diplomat to Russia Amid Tensions
US Rallies Tokyo and Seoul, Rails Against China's Support for North Korea
Leftist Rebels Capture Village Official, Disarm Militia Outpost in Southern Philippines
Aquino Orders Withdrawal of Morong 43 Case
China Censors Nobel Ceremony Honoring Dissident
Report: Gates to Visit China Next Month as 2 Countries Agree to Swap Military Visits
Japan Eyes Nationwide Missile Interceptors: Report
Thailand: One Killed, Three Hurt in Yala Ambush
Myanmar Leader Calls on Armed Forces to Support New Govt
Sudan's Army Attacks South Darfur Village
South Sudan Party Backs Secession
Sudan Vote Opponents Spread Confusion: Poll Chief
Ivory Coast
West African Bloc Takes Tough Stance on Ivory Coast
Concern Mounts in France Over Ivory Coast Crisis
Somali Pirates Hijack US-Operated Ship, Crew of 23
Hijacked Bangladesh Ship Taken to Somali Coast
Algerian Army Kills 10 Rebels: Security Source
Guinea Lifts State of Emergency, Poll Tensions Ease
Venezuela Acquires 1,800 Anti-Aircraft Missiles From Russia
Uribe Proposed Capturing Guerrillas in Venezuela
Venezuela Opponents Wary of Chavez Decree Powers
Candidates Reject Recount in Sloppy Haiti Election
US Sends 17 Back to Cuba After Seizing Them on High Seas
Report: US Envoy Called Former Honduran Leader 'Rebellious Teenager' With Crime Ties
Palestinians Disappointed With Lack of New Ideas in Clinton's Speech
Palestinians Slam US for Not Recognizing a State, Say No Talks With Israel Yet
Israel Faces Tougher Line From EU After Former Heads Call for Palestinian State
PFLP Slams Hamas, Fatah on Anniversary
'Our Lives Became Something We'd Never Dreamt': The Former Israeli Soldiers Who Have Testified Against Army Abuses
Barak Backs Jerusalem Partition Plan
Assad Disapproves of Palestinian Decision
Palestinian Envoys to Washington Won't See Israeli Diplomats: Source
Israeli Forces Arrest Palestinian Former Minister
Two Palestinians Killed, IDF Soldier Seriously Wounded in Exchange of Fire on Gaza Border
Two Hebronite Clans Test Security in West Bank City
Iraqi PM Unlikely to Form Govt Before Year's End
Maliki Calls on Political Blocs to Present Cabinet Candidates by Mid-December
Iraqis Doubtful for 2011, With Crime and Terrorism Linked
Iraqi Kurd Leader Says Kirkuk Belongs to Kurdistan
WikiLeaks: Here's an Ahmad Chalabi Story You Haven't Heard
Mass Grave Yard of Saddam Victims Discovered in Basra
Saturday: 2 Iraqis Killed
US Officials Says No Grounds for Lifting Sanctions on Iran
Iran Condemns Attacks Against Nuclear Scientists
11 Killed in Rebel-Tribe Clashes in North Yemen
Four Soldiers Kidnapped by Separatists in South Yemen
Yemen Frees Dozens of Opposition Figures
Yemen Court Orders Death Penalty on Aden Stadium Bomber
Yemen Jails 12 Alleged al-Qaeda Members
Middle East
US Sanctions Hezbollah Financiers in Africa, South America
Report: Turkey Seeks to End Israel Crisis but Phrasing of Entente Proving Problematic
Three Injured in Clashes Between Shi'ites and Police in Bahrain
Egypt Democracy Advocate: Opposition Will Unite
Clashes in Jordan After Palestinian Soccer Victory Leave 250 Injured
US Diplomats in EU: Manipulating the Political Dwarves of Europe
Kosovo Braced for Election, Outcome Uncertain
WikiLeaks: US Proposed Counter-Terrorism Center in Barcelona
Merkel Wants Czechs and Poles to Join the Euro: Report
Serbia: Court Acquits 10 Accused of Helping War Crimes Suspect
Germany: Court Rejects Lawsuit Related to a CIA Kidnapping
Police Say Croatian Ex-PM Arrested in Austria
WikiLeaks: UK Frightened by Papal Appeal to Disgrunted Anglicans
WikiLeaks: Pope Wanted Turkey Kept Out of EU
Russia's Putin Sings Armstrong for Hollywood Stars
'War on Terror'
Sweden Jails Two for Plotting Terror Attacks in Somalia
Feds: Ky. Man, Fearing World's End, Built Bombs
National Academy of Science Review Panel Surprised by FBI's Last-Minute Document Release
US Senator Calls for Hearings on Plane Registry
Facebook Emerges as 'Terrorist Recruiting Ground'
US Military
Army Wants 'Men in Black' Grenade Launchers by '14
Rifles of Advanced Age Remain in Use in Afghanistan
Gates: 'Don't Ask' Vote Leaves Military 'At Mercy of Courts'
Corporate Space Launch Puts Pentagon in 'Awkward Position'
Video: Navy's Mach 8 Railgun Obliterates Record
US Navy Test Fires Electromagnetic Cannon
Americans Still Dying
Athens (OH) Soldier Killed by Rogue Afghan Trainee
Soldier (CA) Killed by Afghan Policeman Leaves Behind Pregnant Wife, Child
Day After Akron (OH) Marine's Death, Wife Gives Birth to Son
Vancouver (WA) Marine Dies Two Weeks After IED Blast
Bentonvilled (ARK) Marine Killed by IED While on Foot Patrol
Beaver Dam (WI) Army Medic Laid to Rest
Friends, Family Remember Fallen Orange Grove (TX) Marine
Wife Remembers Slain Seaside (CA) Soldier
Farmington (NM) Police Officer Serving With Utah National Guard Killed in Afghanistan
Marine Sergeant (HI) With Ties to California Slain in Afghanistan
Texas Army Sergeant With Ties to Arizona Killed by Afghan IED
Marine Sergeant From Brooklyn (NY) Killed by Suicide Bomber

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