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Updated December 29, 2010 - 11:29 PM EST
Turmoil in Pakistan as Party Quits Cabinet
  US: No Way to Seal Afghan Border With Pakistan
  42 Killed in More US Drones Strikes in N. Waziristan
NATO: Clashes Growing Around Tora Bora
  700 NATO Troops Killed in Afghanistan in 2010
  Aid Groups Dismiss US Claims of Afghan War Progress

Army Edits Its History of the Deadly Battle of Wanat

  Insurgents Set Aside Rivalries on Afghan Border
Fox Turns in Grandma for Facebook 'Terror Link'
  State Dept Cable: Cartoon Riots a Good Way to Keep Denmark in Wars
Gaza Doctor Sues Israel Over Daughters' Killing
Despite Denials, US Refused to Help in Dubai Probe
The Gap Can't Be Bridged Unless Those in Power Want It to Be Bridged  by Justin Logan
Israel Represses Israelis, and Congress Approves  by Stephen Zunes
Two Years After Operation Cast Lead, Gaza Remains Imprisoned  by Jody McIntyre
Hoekstra Receives CIA's Bootlicking Award  by James Bovard
Truth About Injustice Will Help Reduce Muslim Radicalization  by Abbas Barzegar
The Naked Truth About Scanners  by Roger Simon

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Karzai Releasing Scores of Drug Traffickers in Afghanistan, WikiLeaks Cables Show

Is Being a General Just a Resume-Builder on the Road to Wealth?

'Expert' Tells Cops: Kill All Militant Muslims, 'Including Children'

Leak: French FM Talked About Recognizing Palestinian State

Special Forces Wary of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal

Website Claims Nigerian Bombings, Death Toll Revised to 86


Iraq Oil Exports Grow to Highest in 20 Years

Iraqi Kurds Push for Recognition of Oil Deals

Iraq to Remove Some Checkpoints From Baghdad

Eight Killed, Including Five Police, in Northern Iraq

Tuesday: 18 Iraqis Killed, 11 Wounded


Ahmadinejad: Iran Won't Make Nuclear Concessions in Istanbul Talks

Iran Says West's Hostility Jeopardizes Nuclear Talks

Iran Hangs Man Convicted of Spying for Israel

'War on Terror'

War on Terror Mired in Graft as Pentagon Billions Are Probed

Pilot Who Angered TSA With YouTube Video Goes Public

France's Spy Service Bulks Up Amid Terror Threats

Obama's Traveling Team Stays Focused on Terror

German Airports Mull Passenger Profiling


US Rejected Polish Call for Help in Alleged CIA Prison Probe

French Deal to Sell Ships to Russians Is Criticized

Germany Plans a New Cyber Defense Agency


Russia Rejects Criticism of Khodorkovsky's Trial

Khodorkovsky, a Putin Rival, May Face More Time in Prison

Secret Files From '70s Reveal Trident Strike Needed 'To Kill 10 Million Russians'


Sudan Govt and Darfur Rebels Start Talks on Ending War

Clooney, Google, UN Team Up to Watch Sudan Border

Arab League Chief Sees No Desire for War in Sudan


NATO Soldier, Civilian Killed in Afghanistan

Afghan Soldiers Fire at Canadian Convoy After Road Accident in Kandahar

Taliban Recede: Coalition or Winter's Advance?

NZ Soldiers in Botched Kabul Raid

South Asia

Turmoil in Pakistan as Party Quits Cabinet

India Ups Security in Cities Fearing Terror Attack


Israeli Companies to Help Build Palestinian City

Rights Group Slams Israeli Treatment of Prisoners

'Jewish WikiLeaks' Goes Live in Jerusalem

Bibi Snubs Obama but Wants to Free Spy

Some Israelis Question Benefits for Ultra-Religious

Israelis Split Over Ban on Renting to Arabs

Middle East

Saudis Urge Lebanon PM to Accept Compromise With Hezbollah

Rarity in Region, Lebanese Paper Dares to Provoke


Two Honduran Radio Reporters to Be Tried for 'Disobeying the Authorities'

Venezuela's Chavez Dares US to Cut Diplomatic Ties

In Other News
S. Korean President Faces Conflicting Pressures as He Toughens N. Korea Response

UN Says Crowd Attacked Peacekeepers in Ivory Coast


Justin Raimondo
2010: The Best and the Worst

Ivan Eland
Extending Nuclear Umbrella Is a Bad Idea

Kelley B. Vlahos
Julian Assange: Man of the Decade

Philip Giraldi
Stealth Resolutions by Congress

Ran HaCohen
Racism, Rabbinical and Otherwise

Nebojsa Malic
Boss Snake's Mafia State

David R. Henderson
Adm. Mullen's Spinning vs. Prof. Hayek's Insight

Charles V. Peņa
TSA: Theater Security Administration

Alan Bock
How Brainy Is Obama?

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